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The clouded, silver streaked sky spread across the horizon as far as the eye could see.

The battlements were deserted save for the one or two stationed men, the coast calm and clear; yet a dark, foreboding air still clung to the two men who were sat on a hill overlooking Minas Tirith.

Neither spoke. Neither of them needed to. They sat in a contented yet strained silence, both looking out into the dark waters that they protected.

After a while, one man sighed, shook his head and stood up, stretching in his armour, ruffling his dark brown hair.

Boromir looked down at his brother, who hadn't even looked up. 'Come, let's go find something to eat, something to drink-we haven't been home in hours.' It wasn't really a complaint, yet he felt Faramir needed to hear a little anger in his voice, even if it was fake. He knew why they had been sat here for the past day, but didn't want to seem like it had bothered him.

His younger brother sighed, and shook his head. 'You go. I'll take the watch off someone here; send him to his bed for the night.'

'To Hell you will! You had been at your own station for twenty hours straight when I came by this morning- another few hours more and I would have been carrying you home! You will come back with me Faramir.' Boromir growled, before crossing his arms, and waiting.

Faramir looked up at his brother, eyes wide, before he too growled. But he stood nonetheless, something that Boromir was glad for- he didn't want to have to drag him home.

'If he begins tonight I'll-'

'You'll do what? Relax brother, he won't say anything, I'll make sure of it….' Boromir cut across his brother's words.

'You? When do you ever say anything against him? You're about as much use as an empty suit of armour once he starts.' Faramir snapped, before realising he had spoken wrong, and hung his head slightly.

Boromir sucked in air quickly; he felt his face heat up a little, before indignation spread to his throat. 'I have always spoken on your side, always.' He stated, his voice breaking just a little with emotion.

Faramir stopped walking, a pained look on his face. 'Sometimes I don't always feel that way.' He whispered, avoiding looking at his brother.

Boromir sighed, but walked beside him and put an arm around his shoulders.' 'I know I do not always show it, but I do love you, you know.' He walked forward slightly, chuckling.

'I do not doubt you love for me, it's just…..he makes me think things that aren't there…believe thoughts and ideas that had never occurred to me before.'

'You must ignore him. He thrives on knowing he had caused a reaction in you.' Boromir shifted uncomfortably at the subject matter. He loved his father, and he loved his brother-he just wished his father would treat Faramir better.

'I try, I really do…..but it does not work.' Faramir replied, before walking forwards to join his brother as they walked back up to the main city.

'He may be fine tonight.' Boromir muttered, but he didn't really believe it. Not that he would tell Faramir that.

'You may be right, I do always immediately suspect the worst…he may be feeling right tonight….' Faramir replied, a hopeful smile on his face. It broke Boromir's heart.

'Let's…..let's go a see, shall we, Captain?' he said, as they walked through the confines of the city.

Boromir already guessed the tone of the evening the second he saw their father's expression. His eyes were wide and dark, a foul sneer curved on his face as he sat at his given throne, head bowed as they walked towards him.

'How long, Boromir, does it take for you to check the battlements?' he asked, his voice low and dangerous, once they had stopped in front of him.

Boromir paused and swallowed. 'Uhh, two to three hours to get a good scope, sir.' He replied. He relaxed a little; his heart beat a little less, when his father smiled. His heart rate got faster as he turned to his brother next to him, who visibly slumped.

'So why….' Denethor started, sitting up a little. 'Has it taken you in excess of seven hours to check the men?' he hissed, putting terrible emphasis on the word you.

'S-seven hours?' Faramir stammered, before he cleared his throat and stood straighter. He was a captain of his guard; he should not be slumped in front of his Father.

'Don't act for my benefit- pretending to be something you are not does not impress me.' Their Father spat, eyes flashing with malice.

'Father, I only spent a couple of hours checking the men- they were fine and doing well. I spent the rest of the time wi-'

'Dereliction of duty then! You had something better to do, did you? Something more important than the welfare of your own men-'

'Nothing was wrong Father I assu-'

'DO NOT INTERUPT ME!' roared Denethor, spraying the ground below him with spit.

Faramir faltered, his voice failing him completely.

Boromir looked desperately between his father and his brother. 'He was with me! He spent the afternoon with me, training and talking. He looks after his men better than any captain I know of!' He stated, stepping forwards.

'Better than you?' asked his father, his tone icy, his top lip curled in a sneer. '….I think not.'

Boromir shook his head, wondering just why his father said these awful things. 'We are both different men, we cannot keep being compared.' He muttered, not looking at his father.

'I will do as I please….' His Father spat, before standing up and sweeping down towards them.

He glared at Faramir as if the younger man was stood in his way. 'As punishment for this, and for speaking out of turn, you are to spend the rest of the week stabling my horses, cleaning the armour and cleaning this hall on your hands and knees- maybe a little embarrassment with make you work harder and speak better to your superiors.' He spat, before looking his son up and down and striding towards the door.

'FATHER!' Boromir called after him, his eyes wide with desperation. 'If he has these punishments, give me them too! I will not have him treated this way!'

Faramir looked up as their father stopped. 'No, Boromir- I need you to do the real work around here…..at least I can still count on you.' He left without another word, without even sparing another glance to his youngest born son.

Boromir seared with anger, shaking his head to vent it. 'The man iS mindless, evil….' He muttered, voice wavering. He looked across at Faramir, who looked like a lost child who had just been told he would never see home again.

'Why does he hate me so?' he whispered, voice barely audible above the echo.

For once, Boromir didn't have a reply, sarcastic or not. He had no thought, no clue as to why their Father treated his brother he way he did.

All he could do was shake his head again. 'I will not see you do these punishments-'

'I would not go against him Boromir; he will make you suffer too…' Faramir cut in desperately, stepping in front of his brother, eyes pleading.

'If you let me finish, brother- I was going to say I will not see you do these punishments alone. I do not care what Father says, what the men say, we will share these duties. I spoke out of turn just as you; I will do my half of them.' He smiled at his brother, before putting a strong arm around his shoulder.

'We will not stay here in this place forever, you or I- we will make our escape. We just have to tolerate what happens here as much as possible before we do.' He muttered, before pulling Faramir close to him. He could feel his brother trembling slightly against his chest.

'Come- food and drink awaits, brother- we shall dine like this is our last night…..I daresay we need it.' He muttered, before leading Faramir out the room, still clasped to his side, where he could keep an eye on him.


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