Yuuri, the next day, rode off early in the morning on his horse, Ao. The sky was clear, the hill he sat on was clear of any people and the peace helped Yuuri think.

And boy did have some stuff to think about.

He let out a breath. He could feel the heat burning his cheeks just then. He had trouble recalling the day before without doing so. The whole interlude with Gwendal was a carnal mess. Not to say it wasn't good. It was. Way too good. The man, despite his tight ass ways, was a lustful beast that barely took a breath before plunging into to the sweetness that was Yuuri's innocent body. Together they reached heights of pleasure Yuuri thought he'd never touch at his age.

He shivered, closing his eyes to revel in the memories of that day that was only hours ago. Gwendal kept his promise. They had sex all day, stopping only to eat and drink some water. Which, at the time, Yuuri needed, since he'd been screaming so much. It seemed to be an endless match that both parties wanted to continue. Everywhere in that room, was forever marked to Yuuri. On the desk again, where he was spread out like a dish. On the floor, where laid on his hands and knees. Against the wall, where he wrapped himself around that large mass of strength and muscle as he was plundered near mercilessly. Even against the door. That act pushed Yuuri over the edge. Yuuri tried to keep his voice down as he moaned but it was probably all for naught.

By this point, Yuuri was panting as he held himself close, trying to stay calm despite the rush of heat surging through his young body. He was already squirming when a voice rang out.

"Your majesty?" Yuuri spun around and saw Josak, his ally and friend. He sighed in relief. The gentle giant was just what he needed to calm his racing heart and libido.

"Josak!" He called out, surprised by the breathless tone of his voice. Was that really my voice? He hoped that Josak didn't notice. He was blushing when he looked up again. Josak looked exactly the same. Yuuri let out a silent breath of relief. That's good.

"Your majesty, what are you doing out here by yourself?" he asked, moving closer. Unbidden, Yuuri watch his every movement. Why hadn't he noticed before that Josak moved like a predator, waiting for the right time to strike. Like a graceful animal that dared others to mess with it. Or that his every motion made his rather large and defined muscles ripple. Yuuri was practically drooling over the man's rock hard abs when Josak spoke again. "Your majesty?"

"Huh?" Yuuri jumped, seeing that Josak now sat next to him. He was staring up at him. It was quite a ways up he had to look. Josak had always been big but why did it now fill Yuuri with a delightful kind of fear. A fear of being engulfed by those strong arms. Of being held so tight that neither knew where one ended and another began. Shaking his head of those thoughts, Yuuri looked away. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

"I know," He retorted showing off that devious grin. So many times he'd seen that but now it made him feel tight in places he shouldn't. Josak continued. "You've been so busy ogling me you haven't heard a word I said."

"Huh!" Yuuri cried out, blushing deeply. He knew! How embarrassing. Despite that, Josak laughed, heartily.

"So you heard that, did you?" he let out a big breath. His tight forming shirt was nearly skin tight over those abs. Licking his lips, Yuuri looked away. He pressed his palms against the erection that had formed at some point. He was still blushing. His back was turned and his shoulders were against his ears. Please, he mentally begged. Don't make Josak see me like this.

That's when he felt it. That first brush of air against his ears. He couldn't suppress a shudder of pure ecstasy.

"J-Josak!" He was moaning he knew but who could he stop it? Josak was wrapping his big arms around him like bands of steel and pulling Yuuri up against his rock hard chest. The smell of the forest and shadows swirled around them like an aura of mystery.

"Your majesty." Josak whisper in his ear. "I can't do anything more unless you greet me."

Yuuri froze at that. He was right. The last two days, both Gunter and Gwendal had been perfectly normal until he said those weird words that still made no sense to him. Was that why this was happening? What was he saying every day?

Before he could ponder it anymore, Josak gently bit Yuuri's ear, making him moan once more. "Don't drown me out, my king." He said. Yuuri shivered. Being king, he wasn't ordered around a lot except by his family and Wolfram. Josak doing so made him strangely aroused. He was such a weirdo!

