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— 7th Year Girls' Dormitory—

"You…..kind of….att—attacked me," he managed to get out. Lily paled.

"I did…..what?" She turned from white to bright red with embarrassment and anger. Her body started shaking with repressed fury. "James Potter, you bloody liar. I did absolutely no such thing. And if you're such a wanker that you choose to create such lies, then to hell with you!" She would have continued on with her tirade, but James cut her off.

"Hey! Hey! Would you quit your screeching, woman?" James' voice grew stronger, and Lily rocked back slightly, surprised. "I have proof. I have proof that you attacked me. Now will you continue to scream like a banshee, or hear me out?"

"I—I'll hear you out," she muttered, slightly ashamed, and more than slightly worried about this proof. She shuffled back and sat on her bed, leaning against the headboard. She tried to put as much space between her and James as possible, but frankly no distance was far enough for Lily. James stayed on the ground, far too nervous to dare approaching the bed once more.

"Okay. My proof is in witnesses."

"Witnesses? All your witnesses are just your friends, who you know will back up whatever hippogriff shit you come up with!" Lily exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at James. James smirked, much to Lily's annoyance. She couldn't abide his arrogance.

"Hmm. So that's what you think. Let's see about that." James clapped twice, loudly. Lily looked at him quizzically.

"At that was supposed to…," she asked mockingly. The dormitory door opened, and outside, trailing down the staircase and into the common room, was a long line of maybe twenty-five or so people. The first, who had pushed open the door at James' command, was Dorcas. "Dor?" Lily gasped. "You have to be kidding me! I can't believe you! You're lying for him? I thought we were best friends!"

"It's not lying, Lil…." Dorcas answered sheepishly, looking down at the floor. She peered up through her long eyelashes, gauging Lily's anger. She squeaked and ran out of the room.

"We are no longer friends, Dorcas. No longer friends, I tell you! No longer!" Lily shouted after her. Dorcas chose not to reply, and instead grabbed Tricia's arm, pulling her out of her place in the line, away from Lily's wrath. They hustled out the portrait wide-eyed and fearful.

Lily jumped off her bed and went to stand in front of the door, looking out at the people. "Do you mean to tell me that all of you saw me 'attack' James? All of you? You weren't bribed or anything?" she demanded. All she got in return were awkward faces that looked everywhere but at her. "So you were bribed. Hah!"

"Actually, Lily," came a bright voice. "We weren't bribed. The only reason people aren't talking is because it's rather explicit content! Explicit is a new word I learned today. I heard Sirius Black use it in the Common Room as he looked at a magazine. He was grinning."

Of course, thought Lily. Of course it's Kaylie. Who else? She plastered a fake smile on her face, and looked down at the girl, completely dressed in pink, who had pushed her way to the front of the line. She was holding…you guessed it…a pink cupcake. Courtesy, no doubt, of one James Potter. It was the pink cupcake that did Lily in. She slammed the door shut in all their faces, and turned with to the wincing James, who was still on the ground.

James cowered, mentally prepared his apology-slash-please-don't-kill-me-I'm-only-seventeen-and-have-a-long-life-ahead-of-me-that-I-want-to-spend-with-you-and-will-you-bear-my-children-they-will-be-beautiful speech.

"Lily, I'm so sorry. I just wanted to prove my point! Please don't be mad at me and also I'm only seventeen and I really don't want to die, because I really do have a long life ahead of me, or at least I would if you don't kill me, and also will you please bear—"

"I'm not mad."

"I know! I know you're really mad, and I really didn't want you to be and I'm sorry I snogged you and this whole situation is horrible, but I mean the snog wasn't horrible –it was actually very nice, amazing really, and—" James stopped abruptly. "What did you say?" he questioned tentatively, not believing his ears. Perhaps Lily's earlier rant had in fact affected his hearing. Because there was no way that she had just said—

"James, I'm not mad. She moved quietly over to her bed and sat down gingerly, as if she was afraid she would crack if she moved too suddenly. James, on the other hand, sat up straight, staring at her with wide eyes.

"What do you mean you're not mad? Who are you? Who, I ask you!" James lunged forward and grabbed her shoulders shaking her vigorously. Lily growled and shoved him backwards onto the floor once more. James looked up sheepishly. "Sorry."

"I'm not mad, because clearly you have proof, proof in people that you surprisingly didn't bribe to be on your side. Also—also I remembered what happened during the party."

"You remember? What do you remember?"

"Everything. The spiked butterbeer, the—the dancing on the table. I remember that you grabbed my hand and pulled me off the table. I think you said you wanted to talk. We went and sat on the window seat over in the corner of the common room." Lily paused.

James moved silently over to sit next to her. She didn't try to push him away. "I remember you said that you had really strong feelings for me." She reddened slightly. "I didn't know what you were talking about."

James grinned. "Didn't you say that the feelings better have been strong because earlier that day you had convinced Catherine Sanstone that I did not, in fact, have a dragon tattoo on my arse? And that I ought to thank you for that?"

This time Lily turned crimson. "You can't blame me! I was….inebriated. Through no fault of my own. Stupid prick Sirius." She giggled though, through her anger. She grew less tense, and James began to relax beside her.

"I remember that you didn't let go of my hand when we sat down. We talked. I don't even know what we talked about. Just, lots of things." Her voice was softer. "How I didn't really think you were an arse anymore. How you had stopped hexing people for the fun of it. How I was tired of being uptight. How I thought I maybe had feelings for you too."

"I remember something," James admitted. Lily looked over at him, and arched an eyebrow.


"We, er, were discussing what a child—our child—I mean, hypothetically, in the future, possibly, would look like." It was James' turn to blush. Lily laughed, and her voice startlingly loud in the quiet dormitory room.

"Yeah. We were, weren't we. It was a boy, right? A boy, and he would look just like you, but with my eyes." Lily's face moved a fraction closer to James'. "I had bet that's what he'd look like."

"And I disagreed. Still do. He'll be a redhead, I'm sure of it. Your auburn hair, but messy like mine, and my hazel eyes. I'll put twenty galleons on that." James chuckled and moved considerably closer to Lily. Her eyes widened slightly, but she didn't move back.

"Twenty galleons." Her voice was even quieter than before.

"So it's a bet?" James' voice was deep.

"It's not a bet if I know I'm ri—"

James leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, cutting her off. Lily was startled for only a moment, before succumbing to the inevitable. She closed her eyes and slid her arms around James' neck.

*Five Years Later*

Lily was incredibly worn out, yet somehow managed to retain her beauty. Her hair was damp and the curls limp, but the color was as vibrant as always. Her husband was nearly as fatigued as her, having been up 36 hours straight, following his wife's every request. Of course, James Potter looked flawless no matter what.

"He's perfect, Lils. Absolutely perfect. Have you decided on his name?" James asked quietly, sitting next to his wife's bed in the hospital room. He stared in awe at the little bundle in her arms.

"Harry," she whispered. "His name is Harry James Potter. Mama loves you Harry. " Lily smiled up happily at her husband of one year. James grinned down at her, and at his newly-born son.

"And Dada. Dada loves you too, Harry. Lily, he looks like I did when I was a baby. Except he has your beautiful emerald eyes," James remarked happily. Lily's head snapped up, and she met his gaze. A wicked grin slowly spread across her tired face. James looked confused for an instant.

"HOLY—," he began angrily.

"James! No cursing in front of Harry." She laughed, all the while being sure not to jostle her son. "And pay up, my love."


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