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"C'mon! We're going to the water-park!" I hear my Dad yell from the steps.

"I don't have a swim suit!" Charlotte said waving her hands in the air hysterically.

"DREW! Go with Charlotte and get her a swimsuit! And hurry back!" He demanded.

"Lets go!" I say jumping off the top bunk. I hurt my ankle a little.

"Are you OK? Wait here." She said walking out. She came back seconds later with a hot towel. She gently placed it on my ankle.

"Does that feel okay? My brothers always hurting himself. Heat therapy usually helps." She says taking off the towel and moving my foot around a bit.

"Yea. That feels...really nice...thanks." I stand up the same time she does. We're only about 2 inches away from each other.

"We should go...um...go." she says awkwardly walking away.

I grab my coat and run out the door after her.

AT Brittany's Suits.

"What about this one?" she said holding out a odd looking striped one piece. I lean back farther in the plush pink seat.

"It's too...frumpy..." I say,eyeballing it. It was truly hideous.

"Okay..lahoma..."I gave her a look of WTF. It was cute how random she was. "How bout... this one!" She said grabbing a light red two piece.

"Try it on." I say.

" Alright." She turns and go into the room closing the curtain behind her. I pick at my fingers and eat some of the mints in the crystal bowl next to me. Then she comes out.

"So?" She said twirling around. I look over to her. "Damn."I mutter,searching for some type of cover. I spot and grab a Teen Vogue from the table next to me and put it on my lap.

"You look..." I don't finish.

"Awesome,fuggy,frumpy,cute,sexy? Oh NO! I probably look terrible! I'm taking this off." She says as she walks back to the room unclasping the strapless top.

"No! You look ...really good. You look very...cute." Cute is ONE way to put it...

"You really think so?" She said turning around to face me, while she held the clasp.

"Yeah." I smile.

"Okay,can you clasp it back together? I wanna wear it out of the store." She says turning around. I start to fiddle with the bra-like thing. I manage to pull it together and smile at my work. Finally it closes. We buy the suit and leave.

"Thanks. Even though I couldn't breath for a second there..." She trailed off as she sat in the passengers seat of my dads Lamborghini.

"For what?And,well,i'm don't wear bra's! How was I supposed to know they could be too tight..."

"Helping me. I probably would've picked out the ugliest, frumpiest thing in there. I don't know for sure if you wear a bra." She eyeballed my chest playfully.

"I'm sure you would've looked great in I do not wear bra's, as a matter of fact." I say,keeping my eyes on the road .

"Why, thank you! You don't look to bad yourself. I see your freckles have spaced out."Char comments,evaluating my current freckle density.I touch my face. She was right. They had grown out a little. Then I feel her hand on my face.

"You're not THAT ugly." Charlotte jokes,caressing my cheek.

"Oh, I know! I am some HOT SHIT, huh?" I say flexing a muscle at her.

"Oh, yeah. Definitely." She grabs my muscle and squeezes it. " I see someone's been working out. Got kinda tired of losing thumb wars and arm wrestling matches with me, huh?"

"That and I'm just sexy like that."

"Turn on the radio,Dip-wad."

"Why does every girl call me Dip-wad? You know,except for the cheerleaders." I brushed my thumb past my nose and she laughed as I turned on the radio.

'I'm Sexy and I Know It' started playing, and Char groaned.

"Oh,see. The radio agrees with me." She smiled at me and felt my stomach suddenly. "Whoa-"

"Nope, you're not sexy enough for me." Charlotte laughed and exited the car while I got out and slammed the door.

"Whatever floats your frumpy swimsuit..." I said comically, handing her some flip-flops.

"Shut up!" She yelled after me, and hurried to get closer.

"Ticket." The lady demanded, reaching out her hand. Even though we were far from Jersey, she had an accent like Snooki.

I snapped $10 out of my pocket and struggled to hand it to her. My mother had taught me that sliding it through the slot was rude, because it gave off you didn't want to touch them. She said it was the difference between making a perfectly good human being feel like dirt or giving them an confidence boost.

"Why'd you go through all that trouble to hand it to her?" Charlotte asked, strapping in a wristband.

"Because..." I explained to her what my views on it were, and she 'aw'ed.

"That's SO sweet. You're perfectly nice, but not a pushover...It's weird. Most boys are either doormats or being charged with domestic abuse. You're nice for that... But not sexyyyy,like MEEEE!" She ran towards Don, and I laughed after her.

~Epic Queen Of Hearts~

(with the beginning and store scenes by Yanna3000)