"J-Josak…" he softly begged. He really did want to continue but… He felt Josak lips brush his ear and take a tiny nip. "Ah! Ich gebe… Ihnen die erlaubnis, mit mir…. zu verbinden. Akzeptieren sie?" he forced out, hoping he was saying it right. He'd do anything to make the pleasure continue.

He felt Josak smile against his cheek. "Very good, your Majesty." He whispered. "I accept." Yuuri found himself flipped over onto the ground, staring up at Josak. How he ended up like that or why he felt the slightest twinge of fear left when he saw the lust in Josak's eyes. How had this man ever hid it? He wondered. He had no time to think because Josak started to strip Yuuri down. His gaze darting around, the young king noticed that they were out in the open, with a well traveled road right below them at the foot of the hill they rested on. Anyone could pass by!

"J-Josak!" He cried, looking up at him. The intensity of the older man's gaze made him looked away, heat traveling to his face for some reason. "T-the road…. Someone could pass by…" he tried to explain as his clothes were ripped from him. The wind brushed his sensitively hot body making his shiver. How could this feel good? He asked himself.

"Despite that," Josak said, grabbing Yuuri's erection through his thong like underwear, earning a long moan from Yuuri. "You are hard like this. Is the thought of being caught like this making you hot, you Majesty?" The older man squeezed the hard flesh more. Yuuri tried to push the huge hands away but Josak took his wrists and pinned them above his head. "What a lewd king we have."

Yuuri stared up at Josak, shaking his head. There was no way he was into to this kind of stuff! The thought of one of his subjects passing by. Them seeing their king moaning as he was fondled out in the open. Yuuri's heart started racing and he licked his lips. The thought was making him even hornier. Josak smirked down at him.

"Well well, looks like you do like this kind of thing." He said, moving closer. He hovered over Yuuri's chest, so close his breath tickled Yuuri's pebbled nipples. The young king arched his back, wanting that hot mouth on him, nipping at his nipples. Josak stayed only a hairbreadth from Yuuri's skin. Yuuri couldn't help but whine.

"Josak!" he whined, trying to move closer. His legs were pinned by Josak's larger muscular ones. The thought of tangling his legs with Josak's made him cry out. So many things he could do but the man was holding back. No more.

With more authority than he thought he could bring, he gave an order. "Josak, I want you to suck my nipples right now! Before your teasing kills me."

Josak sat back, watching Yuuri. Despite his current position, Yuuri was still king and Josak had to listen. Josak was just shocked that his innocent king had just ordered him to suck his nipples with such authority and purpose. Then he smiled. Yuuri was blushing fiercely so maybe not so much. Still, it was an order.

"Yes, my lewd king." He said, before slowly descending on Yuuri's nipple. Yuuri held his breath, waiting for that first touch. What he expected wasn't what he got. He thought he'd get a gentle nip like he got from Gunter or a practiced lick like he got from Gwendal. He was wrong. No, this wasn't gentle or practiced. It was rough, just the barest mix of pain and pleasure.

As Yuuri struggled to sort out his feelings, Josak took the opportunity to tear Yuuri's underwear off and fling it somewhere. He moved until he was kneeling between Yuuri's legs and pushed his own erection, still covered, against Yuuri's. Yuuri lifted his hips, wanting more contact.

"My lewd king," He said, licking his lips as he stared up at Yuuri's lust filled eyes. "I can't do anything more unless you tell me what you want me to do." In response to the confusion in Yuuri's eyes, Josak smiled. "Basically, if you want something from me, you have to tell me to do it. I'm finding that I kind of like you ordering me around like this. It makes me hot."

In Yuuri's foggy mind, he got what Josak was saying. He too, liked ordering the bigger man around. It strangely made him feel more powerful than he'd ever felt. He sighed at the thought of being in such control. His every desire, only a word away.

"Yes." He said, looking down at Josak like a king. "I want you to keep hold me. Don't let go until I say so." At his order, Josak nodded, looking oddly reverent considering their positions. This gave Yuuri more confidence. "S-suck me off." He ordered, blushing a bit.

"Where?" he asked.

"My cock." Yuuri replied.

