Dark Stranger

Summary: Pre-Vampire Diaries. Bonnie Bennett is spending her summer nights in Mystic Falls by herself while her best friends are away. She decides for once to let loose, not giving a care in the world only to meet a dark stranger in the midst of a dark bar and to hold a dark secret she'll never remember. One shot. Rated M/R

Bonnie Bennett wasn't as angry as she should have been. She was just a bit mad, a little bit pissed. It was nearly the end of summer and she hadn't done much of anything to write to her two best friends about. Elena was prancing about in France with her parents and Caroline, her other best friend, was away at summer camp, digging her nails into some male named Eric, the last .?docid=24596819 Bonnie had heard. They decided before both of them left, to write every two weeks about their adventures.

And for once, Bonnie had hoped that she would be able to do something this summer but found absolutely nothing to do. She was too young to work and her father wanted her to focus on school. He had big plans for her. Her grandmother was a bit…loony, well not exactly but speaking of spells and bragging about she could read into Bonnie's head was something Bonnie did not want to get into it. She backed away from her and decided maybe spending her summer in her house was good.

It was alright, to a point, to an extent. She was bored, downright bored and she was a bit worried, wanting to have at least done something then sit around the house all day. She had a schedule; wake up, read, watch television, eat, then nap. She went outside and walked around town once, getting back in the old swing of things, knowing she wasn't as great as Caroline when it came to finding out stuff. Bonnie never included herself in anyone's business if it didn't involve her, but yet wanted to know something that Caroline didn't know. It would be a nice change for once.

Caroline knew too much and Elena had her hands in nothing but boys.

Bonnie didn't mind it though. She felt complete, but still lost. Caroline was the cheerleader, the know-it-all. Elena had all the girls wanting to be her because she brought the entire foot ball team to their knees and Bonnie was just plain old Bonnie.

She went to school, spoke to some people she had something in common with, watched as Caroline and Elena strutted down the halls with the hottest fashion, the new 'in thing', trying to start a new trend of wristband watches and jeans with holes in them. She was the odd ball and when Caroline went on about boys, Bonnie sat there odd and clueless.

Caroline was the first to ever have her experience with boys. She was the first out of the three of them to lose her virginity and at first Bonnie was…intrigued. She asked questions as Elena had, but was envious. Only Caroline was brave enough to do something like that, brave enough to demand and command what she wanted. But she was fine with it. Her and Elena could be Team Virgin while Caroline became the odd ball.

Then came along Elena, she announced that her and Matt had done it and Bonnie felt the world swallow her up. She watched as Caroline and Elena swapped stories and felt herself slowly being boxed off from the group, knowing that the notes that passed between them weren't meant for pure eyes such as hers and the dirty innuendoes she would never understand. She knew that the looks between them was something she would never receive because she was still a virgin. She was the odd ball and cheered herself on because it was just her. She was the only one left.

She shook her head and walked around her kitchen, her eyes glancing up at the clock over head, noting that it was five o' clock and she had hours to go before her father came back. He had called her earlier promising her a night of horror movies and an unlimited amount of junk food. It sounded fun, but she lied, saying that she was going out tonight and probably wouldn't be home. He had sounded sad, but said that she was at the age to go out and have fun.

The thing was, she didn't know how. She felt lost without Caroline or Elena to lead the way, knowing they knew who was having the hottest parties and when. They always knew how to dress and what to say to make people like them and Bonnie was nothing like them. She didn't have flare and wasn't spontaneous enough for people to stop and stare.

She knew she couldn't be like this forever, eventually Caroline or Elena would get tired of her being the virgin, being the odd ball and leave her alone, running off to find someone who was spontaneous enough, who had flare, and demanded what they demanded.

She knew.

She heard her cell phone ring from the couch and walked briskly over to answer it, knowing the certain ringtone was for a certain person. She picked her phone up off the couch and flipped it open to answer it, placing it to her ear. She braced herself for whatever as she headed up the stairs to her room.

"Bon bon, I'm coming back in town soon. I can't wait to see you. I have so many stories." She heard Caroline scream into the phone and knew instantly that she was wasted. She shook her head but felt envious. She couldn't say anything because Caroline was Caroline and partied like no other, but she wished that she had stories to tell her friends about her summer too.

"Really? Like what?" She tried to sound happy for Caroline, knowing that Caroline being drunk wouldn't notice the breakage in her voice, but she was so jealous that she didn't want that to show or be heard in her voice.

"Well, I met this guy. He's sooo cute. Yummy."

