Chapter 44: Tylenol

"What's this?" Wally asked, snatching the tube out of Robin's hand to see what he was holding. It was a small red and white container, and upon further inspection he learned that it was 'Tylenol Cream'. The speedster made a face as he flipped it around to look at the back. "Does it actually work?" he asked, surprised. This was the first time he had ever seen a cream like this.

Robin huffed, and attempted to get it back from his friend. "Yeah, it does- and I kinda need that, so if you don't mind-" before he could finish his words, Wally had danced away, before speeding over to the other side of the room and plopping down on the floor next to Megan, Zatanna, and Donna, who were working on a project for school. Zatanna had transferred over to the high-school in Happy Harbor the school year following her father giving himself up to become Doctor Fate, and Donna had started attending the school as soon as she had joined the Team. The poor magician had ended up having to make sure her martian, super-clone, and amazon friends didn't do anything too weird, sometimes.

The girls didn't pay him much attention as he continued to inspect the tube. The youngest sighed and walked over to join them, but made no further attempts to steal back his cream. The room was silent for a good five minutes- not including the sound of notebooks flipping from page to page- before Wally got bored, and decided to entertain himself. He looked around, before his eyes fell on an ant that wasn't too far from him. "Relief!" he exclaimed, opening the tube and squeezing some of the cream onto the small insect.

"Wally, what are you doing?" Donna asked, watching Wally with wide eyes. Next to her, Zatanna had stopped tossing her tennis-ball up and down, and instead turned her head to see exactly what was going on.

All eyes were on him now, as he raised the tube and continued to watch the glob on the floor. "I'm relieving it's pain," he explained, before squeezing some more cream onto it.

Robin, who was obviously fighting off an amused smirk, reached over and silently asked for the tennis-ball. Zatanna didn't hesitate to hand it over. "Wally, you're wasting my tylenol," he pointed out, tossing the tennis ball at the ginger sitting in front of him. It bounced off his chest and onto the floor- but it didn't get too far after that. Before it could get away, Wally's free hand darted forward and retrieved. Ignoring his friend, he started to apply the cream to tennis-ball. Torn between annoyance and amusement, Robin groaned. "Wally-"

"Recognized: Artemis B-0-7, Rocket B-0-9"

"If I throw this at someone, it won't hurt now," Wally interrupted him. Before anyone could stop him, or warn him that he shouldn't do anything stupid, the ginger jumped up and threw the tennis ball towards the zeta-tubes, where Raquel and Artemis had just arrived.

There was a yelp of pain, and next thing they knew, Raquel was glaring fiercely at the speedster. "What did I do to you?"

"It wasn't supposed to hurt!" Wally defended himself, putting his hands up as if to surrender. "The Tylenol Cream didn't work. Blame that!" His words didn't seem to have any effect on the angry girl standing not too far from him. With a defeated sigh, Wally lowered his hands. "I'm already dead, right?" Raquel crossed her arms and nodded, confirming his words. The speedster sighed, before smiling. "Alright then. Leedle leedle leedle LEE!" he shouted before running off to another part of the cave.

I had one all written and done, but it was REALLY bad so I tried this instead. It still isn't that great but hey, whatever! I tried.

This happened on the last day of school last year. Except they hit a car.

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