Josak smiled. "Yes, my lewd king." He leaned down and licked the tip of Yuuri's cock. Yuuri loved it. Josak had a tongue like a cat, slightly rough and prickled. But it wasn't enough.

"Take the whole thing in your mouth and suck me off." Josak did as he was ordered, taking the whole length into his mouth. Josak ran his tongue around his cock like it was candy, constantly changing speeds and positions but never being still. So hot and wet, Yuuri thought he'd go mad. He fought the grip of Josak's hands. He wanted to pull that mouth closer, at the pace of his choosing but being held made him feel hotter. More!

"Josak!" he cried. No more had to be said. Josak seemed to understand him completely. Still sucking him off, Josak used his other hand to push the small of Yuuri's back off the ground and slid to his anus.

Yuuri froze. He felt like a single touch would set him off. Was that he needed? To be touched? He was about to order Josak to do it but the man seemed to have become a mind reader because he pushed one digit past that tight ring of muscle. What happened next, shocked Yuuri.

He came. Loudly.

With only one touch, Yuuri found that he had lost all sense of self and was caught up in supernova of sensations. He was only barely aware of the feeling his body was still experiencing, such as more fingers pushing into him. Every new one seemed to set off another explosion. He just kept coming.

When he could finally see straight, he was shivering. The echo of his scream was still there, seeming to want to see if anymore company was coming. All Yuuri could do was gasp for breath as he felt Josak pull his fingers out. Yuuri, somewhat aware of what was happening, tried to hold him inside him. He whined when he failed.

"Don't worry, your majesty." He reassure, hovering over him. "Something better is coming. I promise."

For some reason, Yuuri smiled and closed his eyes. Like the mind reader he suspected Josak was, he kissed him like Yuuri wanted. IT was their first kiss and served only as a distraction. Josak, pushed into Yuuri. He cried out against Josak's mouth. He was still tender from the day before and Josak was big.

At some point, Josak had let go of Yuuri's hands, so he put his arms around Josak's broad shoulders and clawed at him as he tried to get used to invasion. Josak wore no shirt and no pants so they were skin to skin. So hot.

"Ready… your majesty?" Josak asked, panting. He sounded as aroused as Yuuri. Yuuri was ready so he nodded.

Nothing more had to be said. Josak pulled his hips back and pushed forward. He was rough. Fierce and harsh with his thrust. The sound of their skin slapping together was loud in the quiet place they coupled. Yuuri let his cries of pleasure ring loud and Josak was no quieter. Any minute, they could be caught by someone.

Yuuri loved it!

"Josak! Josak, I love this." He panted, moving against Josak's thrust. No longer was he being pounded into the ground. Josak held him up and thrust, reaching deeper depths than what Yuuri thought was possible. He had to hold himself up.

"Such a pervert king… I serve." He groaned between thrusts, staring down at Yuuri. He was sweating profusely and his expression spoke of how close to the edge he was. "Whatever should I do with such a horny king?"

Yuuri lifted one hand and pulled Josak's face close by grabbing his hair. "You pleasure me until we are both close to death." He said, kissing the older man.

That was all that either needed. Soon both were climaxing, groaning into each other's mouths. Yuuri clawed his nails into Josak's back, probably leaving marks. Josak held Yuuri so close to his chest some bones had most likely cracked. Neither cared as they pulled their mouths from each and cried out each other's names.

They both stared up at the sky, panting. The wind was blowing against their sweat drenched bodies. Shivering, Yuuri cuddled close to Josak. He was so warm and big, like a living blanket, just then.

"Are you satisfied?" Josak asked, sounding exhausted but lustful. The feeling of his voice erupting from his body made Yuuri squirm, especially since he was pressed up close to him.

How he responded next would decide how the rest of his day would go. It was still early morning and he could still leave. He had many things he should be doing. King things that… kings did. Looking up at Josak, Yuuri made a decision.

He kissed Josak's chest, watching as the hard muscles tensed under his lips. He smiled and looked up at the older man. "Don't assume I'm satisfied until you prove yourself, subject." Yuuri said, licking his lips.

End of chapter 4

Authors note

I am very sorry for the wait. It took a bit of time to do this and, as you can see, i got a bit into it. i hope you like it.