Con + Van(-a+i) + Cing

It had taken some convincing to get Hakase to agree to go out to a newly renovated swimming pool so that they could talk about what had happened with the grasshopper, but somehow, Yuuko had done it.

Nano had been planning on coming along with them, but something had happened at the bank that the Shinonome Lab had its money stored in, and so Nano had gone there at the bank's own request.

And so, a train ride, and now half-of-a-bus-ride later, Yuuko and Hakase were staring out a window of the bus as they idled at a stop light.

Hakase had thus far been silent, occasionally scratching at a spot on her left arm but otherwise motionless as well.

And then she spotted something odd sticking out of the trunk of the white Jeep a lane over and a car length ahead.

"Hey...Yuuko?" She asked.

"Yeah?" Yuuko smiled.

"What's that?" The professor pointed out the window at the Jeep in question, and Yuuko followed the line of sight...

"Well it's-" It was a hand and a foot sticking out of the trunk door- somehow stuck through the thin gap between the door and the rest of the car frame. For a moment, Yuuko was sure it was real. And then her mind sorted out the details. No blood splatter, for one thing, and the 'arm' seemed to crunch down at an odd angle towards the door- much like a cloth door stop might. "It's just someone's idea of a prank! That's all." And wow, what a prank indeed! She'd have to tell Mai about it later-

The light went green, and the lanes began moving... Yuuko and Hakase couldn't help but keep their eyes on the Jeep...

And they watched as it quickly pulled out ahead of them, and merged lanes...Then Accelerated suddenly down the open lane as fast as it could before switching over lanes again to get out in front of a slower car before switching back over in front of it.

"Dot dot dot dot dot," Yuuko said flatly as the Jeep accelerated out of sight, and the bus driver spat out a long series of profanity.

"What a Jerk!" The driver said, "Yeah~! Sure! No rush, bud! Just go ahead and cut in front! Not like I've got anywhere to be!"

"T...that guy was just playing a prank...right?" Hakase asked. "He's not going to get pulled over...right?"

"Well," Yuuko said with a smile, "if he wasn't, then the police will get him for sure!"

"...W...Why would someone do something like that?" Hakase asked, eyes widening in surprise and fear.

"Lemme tell you something, Hakase," Yuuko began. "There are people out there who do really strange things for really strange reasons. They're the kind of people who...don't really regret doing these things. And you don't really ever understand these people, ya know?"

Hakase nodded.

"But then there are the people who do things and regret them right away," Yuuko continued. "Things like...Lying about what you were doing, or eating too many snacks after dinner, or... getting grasshoppers killed by accident?"

"Oh..." Hakase blinked.

"Well, see," Yuuko's smile widened just a bit, "those are the people who you can understand. They're the good people! The ones who apologize for doing weird stuff."

"So what about that person who just...?" Hakase didn't even finish the sentence, it was just too weird!

"Well, I'm not really sure, but somehow..."

"I get the feeling they're one of the weird ones!"

Mai didn't even blink as she drove the white Jeep in and out of traffic at impossible speeds, with a single squad car chasing after her, sirens blaring.

A.N.: Everything about that car? Just happened about an hour ago... Not a clue who was driving it, but... Fake hand and foot out of the trunk door? *TOTALLY* a Mai thing... At least, I hope it was fake. 0_0