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Chapter 9- Family

Walking at a speedily determined pace the clicking sound of Garcia's Stiletto shoes echoed throughout the lobby of Sibley Memorial. Having retreated from her cave of technology so quickly with only Sam's limited information after their short conversation Garcia was forced to hastily text Beth requesting Gina's room number. Pushing the thoughts of her amateur mistake out of her mind Garcia stepped into the empty elevator, only to step off a moment later onto the third floor's maternity ward. With her shoes clicking away once again Garcia began walking in search of Gina's room.

Reading the room numbers beside each door a feeling of excitement began to bubble up within Garcia, she had finally found Gina's room. Pausing for a moment while standing in front of the door Garcia took a deep breath to calm her excitement. Sensing that her bubbled level of excitement had been quashed back to a reasonable level Garcia felt ready to enter the room. Just as she extended her hand towards the door handle Garcia heard someone yell her name from down the hall. Turning her head in search of who had called her name a smile spread across Garcia's face as she stared back down the hall; sprinting down the hall towards her like a speeding bullet, with her curls bouncing and a smile across her own lips was Sarah.

With her own smile broadening across her face Garcia crouched down, catching the speeding bullet that was her adopted niece in her arms. Returning to her full height still holding Sarah tightly in her arms Garcia glanced once again back down the hall, and saw Sam and Beth's sitter Julie walking towards her with Wyatt in her own arms. Waving her hand in greeting Garcia and Sarah waited as the two stragglers reached the door. After giving Wyatt a quick tickle hello Garcia reached for the door knob and opened the door. Allowing Julie, with her arms completely full; to enter first Garcia and Sarah were quick to follow into the room.

Stopping to stand beside Julie just beyond the door Garcia glanced around the moderate sized room. Right off the back the first thing the technical analyst saw was the rest of her team mates gathered around the hospital bed that both Gina and Mick currently occupied. Having caught sight of her parents standing next to the bed Sarah immediately began to wiggle around within Garcia's arms. Realizing what the two year old was requesting with her actions Garcia gently lowered Sarah to the floor. The moment that her feet touched the cold, hard surface Sarah ran to her parents, latching herself onto Beth's legs.

Regaining her balance from the sudden unexpected collision Beth peered down at the monkey attached to her legs, and smiled. Swooping down Beth attacked Sarah with kisses as she gathered her up in her arms. Sam, along with the rest of the team, smiled at the still giggling child in Beth's arms. Turning his head in the apparent direction that Sarah had come from Sam watched as Julie gingerly made her way into the room, with a more confident Garcia beside her. Still smiling Sam stepped away from his current position to meet Julie half way in her slow trek from the door.

Noticing how slumped Julie's shoulder was from the weighted stress of the duel diaper-messenger tote bag Sam quickly relieved her of her heavy burden. Setting the bag aside Sam waited a moment as Julie rolled her shoulder a few times, alleviating the discomfort, before he relieved her of her other burden that was Wyatt. Straddling Wyatt securely against his side Sam smiled at Julie as he said,

"Thank you Julie for bringing the kids here. Beth or I would have come and got them ourselves but we don't keep the stand for the car seat or the booster seat in the SUV that the Bureau issued us. You'll definitely be paid extra when we pay you on Monday for doing this."

Waving her hand as if swatting away a fly Julie shook her head no as she replied,

"There's no need for that Mr. Cooper, your thanks and gratitude are enough. Besides, it was no trouble at all, the kids and I had a lot of fun together today…Well I guess I should get going, I have a paper I have to finish for my class Thursday evening. I'll see you and the kids tomorrow morning, bye."

When the door had closed behind Julie turned to Garcia and said,

"Hey Penelope, happy to see that you could join us. You sure did get here awfully quick."

Cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment Garcia, while choosing to ignore the last part of Sam's statement, jokingly placed her hands upon her hips as she replied,

"Of course I came, I told Gina when we talked over the phone that I would. Besides, how else am I supposed to see our fair Gina and meet the newest member of our family if I hadn't of come?"

Knowing Garcia's words to be true Sam, with nothing but a smile on his face, playfully shrugged his shoulders in return. Allowing her arms to fall from her hips Garcia gave Sam a smile in return as she turned around to face the crowded hospital bed and its occupants. Watching the coupled team mates upon the bed the smile on Garcia's face grew bigger as she quietly made her way over to the bed so as not to disturb the precious, memorable scene taking place. Gazing down at the little bundle swaddled in Gina's arms the two newly made parents appeared to be temporarily oblivious to everything else around them. As Garcia continued to watch them a moment longer it was as if Mick could sense her eyes upon them, because at that moment Mick raised his head.

