"Fortune Cookies," Yuko declared soundly as she sat down in her chair, "Are awesome!"

Mio turned to face her classmate. "Come again?" This could be interesting.

"The other night I brought home all these fortune cookies from this restaurant we went to." Yuko explained as she opened up the bag of food she'd bought for lunch. "So I've been opening 'em up every chance I get." She fished out a small slip of paper from her pocket and handed it over to the girl infront of her. "That's this morning's."

"Don't forget to carry the one." Mio read it aloud. "That doesn't sound like a fortune to me."

"Look at the bottom!" Yuko insisted as she began pulling out the lunches for the two of them.

"Lucky numbers Four hundred thirteen, Six, Twelve, Sixty-Four." Mio quoted. "So?"

"That's my favorite number!" Yuko grinned. "Four-Thirteen!"

"So you're expecting a fortune that doesn't even sound like a fortune to come true because it has your favorite number on it?" Mio sighed as she snatched her own lunch from the bag. "You're weird sometimes."

"Heheh..." Yuko laughed quietly. "I guess so?"

Math Class.

Yuko hated it.

Especially when the teacher gave you a surprise quiz on Calculating Income Commissions.

'Well.' she sighed as she tapped her pencil against the work page in front of her. 'At least it isn't physics.'

Eyes searched the page, hoping to find the answer to an easy problem.

'That one looks easy enough.' she settled on one and began working it out in her head. 'Three-Thousand, Four-hundred Fifty times Twelve...' She started counting in her head. 'Zero, Ten, Carry one...Hey, isn't that what my fortune said?...No! Focus Yuko! Focus!' she shook her head out and tightened her grip on her pencil. 'Carry the one! Eight, One, Nine, Then Six! Next row! Zero, Zero, Five, Four, Three! Easy!' she began adding. 'Zero Zero, Three... One... Four?'Her eyes widened as the answer lay before her.


Forty One Thousand, Three Hundred.

Four. One. Three.

Her mouth widened in glee. 'Yes! My Lucky Numbers!'

With that one problem pushing her on, she pressed forward, solving the remainder of her quiz with a delight she usually did not use in Math.

"Time's up! Now we check!" The math teacher said as he began reciting the answers aloud.

Yuko smiled to herself as she checked the answers off one by one. 'I'm going to get a one-hundred percent! I just know it!'

And then...

"Problem Eight: Forty One thousand, Four hundred."

"Eh?" Yuko stared at the problem that had been right just few minutes before. "What?" But there it was. Problem 8: she had written 41,300. The correct answer was 41,400. "I'm Off by one!"she cried out in horror.

Just Before The Next Class began...

"Remember that Fortune cookie you said wasn't a fortune?" Yuko sat down in her desk, a scowl on her face.

"Yeah?" Mio asked, turning around.

"It was."

Mio stared at the girl for a moment. "Are you serious?"

"I forgot to carry the one on problem eight and I got an 86 on my quiz." Yuko replied.

"Ouch." Mio winced. "Well, at least you didn't goof up Problem Six."

"What'd you get on that one?" Yuko asked, perking up slightly.

"Sixty-Four." She said, shrugging.

"But that was Sixty-Three." Yuko replied.

"I carried a one over."

Silence for a moment.

"But that didn't have a one to carry."


They sighed at once.

"Fortune cookies are out to get us." Yuko said as she collapsed onto her desk.

"Agreed." Mio agreed, hanging her head in sorrow.