Yuuri Shibuya, 15 year baseball loving high school student and demon king of an alternate world, walked down the street with a smile on his face. He'd worked hard all week at school and his mom, whom he loved dearly, finally allowed him to leave for the demon kingdom. The woman was a great mom but stubborn.

"Oi, Shibuya!" A voice called. Yuuri turned to his friend, Ken Murata, otherwise known as the great wise man of double black. The guy was not as easily read as others but Yuuri trusted him. He hadn't really died yet so why worry about it? Sure, he nearly died, a holy place was half destroyed and his friends were nearly killed by his own hands but all ended well. Now he could travel to the demon kingdom at will. (thumbs up for Yuuri.)

"Murata!" Yuuri called, waving his friend over. The guy was just the same height as Yuuri. He couldn't see his eyes since the sun reflected off his glasses but Yuuri knew that his eyes were brown. His black hair looked a bit more frazzled than usual. When Yuuri asked about it, all he said was.

"Just a dream." He said vaguely. Murata had this habit of being vague to the point where Yuuri wondered if he knew anything about what was being said but he knew better. Murata always knew what was going on. "So, Shibuya, why did you call me over today?" he asked, pushing Yuuri's thoughts to the present.

"Oh! I was going to go to the demon kingdom today. You want to come with me?" Yuuri invited. It was a common request. Since he learned he could go to the demon kingdom at will, Yuuri always brought Murata with him. It wasn't as much fun without him. Usually Murata was glad to spend some time with him but this time he looked a bit nervous.

"Uh, you don't mean like today, today, right?" Murata asked scratching his head. "I mean, we can go anytime so we could probably go tomorrow or next week…" he offered, still not looking at Yuuri. Why was Murata so nervous? It was like he didn't want to go.

"Hey, Murata?" Yuuri said. Murata finally turned to him. "If you don't want to go, you don't have to. OI'm sorry if I forced you to go or anything…" Murata said nothing for a minute. He just stared at Yuuri for a couple minutes. Then he sighed.

"Its fine, Shibuya." He assured, rubbing his head. "I think it might be better if I went with you. Besides I have things to there too." All at once, his smile had come back. Yuuri thought he'd seen Murata's smile falter just a bit but the teen turned away before he could confirm it.

The two stood in the park by themselves. Despite it being fairly late in the afternoon, the area where the fountain stood was empty today.

"You know, Murata," Yuuri started standing on the edge of the rim of the fountain. "It always made me wonder why this park is empty all the time. It's a great place but I almost never see anyone here. Why do you think that is?" Murata stood next to him and stared at the surface of the water with a serious expression. "Murata?"

The boy jumped a bit like he wasn't even paying attention. "Huh?" he muttered. The caught himself before he asked Yuuri to repeat himself. "Uh, I can't imagine why but we shouldn't complain. It just means we can use this fountain to go to your kingdom. Don't worry about it." He stated with a smile again.

Yuuri was going to ask what was bothering his friend but Murata, realizing Yuuri's intentions, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the water. It didn't take long for the normal water to take them to the world of demons. All the while, Murata wondered if his suspicions were right or not.

End of Prologue

Authors note.

Chapter 2 will be longer, as well as the next couple chapter as well. I hope those reading will enjoy Days of Joining. also, please tell me what you think. i cant make myself write anymore without someone telling me they, at the very least, like it. (bows)