"I wanna try this!" Hakase pointed at a certain type of corn-based cereal on the shelves.

"You're going to think it tastes weird," Nano warned Hakase, having heard Yuuko talk about that particular cereal before.

"I still wanna try it!" Hakase said, "And even if I don't like it I'll keep eating it until it's gone!"

Bold words, Nano mused, and then said, "Alright then."

And so the first thing Hakase did when they got home was open the box of cereal for lunch.

As soon as she tried pouring the box's contents into the bowl, gravity took hold, and a certain piece fell out onto the table before any of it even reached the bowl.

Curious, Hakase picked up the piece of cereal, and put the piece in her mouth after a moment of observing the puffy piece of food-stuff.

Nano watched as Hakase's face twisted and contorted in surprise, "I told you you'd thought it'd be weird."

Hakase blinked a few times as she swallowed the strange piece of cereal. "I didn't think it'd be THAT weird!"

But even so- Hakase took the box of cereal and poured it properly into the bowl.

Nano blinked- was Hakase really going to keep her promise to finish off the box of cereal even if she didn't like it...?

'I guess she's growing up...' Nano thought sadly for a moment.

A.N.: Corn Pops are WEIRD.