Finding that Garcia had finally arrived and was standing close to their bed Mick smiled; the smile became even bigger when he also realized that Sarah and Wyatt had already arrived as well. Seeing that everyone in their intermingled family was there Mick gently nudged Gina's shoulder to grab her attention. Mick's nudge seemed to do the trick as Gina, blinking her eyes several times, returned to the world of reality. Noticing the glimmer of confusion in Gina's eyes Mick, his arm already draped over Gina's shoulders, gave them a squeeze of reassurance as he said,

"Hey Love, everything's alright. Sorry to disrupt whatever thoughts you were having, but I thought you'd like to know that Garcia and the kids are here."

At the mention of the arrivals of Garcia and their Godchildren the confusion quickly dissolved from Gina's eyes, replaced by glints of joy and excitement. Raising her eyes from their downward casts Gina looked around the room at the new arrivals. Pausing lastly on Garcia's smiling face Gina said,

"Hey Penelope, it's so great to see your ever smiling face."

Touched by Gina's considerate words Garcia took a step closer to the crowded hospital bed as she replied,

"And it's great to see your smiling face too my dear Gina. Especially after everything that has happened to you, including that bundle of joy in your arms. Speaking of which, are you going to introduce her to those of us who haven't already met her?"

Before Gina had a chance to utter a response to Garcia's questioning words sounds of a tiny commotion came from the end of the bed. Diverting her eyes away from Garcia Gina; along with Mick, turned their attention before them at the end of the bed. There, wiggling around within the confines of Beth's arms, Sarah was desperately trying to free herself. Realizing that Sarah must have spotted Madeline's swaddled from cradled in Gina's arms, and simply wanted a closer look Mick rose from his seat on the bed. Walking over to his still wiggling niece Mick couldn't help but grin as he asked,

"Hey Miss Wiggle-worm…Sarah? Do you want to come to me? I have someone I want you to meet?"

Having ceased her wiggling attempts at freedom at the sound of Mick's voice Sarah, without pausing to consider Mick's offer, instantly extended her arms towards him. Gathering the two year old in his arms Mick exchanged nods of thanks with Beth, who appeared somewhat relieved that he too had seen and realized what it was specifically that Sarah wanted to do. Right from the start Beth had realized that Sarah's vain attempts of wiggling her way to freedom was because she had spotted Madeline cradled in Gina's arms, and simply wanted a closer look. But her uncertainty of how Mick and Gina would feel about Sarah crawling freely around on the bed had refrained the compact-sized brunette from fulfilling her negotiable actions. Continuing to watch Beth, and seeing the confliction leave her eyes Mick was instantly able to read her like an open book, and understood why she was relieved that he had taken Sarah from her arms.

Keeping his lips sealed as he knew Beth would prefer Mick just smiled as he resumed his seat beside Gina with Sarah seated securely on his lap. Glancing down at an angle his Goddaughter Mick couldn't help but notice the mixed expression of curiosity and confusion upon her turned face. Following Sarah's line of sight Mick found that she was focused intently on Madeline. Taking his eyes off of the conflicting expressions on Sarah's face Mick turned and looked at Gina, giving her a nod of his head. Smiling, with Mick's signaling nod, Gina said,

"Garcia, Sarah, and Wyatt, allow me to introduce you to Madeline Rose Rawson; the newest female junior agent on the team, and on our family."

Bending his head down level with Sarah's little ear Mick whispered,

"That's your little cousin Sarah. Since you're the oldest you'll have to look out for her, and show her the ropes. Wyatt can help too, once he's a little older."

Hearing his name amidst Mick's clarifying words Wyatt gave a squeal of excitement. Glancing down at his smiling seven month old son in his arms Sam couldn't help but grin as well as he said,

"I think Wyatt just told you that he heard what you just said Mick, and that he agrees."

Laughter erupted all around the crowded hospital bed in response to Sam's words. When the loud eruption completely dissipated Garcia, a smile still painted on her lips, gazed down at Madeline's swaddled form, and said,

"She is absolutely adorable Gina. She will, without a doubt, be the apple of her father's eye."

At that moment standing on the other side of the bed directly opposite Garcia, Prophet interceded,

"And she will, without a doubt, have him wrapped securely around her little finger in record time too."

