Author's Note: Basically I made this off of my love for "Puppet Master" and some jokes I usually make to myself while watching the movies. After a while I couldn't resist making these jokes into a fanfiction! So here is my first "Puppet Master" fanfiction, "School for Puppets"!

Basic Summary: Set one year after the events of "Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys." After various experiments with tissues from the human body, Robert Toulon is now able to make the puppets talk and learn at an advanced rate. When he hears about a cousin making many play houses, schools, and puppets of his own, Robert, Alexandra, and the puppets (which include Blade, Six Shooter, and Jester) are forced to move closer to try another learning experiment on the puppets. But what happens when a foxy doll catches a certain puppet's eye?

Disclaimer: I do not own the "Puppet Master" film series (but I will have a few OCs in this fic). All rights belong to Full Moon Features.

Chapter 1- An Unhappy Puppet Christmas

It had been over a year since the puppets' encounter with the demonic toys. They were just relieved it was all over, and after a year of living with Andre Toulon's great-grandnephew Robert Toulon and his daughter Alexandra, they were all starting to feel a little bit better.

Well, they were feeling better after most of the experiments Robert had pulled. See, over the year they had lived there, Robert had tried various experiments with human tissue on the puppets. After a few months the puppets Blade, Six Shooter, and Jester were all able to talk by themselves. The problem with this though was that Blade was a little bit of a potty mouth, and he always swore when he felt like it. After a few more months they were able to learn at an even faster rate than before. This was an advantage to the three puppets, who were always snooping around in Robert and Alex's work.

Anyway, the puppets were getting an early Christmas this year, probably for enduring all of the experiments with good behavior. The puppets, Robert, and Alex all sat around the Christmas tree opening each other's presents.

Blade, the second in command of the puppets, got a new knife for his right hand, a new trench coat, and some medical books that Robert and Alex somehow managed to shrink down to Blade's size.

Jester, who was considered the leader of the puppets, got a new jester suit that was forest green, a new scepter, (after he broke his old one on a wall two months back), and a joke book which was also shrunken down.

Finally Six Shooter, a cowboy puppet with six arms and guns for each hand, opened his gifts. He received new guns, a new vest and hat, and a mini razor from Blade and Jester. When Six Shooter read the tag on the razor it said, "Merry Christmas from your friends Blade and Jester, now shave that face rat!" Blade and Jester started to snicker to themselves and exchanged high-fives.

"Oh very funny," Six Shooter said sarcastically through his teeth. "We get it, you both think my moustache is ugly."

"Well we had to get it through to you somehow," Blade said in between chuckles. "You didn't seem to get the other one million hints we left you."

Six Shooter flashed back to those days. Although one million was an exaggeration, Blade and Jester had sent of constant hints through out the months. Most of them were reminders in the form of sticky notes on the bedroom door. The more extreme ones were a shaving cream cake to the face on his 'birthday', and the other one was Blade and Jester had shaved his moustache one time while he was asleep.

"You guys still need to check your stockings yet," Alex said pointing to the red stocking on the floor. "Please check for a piece of paper first."

The three puppets rushed their way over to the stockings. Each stocking was red had their name sewn on in matching silk. After digging through mainly candy and fruit snacks, the puppets each found a piece of tan paper in their stockings, and none of the puppets were amused.

Blade read what was on the front of the paper. "'You lucky puppets have been accepted to enroll in Carl Toulon's school for puppets.'" All three puppets turned around to look at Robert and Alex, mainly confused. "Is there something you two ain't telling us?"

"I might as well confess," Robert said with a sigh. "There's a reason for this early Christmas. You see, Carl Toulon is a cousin of mine. He's also into making puppets and bringing them to life. But he makes so much more than that. He's also made many functional play houses and schools."

"What does this have to do with us?" Jester asked turning his expression from surprised to angry.

"Alex and I want to see how fast you three can learn now," Robert said. "So we enrolled all three of you into his school for puppets. We'll be moving out of here by next week."

"What?" Blade asked. "We're moving? You can't be fucking serious!"

"We're as serious as a heart attack Blade," Alex said. "We'll be out by next week. So you three might want to start packing up your stuff ASAP."

"Why do we have to move?" Blade asked. "School only prepares you for the real world, which also sucks." Blade sulked to himself and climbed up the stairs to the room where ha and the other puppets were kept. Once up to the room, Blade found a random can sitting up in the room. He took his knife hand and opened the can of beans. Once opened, Jester (wearing tissue paper over his body) and Six Shooter popped out of the can and started to play music that sounded like something out of "Phantom of the Opera."

Jester started to speak in a spooky tone of voice. "I'm the ghost of Beanie Weenie! Touch me again and I'll cut off your weenie!"

Blade already had a comeback for this. "Well I'm the ghost of Christmas Past! Touch my balls and I'll kick your ass!"

Jester threw the tissue paper off of his body and jumped on to the floor. "Oh come on, Blade. Take a joke!"

"I'm not in the mood for any jokes," Blade growled. "Let's start packing our shit so we can be ready to move next week."

"Uh, we really don't have a lot of stuff," Six Shooter said as he jumped on to the floor. "We can get it all packed in one day."

"Then why don't we get it done early?" Blade then proceeded to grab his stuff from his dresser and pack it in a small black bag.

The days afterwards passed by quickly and before anybody knew it, it was moving day. The puppets threw their tiny suitcases in a bigger suitcase that contained Robert's books. While most of the family was excited, Blade was still irate about the whole thing.

"Everybody ready to hit the road?" Robert asked.

"I'm ready," Alex cheered.

"Affirmative," Jester said.

"Let's hit the road," Six Shooter acclaimed.

"Yeah, sure whatever," Blade mumbled.

Robert looked down at Blade and said, "Now I know you're not happy about the move but when we get there you'll see it's not so bad."

"We'll just see about that," Blade said as he hopped in the briefcase with Jester and Six Shooter. Blade knew that today was going to be a long day.

Author's end note: So that's the first chapter of "School for Puppets." Sorry if it wasn't too good, this is my first "Puppet Master" fanfic ever. Also, I would like to have a beta for this story so if you'd like to beta this send me a message through the PM box or through a review. Until then, I hope you enjoy yourselves with this. Please take care!