Bonnie heard something break on the other side and then a shuffle as if the phone was being passed around and laughter, a deep laughter that sounded manly and Carolines.

"Hey, give me that back. It's mine!" She heard Caroline scream and her laugh once more and she removed the phone from her ear, looking down at the screen as it lit up, giving options, suggestions.

End the call. Place it on speaker, mute the call or dial in another number.

She thought about calling Elena, but knew the time zones were probably in the way and she was sleeping or just getting up. She thought about placing the call on speaker, but knew that she did not want to hear the laughter, the fun having amplified, so she did what was best. She hung up, deciding to risk a bitch out from Caroline; she'd take it because she couldn't handle the fun that she was not having.

She closed her phone shut and held it tightly in her hands as she walked into her bedroom, her green eyes taking in the place, where everything was, her heart sank and her body hurt because this was not fun.

She couldn't stay here another minute. She couldn't deal another minute. She couldn't just not do anything for another week. She had to have something done or some amazing story that was out of her character, because just for once. She wanted a memory of being crazy and loud and worth taking a second glance at. She wanted it.

She needed it.

She tossed her phone onto her bed, heading for her closet, opening the doors and standing back to take in her clothes, her emerald eyes raking over the shirts and pants and shoes, taking in her choice of wear, her eyes rapidly moving up and down and side to side as she tried to find an outfit that screamed Caroline but breathed Elena.

She wanted to be different tonight. She wanted to be Bonnie with flare. She wanted to be the life of the party, demand attention, own it, feel it coursing through her veins. She wanted it. She just needed it. No matter.

Her eyes finally settled on a black dress that her cousin had given her, but she never wore it. It showed too much leg and too much arm for her, but tonight, this night she was going to put it on, do her hair, splash a little makeup on, maybe try on some heels and own the night for herself.

She grabbed for the dress, holding it out in front of her, looking over the smooth texture and feeling it with fingers, liking the fact that it was strapless and soft and commanded attention but not too much. She raised it higher, looking at the bottom of it, noting it was short and long. One side would cover her leg and the other would be bare and would show off her legs and some thigh.

It was not who she was, but it was something needed. She needed it and she needed this dress to prove that Bonnie Bennett was not herself tonight. She was going to be someone completely different and she wasn't going to look back.


Klaus was annoyed. The woman beside him was rambling. She wouldn't shut up and he wondered, even though being in the back of place, could he rip out her heart and toss her useless body aside. He had compelled her too keep talking while he fed from her. The darkness of the little bar had covered them enough for him to feed just enough to leave. He didn't want to stay any longer. The women in the bar were boring. They all smelled the same, even probably sounded the same, and he thought that the woman sitting next to him was different, but had been proven wrong. Her blood had even tasted disgusting. It tasted of trash, well things he considered trash. It was bile and left a very bad taste in his mouth.

He sighed, rolling his eyes as he leaned into the booth. His glaze went right to her jugular and he wondered how frightening it would be for the other patrons to see a woman with her throat ripped, least he get off then, but nope. He left her throat in tact, knowing it was best if she left, hoping to find someone else to keep him occupied for the evening. He was only staying in Mystic Falls for a night. He was just breezing through and thought about ripping an entire bar would approve of his mood, but then he thought of the fact that he was a guy, who had certain needs. And he wanted those needs met. He wanted them fulfilled.

He looked at the watch on his wrist, noting that it was nine. He sighed once more, turning to the woman and catching her gaze.


She stopped, shaking her head as if to clear it. Her lips settled into a smirk, leaning forward, popping out her chest. The dress spreading and revealing her cleavage. HE ignored it, waving it away. He leaned on his arms and held her gaze.

"The next man that speaks to you. I want you to sleep with him. Go away"

She nodded and rose from the booth, sliding out of it, walking away to head for the bar.

He leaned back into the booth and let his eyes roam around the bar, taking in the potential meals, hoping that he spotted a woman who he could dig into twice with his fangs and cock, but there was still the same women. The ones who reminded him of trash and things he did not want to put anything of his in theirs.

"Dreadful town" He mumbled as he rose from the booth, throwing one-hundred tip on the table, dusting himself of the woman, wanting to take a hot shower, knowing that was needed, very needed.

He fixed his jeans, hiding his bulge, knowing that no woman in here would be able to help with it. He nearly had given up. He just wanted a simple meal, a good fuck and he couldn't find neither, probably not even in two women at least.

And then, she walked in.

I promise smutty goodness in next chapter.