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Playing with Fire

Ch. 12

The white light lit up the night sky, shining so bright it was seen from every end of Gielinor. When the light receded it revealed the unconscious bodies of Ike and Elvarg laying in the wheat and XT standing several feet away with the dark bow by his side. He turned when he heard Trev running up to him with the rest of his group behind him.

"Xavier," Trev yelled, "You ok?"

"Of course I'm fine, "XT reassured with a grin.

"Um, what about them?" Jade asked while pointing at the elf and the dragon.

Valient walked closer to the pair and sighed, "I'm sure the Prifddinas authorities will like to have a word with them."

Aaron scoffed, "Who's carrying the dragon back?"

"Well, I was going to my powers," Trev began with a grin, "But, why don't you?" He then threw a small, blue energy ball at the green dragon causing her to disappear in a puff of smoke and reappearing above the young knight.

"Trev," Raynee began with a wavering tone, "You'll kill him!"

This prompted a muffled reply from under the dark green monstrosity.

"See? He's fine," Trev assured while motioning to the sleeping beast.

XT just shook his head and sighed while covering his eyes with his claw. He looked up when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Uh, Xavier," Jade began while continuing to tap him lightly, "Sorry about you gem." She the lifted her other hand which was filled with the shards of the Chaos Emerald.

XT just chuckled and took the shards. "Don't fret, these things break more often than they should." He quickly reassembled the gem. "I'll have to return this to Mobius where it belongs."

"Doesn't it seem like a bad idea to have such powerful objects that are breakable?" A familiar voice asked. Everyone turned to find Aaron standing next to Valient.

"Aaron?" The older knight asked with surprise, "If you're here then where is-" Everyone looked over to the dragon-shaped indent in the ground with a distinct lack of a dragon.

"Don't tell me, Ike's gone too," Trev groaned. The group turned to find that the white-haired elf was missing as well.

"Let's go then," Aaron yelled while beginning to run off with Jade, "They can't be far!" The duo ran off into the night, earning chuckles from the group.

"You aren't worried?" XT asked, amused.

"They'll get bored and come back, they don't even know where Ike and Elvarg went," Valient laughed.

"Well then, you'll have to give them my regards," XT sighed happily.

"They'll be back," Raynee said confused.

"But I won't," XT said while walking away, before anyone could question him he had snapped his fingers, resulting in a loud 'thump' sound. He turned back around to find Valient lying on the ground asleep and Raynee leaning on Trev completely knocked out. However, Trev remained wide awake, much to the robot's surprise.

"You're still awake," XT said questioningly.

"Is that a problem," Trev asked with a bit of an edge

"That punch that I made for the party, it was filled with microscopic robots containing fast acting Chloral Hydrate, you all drank it, I'm sure of it," the robot explained while eyeing the wizard suspiciously.

Trev thought for a moment and then chuckled, "Several years ago I was given a blood transplant when I came out of a sparring match gone wrong, unfortunately I was given a sample of scorpion blood rather than human. Instead of rejecting the blood, mine and the scorpion's mutated together, giving me a heck of an immune system, to this day Valient uses me as a shield against poisoned weapons."

XT stared at the laughing Wizard for several moments before responding. "That makes almost no scientifically sense whatsoever."

"You fought with an elf-dragon hybrid and chatted with a goddess today, think outside of the box for a little bit," Trev replied playfully before glazing over, "But why did you need to knock us out?"

"I don't like the teary goodbyes, I find it easier to rip myself away as quickly as I come," XT replied.

The robot walked up to the wizard and gave him the demotic bow he'd been clutching the entire time and turned around, preparing to leave the small group behind. Before he flew off, a blue gloved hand grabbed his shoulder, causing the robot to turn around.

"Take it," Trev said with a smile before butting the Dark Bow in the creature's claws, "I know you have a couple of nifty weapons but this might be useful one day, more useful with you then with any of us."

