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Better not tell them "MY" secret….

It's been 4 months since I found out Kirino's hobby, although I do not feel uncomfortable with it…. Well besides the fact that the brother fucks his sister…. That is just wrong man…. Not only did I find out Dad, and Ayase found out as well. Luckily I tricked them to think it was all my stuff, and man I took like shots to the head.

"Oi baka Kyousuke!" yelled a girl who Kyousuke probably hated the most, heck there's nobody else Kyousuke can hate more then her.

"Yeah what do you want?" Kyousuke asked, "I'm busy right now".

"I-I just wanted to know if your done with the game I gave you 2 days ago" Kirino said holding her fingers up.

"No not yet I'm busy with some work, and by the way you have3 fingers up genius" Kyousuke said with a "no duh" expression on his face.

She didn't say anything, she was starting to turn red, I do not know if she's mad, or embarrassed. Although Kyousuke was pretty sure she's mad.

"Are you ok? Your turning beat red… Do you have a fever or something?" as Kyousuke was saying that, he placed his forehead on her head. Then suddenly she shot back a little slower then Kyousuke expected, with her face turning even redder.

"W-w-what do you think your doing BAKA!"

"I think I'm checking for a fever incase you had one, but I already see you are infected with "YOU MAD BRO?" syndrome"

With out saying anything Kirino just stomped off.

"Huh she's acting really weird. Oh well I pretty sure it has nothing to do with m.." Kyousuke was suddenly jumped on by Kirino while in thought.

"What the hell?" Kyousuke exclaimed, "What the hell do you think you- MMMppfff"

"Shut up and listen your going with me to my schools dance…. Ok? If you reject it I'm going to tell everyone that you play eroge during midnight"

"Wait what? That's totally untrue! Ok one; you make me play your games. Two why me? I'm pretty sure other guys asked you to go to the dance as well" Kyousuke said with a fairly nervous expression on his face.

"They did but I didn't want to go with any of them… Just come with me! Also, try to dress up better, do something about your hair too! By the way why did you dye it blonde? Also, the dance is 4 days from now! Any ways just make sure to come!" Kirino said in sudden mood swings leaving Kyousuke dumbfounded.

"What the fuck just happened? Did… Did I get trolled or something? But still why me? The infamous baka Kyousuke…" Kyousuke was in deep, deep thought until he remembered something terribly important. He is in a secret Net boy-band group named JYJ.

"Crap… I have recordings for the next week… Oh shit what should I do…?" Kyousuke was constantly scratching his head, think what he should do. Kyousuke knew that he can't show up when he is in boy-band form.

The Next day…

Kyousuke was heading out to one of his band-mates houses.

*Ding Dong* *Ding Dong*

"Hmmm? Oh hey Kyou wassup?"

"Hey Junsu do you think we can record our songs a little earlier?" Kyousuke asked.

"What why? We can't YooChun is coming back 3 days from now then leaving the next day" Junsu said in concern.

"Oh right I forgot…. Aggghhh damn it!" Kyousuke said scratching his head again.

"What happened?"

"My little sister is forcing me to go to her school dance with her…"

"What? Your little sister? Is she on drugs?" Junsu asked with a jokingly face.

"No! Although I wish she was… What should I do? The dance and the recording is on the same day!" Kyousuke said in complete panic.

"I guess we have to record… at your sisters dance… we can do that unless… you didn't tell them did you?"

"No of course not! Why would I tell them? I would have to put more weight on my shoulders"

"Well we have to think of something… Hmmmm… oh I got something"

Kyousuke had a worried look seeing his friend having a big smirk on his face.

The day of the dance….

"Kyousuke! Hurry up we are going to be late!" Kirino said with a impatient tone, plus an awkwardly happy face.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming" Kyousuke said in disgust, "Oh man I hope his plane works…"

As Kyousuke and Kirino were walking down the street, Kirino suddenly asked a question that completely shocked him.

"Ne, Kyousuke…."

"What is it now? Something wrong with the way I look?"

"No… If I said that "I rejected those guys because I only wanted to go with you"… What would you say?" Kirino said looking up to him with curious and sad eyes.

"Well I guess I'll be happy, seeing that you chose me, your baka aniki over guys who were probably better off then me" Kyousuke said completely calm, "But overall I'm pretty happy" Having a smile on his face.

"R-really?" Kirino said with a happy tone, "Well you should be honored… Now hurry up" Kirino said back to the tsundere tone.

"Ah, were finally here! Oh wow this is great! Look drinks, food, great music… Oh and Kyousuke you better do something good when you go on stage" Kirino said running off to her friends.

"Oh ok, WAIT WHAT? Oh Shit… well I guess its good that Junsu and YooChun are coming" Kyousuke said with relief. He looked at the banner… "Bring a special boy on stage and let him show your love to you!" "Oh shit" Kyousuke thought to himself.

"Hey psst… Kyousuke, over here!"

"Junsu! Oh man good timing I'm about to go on stage… you got everything?"

"Yeah don't worry, we have about…. 20 minutes to get ready, so come on" Junsu said waving his hand in a direction.

20 minutes later…

"Ok everyone now its time for Kirino's boy!" the MC announced, "Hmmm… is he not here?"

"Agghhh that baka aniki of mine I told him when to go on! Where is h..?" Kirino was cut off when the stage turned dark.

"What the? Whats going on?" all the students asked, "Is this part of the show?"

In midst while everyone was confused 3 boys came on stage with the middle one with blond hair wearing a mask, wearing a shirt that says Hero. To everyone's surprises especially Kirino they started to sing.

*W-JYJ* (I do not own this song Avex does) I do not own JYJ, more like I support them (and yes they are a real group)


Everybody was astounded and clapping like crazy. As we stepped off the stage Kyousuke noticed Kirino was running towards back stage. Kyousuke was hoping that nothing bad will happen.

"Aniki?" Kirino asked with a curious expression and tone.

"What? I'm not your brother I am Jaejoo- Whoa!" Kyousuke was cut off when Kirino, suddenly hugged him.

"Hey what are you doing?" Kyousuke retorted, while seeing Kirino's cute little smile.

"I know it's you aniki the way you talked to me made it obvious… But…" Kirino sounded like she was going to cry, and she did after saying this one sentence which made me happy, and shockingly surprised.

"Aniki Thank you! Daisuke!" she yelled while hugging me.

Next chapter: Secret revealed Ayase's true feelings?