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The morning dawned frosty and cold in the Land of Men, the flags atop the towers of Gondor hanging limp and lifeless, only fluttering reluctantly when a small wind flew through the turrets every now and then.

No one was in the grounds' the people of Minas Tirith content to stay in the warmth of their houses and watch -towers, themselves as reluctant as the flags to spend too long out in open air and the chill of a fast-approaching winter.

Only one man was in the grounds of the white tower, and he was moving too fast for the cold to trouble him. His sword flashed in the morning sun, casting a glare into the eyes of any who happened to be peering out to watch him practise.

Boromir, the son of the Steward, never felt the cold; he was far too experienced to be perturbed by a little change in the temperature, even though he was barely twenty three and shy of his first major battle.

He stopped for a while to catch his breath, the air turning white like smoke as he deeply breathed in and out. It was good to train this early in the morning; there weren't many people around, which allowed him to relax and do it at his own pace, away from the prying eyes of trainers, and especially his father.

He lifted his blade once more, holding it above his head before he swung it in a wide arc, crying out as he kept swinging, moving in a wide circle as he brandished the sword expertly in his hands.

As he moved the blade and his body in sync, making sure his footwork was tight and in the right places, he became acutely aware that someone was behind him, and he quickly turned, his weapon ready at shoulder height.

The impending clash of iron and the flash of the glare nearly blinded him as another blade met his own, before silence reverberated around the grounds, the two men looking at each other.

'Be careful brother-I could've been any one.' Faramir grinned, before pushing his sword down the length of his older brother's blade, creating the grinding sound of a challenge.

'Ah but I would pick you out anywhere Faramir.' Boromir responded, sliding his own sword down his brother's to answer the challenge that had been brought forward.

'Oh, and why would that be?' Faramir frowned, before Boromir leapt forwards, and he had to block his cut with an upwards motion.

'Because you breathe so loud I could fight you in the dark!' his older brother laughed, before darting forwards again to challenge him once more.

Their swords clashed loudly and furiously, the brother's moving in a perfect, almost orchestrated circle as they sparred. Boromir noted that Faramir occasionally looked down at his footwork before copying and adapting it to suit himself; he was glad his brother was learning from him, which was what he was here for, after all.

'Very good...but try to attack more than defend.' He advised, proving his point by moving steadily forwards, causing Faramir to adapt his skills and move backwards.

A few seconds later though, Faramir was the one moving forwards, moving his blade faster and in a small area, and he laughed as Boromir frowned and tried to keep up, but in the end Faramir was too fast for him, and with a few more strokes of his blade his younger brother had succeeded in pushing him against the far wall of the grounds, before gently pushing the tip of the sword into his tunic, right above his heart.

'I believe you lose this fight.' Faramir said simply, moving backwards and sheathing his weapon, smiling as Boromir pretended to sigh.

'Well done little brother-I will make a soldier out of you yet!' he smiled, accepting his brother's hand to pull him from the wall.

Faramir's smile faded and he nodded tersely, before looking away at the turrets, shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun.

Boromir caught the look and nudged his brother, smiling fondly but seriously at him. 'Faramir, you know you must accept your path, it will do you no good to go against father; you know that.' He said, nodding his head at him to try to make him understand.

'I understand why you might think so and perhaps I am going against the wishes of father, but...I enjoy the simple things, not war and blood.' Faramir sighed, before he shook his head and cleared his throat. 'Let us not talk about that-it is a beautiful morning, we should be enjoying each others company, not arguing about something that is probably already in motion.' He said, smiling at Boromir.

'As you wish, I still need to get you back for cheating back there-best of three?' Boromir asked innocently, laughing out loud when Faramir gave him an indignant look.

'I did not cheat!'

'You stood so the sun was in my eyes, I was near blinded! I say you knew that, so you carefully planned your movements to suit yourself.'

'I disagree, but I will let you try to regain some dignity.' Faramir bowed to his brother, before together they walked into the middle of the grounds once more, and soon the sounds of laughter and the clash of swords were the only thing that could be heard in the cold morning light.

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