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AN: Sorry for my long absence, school is really coming down on me. I have a four day weekend, though, so I'm going to try and write as much as possible, and get a few challenges that are looming over me out of the way.

Like this one. 48 hours on HPFC, lucylorcan, prompts: touch, book and remember.

I was in love once. Every touch was golden, every stolen kiss was beautiful. But love never lasts. I mean, look at my parents, or at James and Alice's old relationship. It's a complete mess.

But still, I fell. And falling is never safe. Just ask Rose.

Lorcan got bored. Yes, bored. When he broke up with me, he said I was too much like his mother. I like Luna. She's nice, if a bit out there.

But there were so many happy times. And I'm not going to stop loving him, ever, even if I move on.

I want to remember everything about him. Everything.

Which is why the scrapbook's pages are frayed and worn, every picture stared at for hours, and why there is a book on my shelf— it's obviously handmade— that says "Lorcan" on it.

I just want to remember.