This is the only before story authors note i'm giving, so listen; Charlotte,Donna,and Keithie are 14 (because they were 11 in the original movie) Becky and Bean are 10(because they were 7 in the original)Greg and Andre are 17(because they were 13 in the original).


-Charlotte calls him Drew, for his middle name.

-Becky is toning down her genius.

-Greg and Andre are still pervs.

-New characters will be introduced.

-Captain America is an avenger, movie might still be playing at the budget(awesome,you should see it)

Disclaimer:I do not own Grown Ups.

"So,are you excited to be going back?"

"Yah!FUN!" I said sarcastically,staring at the back of my father's seat.

"Why the sarcasm?"

"Why NOT the sarcasm?"


"That make NO sense."

"Does the world make sense,son?"

"Yes. My delusional father doesn't,though."

"Don't talk to your father like that,Keithie." My mother cut in,completely destroying the sacred rambles of me and Dad.

"We were kinda doin' our thing,if you don't mind..."

"Oh,my,i'm so sorry. I completely forgot for a second that I'm surrounded by idiotic men!" I smiled evilly when my father looked back on me,giving the I-hate-you-but-that-was-good look.

Greg was pretty quiet the entire ride,which was funny because my older brother almost NEVER shut up. For the first time in 3 hours(on the plane) I heard him speak. "We are going to the water park, right?"

"Tradition." My father answered back, half-asleep.

He didn't even say a meek little 'yay'. Gosh, for a 17-year-old boy, I thought water parks were like candy stores...

When I first walked into the lakehouse, I thought I was alone in the modified kid's bedroom, so I flopped down on someone's bottom bunk,even though I wanted top. "OW! Get off,Fattie!" I heard a semi-familiar voice say(or more demand).

"Char?" I asked excitedly,hopping off the teenage girl.

"Drew?" She gave me a big hug and and peck on the cheek,which made me blush deeply. "Ha,you're red."

"Yeah,well..." I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to calm my freckled,blushing cheeks.

"By the way," She started, not looking at me as she unpacking her stuff and placing it on the left top bunk. I started doing the same on the right. "How are things with you and Donna,huh,huh,huh?"

"It was really just a summer fling,like,3 years ago..."

"I'm sorry."

"Nah,it's fine. Anyways, you excited for the waterpark,huh,huh,huh?" I asked, mimicing her at the last part, which caused a smile.

"Maybe. I KNOW I'm excited to see those losing fools get hurt in some ridiculous way, but there's something else wrong..." She stared in disgust at a Playboy poster.

"Um..." I didn't want to be rude. I mean, people change a lot over the course of three years. Even their orientations do sometimes...

"Oh,God,it isn't mine! My perved out brother took out my swimsuit to make room for this." She jabbed the lady in the poster in the stomach and looked away.

"Hey...what,did,Ms.,June, ever,do,to,YOU!" I poked her exactly where she had poked the lady on the poster with every word I said. She laughed and almost fell off the bunk that we were both sitting on now. I managed to catch her leg before she hit the floor. I pulled her back up until my hand was basically groping her boob. "Sorry." I said, looking down.

"It's cool. I would rather have the first guy to touch my breast be you instead of some rapist..."

"Thanks?" I honestly don't know where that falls under, compliment of insult.

"Do you know when we're going?"


"The water park...DoDo." Oh,yeah.

"Oh,yeah! I... have no idea." I hopped off the top bunk and jumped on top of the other one.

"Look who thinks he's got muscle." She said with amusement. I laughed and layed back. I started thinking about Charlotte in a swimsuit.

"Damn..." I muttered , pulling a bag over my crotch.

"What's wrong?" Char sat up and looked at me, her thumb in between the pages of her book.

"Nothing...nothing." Being a teenage boy was hard...ha,no pun intended.

~Epic Queen Of Hearts