XT nodded and readied on last time for takeoff. He bolted up into the sky without an interference and quickly became nothing more than a small dot in the sky to Trev, though the robot's trademark laughter rung out in the sky long after he was gone. Trev smiled and waved until he could no longer here the strange robot's cackle in the air and sighed to himself, he'd miss the strange creature. He looked up into the sky at the stars in the sky and laughed, how many of them were planets like his, with all of those people XT had shown him? He'd never know, but it didn't hurt to think about it a little.


Trev instantly snapped up at the sound and turned around.

'Don't tell me you've forgotten?" a voice rang out in his head as he walked over to his best friend and, girlfriend? It felt weird calling Raynee his girlfriend. Trev shook his head as he sat down next to the duo's heads and began to wait for them to return to reality. Any onlooker would have seen this entire night and call it the year's worst night.

Trev would have called it his best.


The large green dragon flew quietly though the air, gliding over the night time clouds with only an occasional flap of its large and slightly torn wings. A noble elf boy with bright white hair sat curled up on the great beast's back. Several minutes of silence drug on before the elf sighed and began to speak.

"My apologies Elvarg, tonight did not go as planned," Ike said sadly, receiving a grunt that he could only describe as her agreeing.

"I'm sorry I had to drag you into that mess," Ike continued his apology, this time earning him the closest thing to a shrug that the monster could manage while flying.

The two sat in silence as the clouds flew by beneath them, as they flew Elvarg began to feel more and more pity for the elf's situation. He'd lost the girl of his dreams to his worst enemy, defeated by said enemy, and his acts would more than likely make it impossible to ever return to Prifddinas, the only home he'd ever known. While his choices had led to his current situation, it wasn't as if he had gotten them himself. All of his friends had encouraged his actions that night, even herself. The dragon sighed in her guilt of the situation. With the roaring winds and the pity party in their minds they didn't hear the 'foosh' sound of teleportation.

"Hey Ike," A voice called from behind him, causing him to turn into the sad expression of his witch friend Karina, "I'm sorry about what happened tonight."

"I-It's alright," Ike sighed.

"No it's not," Karina almost yelled before quieting herself, "Tonight was my fault." She looked away from the elf with embarrassment.

Ike looked over his shoulder at the girl. "Even if you suggested it, I shouldn't have listened, it's my fault."

"But," She started but couldn't think of any argument, so she sat there with her mouth open.

"Exactly," Ike said.

The two sat in silence for several more minutes before Karina was able to work up the nerve to keep talking. "Where are you going to live now?" She asked sadly.

"I don't know," Ike replied simply, giving the witch an idea.

"Wait! Why don't you stay with us?" She said excitedly.

"Us?" Ike asked cautiously.

"Yeah, us! Draco, Hypnos, Elvarg, me, and the boss!" Karina continued.

"The boss!" Ike exclaimed with horror, "He's going to have my head when he learns I've blew my position!"

"Yeah, he'll be mad, Karina agreed before lightening up, "But don't you see? He likes his men working closer to him, I'm sure he'll be happy if you easier to keep an eye on, I'll finally have a roommate!"

"I'll be sleeping in your room?" Ike asked.

"Yeah, the only other one with an open bed is the boss's, but I don't think he'll be happy with you in his room. Bedsides, you don't want to sleep with me?" She asked sadly, before blushing. "I mean in the same room!" She corrected quickly.

"Actually, that'd be nice," Ike said with a soft smile while looking at the witch. Maybe, just maybe, he'd been barking up the wrong tree for the last six years. He tried to shake the thought from his head but his vision slowly got cloudy and he felt himself become extremely tired, causing him to fall backwards into her lap.

She giggled to herself softly at his sleeping form. "Ike, you always were a silly goose," She said will stroking his white bangs, causing him stop smile in his sleep. "Elvarg, take us home."

The dragon nodded happily while turning towards the barren volcanic fields of The Wilderness, more than happy to be heading home after a long night.

XxXxXxX 1 year later XxXxXxX

Trev sighed happily from the living room couch of the Lumbridge castle. Today was his day off, not just from Horatio's to-do list, but from his friends as well.

Valient was called in to help train so new White Knight rookies and was accompanied by his, now human, girlfriend Raven. Trev was happy to have the sneaky and motherly girl back home, but wasn't very happy about the beating Valient gave him when he learned that not only was her disappearance Trev's fault, but he'd been lying about for almost two years while he tried to fix it.

