Two humans, one young and one middle-aged, were meeting in a room full of flashing lights and buttons. They sat at an oval table, one on either side. The younger one, aged perhaps twenty, wore a leather jacket. The elder, aged around forty, was clad in a white lab coat and wore black-framed, squarish glasses.

The white-clad human fidgeted nervously in his chair. He did not look the younger human in the eyes, preferring to stare at his hands folded on the desk. He said, "N-nolan, what you ask i-is very dangerous… you kn-now what happened with the last… one…"

Nolan interrupted, "Yeh, so? This time it won't have anything to be vengeful for. Besides, Uncle Chazz, I can't see a better way to get Thresh outta the slammer."

Chazz sighed and shuddered slightly. "…All r-right. Let's see the sample,

Nolan grinned evilly and removed a closed switchblade from his coat pocket, snapped it open, and handed it to his uncle. Chazz twirled it around, looking at the crust of blood on the blade.

He nodded and said, "Y-yes, this sh-should be enough. It will take… oh…
r-roughly t-two years, accounting for… your d-desired m-modifications."

Nolan once again gave that sinister grin of his. "What we gonna call it?"

Chazz sighed and thought for a moment. The new creature, he knew, would wind up being used only for Nolan and Thresh's sinister purposes. Chazz thought back to the many books he had read, calling up one of his favorite antagonists.

"We shall call it Spitz the Mewtwo."

Author's note: And... that's it, folks. The planned series that would have come after this story has been, as I said in the note at the beginning of the story, cancelled.