"Acknowledge me…"

He's fierce. He's screaming on the inside like a child.

"Acknowledge ME—dammit…"

He's ugly. He's beautiful in ways he cannot understand at this age.

"I already have, Damian."

The answer has been clearly written into the soft and shuddery patterns Bruce traces over the center of Damian's soldier-straight back, as his arm draws close around the boy he calls son.

Bruce does not need to appraise how soon Damian decodes this secret language, this adult language between two layers of clothing and naked, scarred skin, when the boy tilts up his toes impatiently. A genetically identical pair of cold blue eyes slid out of view when dark eyelashes come together, shaking with anticipation. This is a partnership. It takes two people to understand this. Bruce's fingers furrow a little deeper into the plush fabric of Damian's hoodie when he meets the boy with about a quarter of personal space left between them. Trust building. This is essential.

Damian is unrefined and clumsy in these matters, to be expected — as if in a rush when seeking to satisfy some discomforting compulsion — and Bruce slows down the sensation, teaching him, guiding him when placing his tongue partway inside Damian's open mouth and massaging it along the other until Damian catches on, returning the pressure, returning and moaning somewhere between an indescribable ache and a dizzying, fogged pleasure, and Bruce recognizes his fingers hurt him when they scrape and thrust harder against that barrier of clothing and Damian's flesh.

He'll hurt him. He'll hurt this child, intentionally or unconsciously, and Damian has prepared himself for the consequences — assuming the role of Robin, assuming the role of an equal. Once achieved.


This is my fanfiction account. I post what I want. -pimp pose- That being said… I don't ever necessarily ship whatever I write but this particular idea wouldn't leave me alone. Even with my horrible headache I was having. You've had your warnings in the summary so if you weren't interested in the story's content then you should have left AGES ago. For those of you who stuck around… well, kudos then for either shipping a taboo or just genuinely interested in seeing how this would turn out. –shrugs- A quick dedication to missmelon12 and Grim Lullaby because we discussed this ship and I bet this tickled their fancy. Ladies~