Author's note: Sheesh. This story is... old. Very old. It involves what is, looking back, a rather Mary-Suey self-insert. I would take it down, since, well, I don't like it that much anymore, but... well, if people really want to read it, I won't stop them, and at least this was a strong effort. Besides that, old and Suey as this story is, it helped me meet my best friend, so I've grown sort of attached to it for that reason. However, the originally planned series has, shall we say, died, been cremated, and then shot into a black hole.
Anyhow, I'll shut up now. Read the story or not, enjoy it or not, and feel free to mock it as much as you please.

Legal junk: Story idea and the character Sparky are mine. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, but I would appreciate it if no one used my fancharacters without asking me.


Before our story begins, the reader must know this: for every novel, every videogame, every fanfiction; indeed, any so-called imaginary thing that is thought up, a new Universe is born where it happens. It is possible for these Universes to interact with each other, through portals known as Wormholes. However, a Wormhole can be quite difficult to create in many Universes. Large amounts of energy are needed. Of course, where there is something that must be done, it will be done somehow. The Multiverse is infinite, with an infinite amount of stories. This tale focuses on four Universes destined to know each other, and the Uniters that joined them.

Our story begins with a teenage girl in our Universe who was sitting at home, enjoying her "alone time" after school. She was playing Sonic Adventure 2 on her Gamecube. She was dimly aware it was raining outside, but she was focused on getting a high score. Just as the end of the level was in sight, a lightning bolt struck the power line, knocking out the electricity. The girl yelped at the loud noise and looked outside. It was pouring as she had never seen it pour before. She began to panic when she saw the streets begin to flood. Her dad and little sister were out there!

As the teenager began pacing franticly, she suddenly thought of her dog. He never came inside, but she figured the biggest rainstorm she had ever seen was a good reason to go outside and drag him in.

So, the girl pulled on her shoes and coat and sloshed outside. "Freaaaaakles! Heeere boy!" she called. She knelt beside the smaller of the two side-by-side doghouses and found the aging Spaniel mutt.

She clicked her tongue and tried to coax the old dog out. In response, he did something most unexpected. He looked at her sadly and said, "The fate of the Multiverse in the hands of a human. I hope the Fates have not lost their minds. Good luck, Controller."

Before the she had much time to be surprised, a Wormhole opened behind her, pulling the teenage girl to her destiny…