I got bored... again :P

These will all be short :)

Chapter 1: Cars and Doughnuts

"Bostom Creme!"



Robin sighed. "Shut it! I can't remember all of them!" he groaned.

Wally grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote on it. "Just use this, then."

After everyone wrote down what kind of doughnut they wanted, and then handed it to the boy wonder.

Robin raised an eyebrow when he looked at it. "10 Chocolate? What the heck Wally?"


He rolled his eyes. "Fine. So... two jelly's for Conner, 10 Chocolates for Wally, 2 Boston Cremes for Artemis and M'gann." he said, before getting out of his friends truck.

He ignored him when he called to him... probably trying to change his mind. He walked into the Dunkin Doughnuts.

"What can I get you?" an obviously-grumpy girl said, looking at him.

"Uh... Two Jelly doughnuts, 10 chocolate, 2 boston cremes, and 6 waters, please." he said, and she walked away to get his order.

She came back a second later. "We only have 5 chocolate."

"Uh... then 5 chocolate and chocolate frosted."

She rolled her eyes and walked away, and Robin felt a little annoyed. She didn't have to be grumpy towards him.

After a minute, he paid the lady, and left with his friends food. He walked over to where the car was, and got in.


"Who are you?"

He looked over to see some old guy sitting there, looking at him in shock.

"Uh... I'm sorry... I-"

"Get out of my car!" The man said, and threw his coffee on him.

"Ah! Hot! Hot!" Robin jumped out of the car, being careful not to squish the doughnuts.

"Leave me alone!" The old man then yelled, throwing his doughnut and cup at him. The cup landed on his head, and the doughnut hit him in the face, and when it fell, chocolate was all over it.

The man drove away. Robin was shocked for a second before getting up, grabbing the doughnuts, and looking around. He saw his car on the other side of the lot.

They were laughing.

He glared at them, and they all shut up.

He walked over and opened the door, still glaring. Wally laughed nervously.

"Please don't hurt the doughnuts... or us."