"Yeah, that's really quite something," Yuuko nodded as she chatted over the phone with a relative of hers that she hadn't seen in a long time. "It's almost like-!"

"YUUKO!" Her mother called out suddenly, "HELP ME FOR A MOMENT!?"

"Sorry, gotta go help mom with something!" Yuuko appologized, "Be back in a flash!" She put the phone down on the desk and went into the other room.

A few moments later, she came back in and picked up the phone again.

"Sorry about that! Mom's trying to install a new toilet seat...!" Yuuko chuckled slightly, "It's not really all that hard, I suppose, but-"


Yuuko flinched, "Ah, yes, I did hear that just now." And with that, she went up to help again.

A little while later, she came back and resumed her chat. "It was the same seat this time. It was too far back for some reason... Me? ... Oh, nothing much. I've been busy with school, that's all. But you wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of mosquitoes we've been getting-"


"dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot," Yuuko said into the phone. "Yeah, Um...I think I'll have to call you back at this rate. Is that alright? ... Yeah?... Okay, then. I'll talk to you later then!"

And with that- Yuuko got up to help with something that she thought had been finished two whole attempts ago.

A.N.: This story has been xros-uploaded to AO3. While I was doing that today, my mom kept calling me in to help with a wonky toilet seat... _ ;; Eventually it got put on right...but it was surprisingly difficult to do such!