Jade had gone to the Fist of Guthix to participate in the big mage fight today and was accompanied by Aaron who refused to let her go alone.

Horatio and several of his guards had went up to Falador for the day to try and resolve an issue with the trading route, apparently some goblin marauders had stolen shipments from the last few caravans.

As for the other guards and the rest of the workers in the castle, Trev had given them the day off. At first he was met with a large amount of hostility from the workers, but they finally left when he threatened their jobs if they didn't take a day off. You can say a lot of nasty things about the guards of Gielinor, but their loyalty was unquestionable.

Trev chuckled to himself, he'd have to do something nice for them when they got back, maybe make a special dinner? It was hard to think with a princess sleeping on your chest. Trev looked down at Raynee who was curled up and mostly on top of him. Excluding the lack of oxygen reaching his lungs he couldn't complain about this situation too much and attempted to go back to sleep.

'Knock, knock, knock'

Trev opened one eye angrily, who could honestly be at the door.

'Knock, knock, knock'

Whoever it was could come back later, they must realize no one is coming.

'Knock, knock, knock'

Trev began to chant the words 'go away' angrily under his breath; the Nex could have been attack Lumbridge for all he cared at that moment. He waited several more moments without hearing anything before happily returning to his day off.


Both of Trev's eyes shot open when the slams coming from the door reached his ear, the only thing keeping him from marching to the door and blowing whoever thought they could mess with him to tiny bits was Raynee who was restricting his movement. However the princess slowly awoke from the excessive noise and let out a small yawn.

"I think you should get that," She said disappointedly while getting off the wizard boy.

Trev inwardly groaned as he rose from the couch and marched over to the grand door in front of the building. He flung the door open so fast and hard he actually split the wood near the hinges.

Trev made a quick mental note to find out where Horacio had gotten the hinges for this door.

Trev looked around the castle ground angrily searching for whoever had ruined his perfectly fine day, until he heard a cough come from below. He looked down to see what looked like a round steel shield with long lines of green crisscrossing the shiny surface. The shield tilted backwards to reveal a silvery face that resembled a young girl with bright green eyes and a heart on her forehead.

"HI!" it greeted, "I'm QT-314!"

All of Trev's anger had changed to confusion when he looked at the small girl who was standing before him. Her name rang in his head for several moments before it had clicked.

"Oh, QT -pi, cutiepie," Trev said with a grin, "That's pretty cute."

"I know, isn't it?" She asked happily, "Oh, before I forget, my father wanted you to have this." She said while holding out a thick book with a dark green color. Trev took the book and looked it over cautiously before looking back at the girl, only to find she had disappeared.

"Weird," Trev said while walking back inside.

"Who was it?" Raynee asked while Trev walked back in.

"A girl named QT-314, her father wanted us to have this book," He said while sitting down next to her. He opened the first page to find, much to their surprise, a large collection of pictures of the couple. They looked though to find them in all sorts of situations, cooking accidents, camping trips, even times spent napping together, just about anything they'd done together was recorded into the book for them to look back on.

"Who could've taken these?" Raynee asked while skimming though the pages.

"Someone with a lot of time on their hands and a great deal of inters in u-" Trev stopped mid-sentence while putting all of the pieces together. He began to snicker.

"What? What is it?" The princess prompted.

"I think XT's been keeping an eye on us," Trev replied while laughing, seeing her confused gaze he continued, "The only other person we know who has a camera is Oddenstein, and I think he has better things to do then watch us, nor do I think he'd name his child QT-314."

Raynee began to giggle to herself, "XT and parenting are two things I'd never expect to go together."

The couple continued to laugh while looking though their new scrapbook for almost a half an hour until Raynee moved in closer to the wizard.

"Servant," She began with a fit of giggles, "Your princess is in need for some attention."

Trev leaned in close to the elven princess, "I'm always ready to serve milady." He replied while pulling her in close for a kiss.

She snuggled deep into his chest as they pulled away and sighed, "I wouldn't have it any other way."


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