A/N: Here is the first chapter of Blackmarket. Sorry it took me so long to upload it but I have been extremely busy with work and school. Also sorry if its a little slow moving. Like always, enjoy:)

Chapter 1- Clinic Abductions

Fear coursed through Teresa Elders' body as she lay in a bed consumed with pain from another contraction. Eyes wide open Teresa searched frantically around her graffettied, yet sterilized room for something that could help her escape the nightmare she was in. Upon waking and finding herself chained to the bed Teresa had found herself face to face with her captors. They had told her that she wasn't fit to have or raise a child, and that upon her delivering the child; they would find a suitable home for it. The light that had shined in their eyes while they spoke revealed to Teresa their unspoken part of their plan-they were going to get rid of her after she delivered her baby.

The prospect of what they would do to her was what caused the fear to spread throughout her body. She didn't want to die, nor did she want her baby to be taken from her, but apparently she had no say in the matter at hand at all. Not even two minutes after her last contraction another one hit; as she breathed through the pain Teresa knew it wouldn't be much longer till she was dead. Hearing the heaving wooden door to her room creak open a fresh wave of fear swept through Teresa's body as her two captors walked into the room, all dressed and prepared to deliver her baby…

To sit patiently in a doctor's waiting room was a hard task to complete, especially when you were thirty-nine weeks pregnant, and literally the size of a house. Gazing around the room to pass the time she saw a nurse walk into the room. Glancing down at the clip board the nurse called,

"Mrs. Gina Rawson"

Happy to hear her name called Gina, after struggling to her feet, waddled over to the nurse. Giving the blonde FBI agent a smile the nurse turned, and made her way down the hall. As they walked the nurse glanced back at Gina, and asked,

"Hello Gina, how are you this morning?"

Gina returned the smile as she replied,

"Hello Cynthia, I'm doing good, apart from being as big as a house, and feeling like I'm about to explode."

The nurse named Cynthia laughed as she replied,

"Oh I see…Where's Mick, did he not come with you this time?"

Placing her hand upon her swollen abdomen Gina replied,

"He was going to come, but our team got a new case this morning so he's with them getting briefed on it. He did seem a little upset that he couldn't come though."

As Cynthia nodded her head in understanding she opened the door to the last exam room on the hall. Holding the door open for Gina to waddle through Cynthia allowed it to close on its own as she walked over to the cabinets above the counter. Pulling out a light blue gown Cynthia handed it to Gina as she said,

"You know the drill dear, put this on, and lay back on the table and Dr. Miller will be with you shortly."

Upon seeing Gina nod her head in understanding Cynthia exited the room, and closed the door to give Gina some privacy. After a few awkward minutes of fighting with the gown Gina, dressed in the blue gown, wiggled up onto the exam table, and laid back. Nearly five minutes later there came a rattling sound at the door as the knob was being turned. Looking at the door expecting to see Dr. Miller walking in Gina was surprised to see another nurse and an unfamiliar doctor, both with surgical masks over their faces, walk into the room. Having never seen either of these people in the clinic before now Gina immediately became suspicious of them.

The mysterious masked doctor with a file in his hands said nothing as he gave the equally mysterious nurse a nod of his head. Receiving the go ahead signal the nurse walked towards the table where Gina currently lay. Unsure of what the mysterious nurse was planning to do Gina, with no way or other place to go to escape the approaching nurse, nervously asked,

"What's going on? What do the two of you want?"

Coming to stand beside the examination table the masked nurse gently touched Gina's arm before Gina jerked it from her grasp as she replied,

"Don't worry Mrs. Rawson, or Gina if you'd prefer, we're not going to hurt you. You're just going to take a nice little nap."

As she spoke the nurse pulled a syringe, filled with a clear liquid medication, from her smock pocket. Overwhelmed by the fact that the nurse knew her name Gina was caught off guard and unable to defend herself as the nurse pierced her neck with the syringe, and injected the medication into her blood stream. The medication took affect quickly as Gina was engulfed by a heavy darkness. Not wanting to waist any more of their precious escape time the masked doctor quickly and effortlessly lifted Gina off the table and into his muscular arms. Peeking her head out the door and scanning the hall the nurse quickly opened the door to its full capacity. Allowing the doctor to exit first the two of them made their escape with their newly made victim. Back inside the now vacant exam room stacked neatly upon a chair was Gina's purse and clothes, just waiting for someone to find them alone, and without their owner…