Choosing not to respond verbally Mick, while looking over at his southern colleague and best friend standing beside him, mockingly mimicked the actions of a sarcastic laugh. Over on Mick's other side Gina; having sensed the start up of a new bickering duel between the two childish men, quickly intervened,

"Alright boys, settle down. How about the two of you resume this new bickering duel you've just tried to engage in another time?"

Down at the end of the bed Beth added,

"Yeah guys stop acting like little kids, and act your ages. We're here together to celebrate the addition of the newest junior agent into our family, not to bicker like an old married couple."

In response to Beth's insinuating, playful words both Mick, and Prophet snapped their mouths shut. Wanting to join in the fun that her fellow female colleagues were having Garcia added,

"Yeah guys, we already have a two year old, a newly made toddler, and a new born baby amongst our ranks. So unless you both want to spend some time in time out, start acting your ages."

Watching Prophet and Mick squirm around like two kids in deep trouble a smirk of enjoyment fell upon Garcia's lips. Tearing her eyes away from the two troublesome men, Garcia returned her gaze to Gina, and a now alert Madeline. After taking a second to dig around for something inside her giant handbag Garcia said,

"Alright, so since both Sarah and Wyatt received stuffed animals as gifts when they were born I figured that I would be the one to give Madeline hers…" Garcia, her smile still upon her lips, withdrew her hand from the depths of her purse to reveal a purple hippo, "I saw it on the shelf while I was out looking for something to get Henry, and I just couldn't resist."

Looking over at the stuffed animal in Garcia's hand Gina smiled as she replied,

"It's so cute, and adorable. Thank you Garcia I absolutely love it, and I'm sure Madeline will too."

The smile upon her lips threatening to split her face in two from Gina's words Garcia gently placed the purple hippo next to Gina upon the bed, and gave Gina a quick one armed hug before she replied,

"You are absolutely welcome my dear Gina. Not trying to pry or rush you in any way, but are either of you going to reveal who you've chosen as Madeline's Godparents?"

Turning her head Gina gazed once again over at Mick for a moment before she replied,

"Actually Garcia, the timing of your question was perfect. We were actually just about to talk about that."

Cheeks burning pink with embarrassment Garcia remained silent as she waited with bated breath for what Mick and Gina were about to say. Turning her eyes back to Mick for another split second Gina saw him give her his nod of approval. Bestowed with the right to go first Gina turned to Beth; with a smile of pure joy upon her lips Gina said,

"Well Beth, since you made me both Sarah's and Wyatt's Godmother Mick and I wanted to return the honor and made you Madeline's Godmother."

Having not been entirely sure of who Mick and Gina would choose Beth was caught off guard by Gina's words. Trying and failing to recover her voice Beth looked like a fish as she repeatedly opened and closed her mouth. With a single shake of her head to clear out the shock Beth, her voice having fully returned, replied,

"Of course Gina, I'd be honored. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure if you'd choose me or your biological sister to be Madeline's Godmother. That's why I was so shocked by your words."

Nodding her head at the sincerity of Beth's words Gina replied,

"I did consider having my real sister as Madeline's Godmother for a while, but I decided against it. Besides, I think of you as my sister as well, along with Garcia; I also feel a closer connection with you then I do with my own sister. We were always so different from one another. Other than Garcia there is no one else I would fully trust with all of my heart to raise Madeline if something were to happen to Mick and myself."

Choked up yet again from Gina's words Beth remained silent. As Beth hastily wiped away the few tears upon her cheeks Mick turned to Sam, and said,

"Coop, since Gina decided to make Beth Madeline's Godmother, we've decided to make you her primary Godfather. More specifically, that means that if anything were to happen to us then the two of you would get sole custody of Madeline, and you and Prophet wouldn't be left fighting over who would share custody."

Able to understand the meaning of the additional descriptive word connected to the Godfather title Sam wordlessly nodded his head in agreement. Seeing Sam's unquestioning response Mick turned to Prophet, and said,

"Which means since Sam is the primary Godfather, that you will be her secondary Godfather. What that means is if anything were to happen to Sam along with Gina and myself, then you along with Beth would gain custody of Madeline. Is that role alright with you Mate? Think you can handle it?"

Smirking at his British friend Prophet replied,

"Yeah I think I can live and deal with that. But let's just hope and pray that nothing that severe ever happens to this team. So in other words, to clarify my title, I'm basically Madeline's uncle for all basic purposes unless something happens to Coop to where he can't fulfill his job description?"

Mick nodded his head,

"You got it in a nut shell Mate."

From Mick's other side Gina said,

"Well now that we have handed out the guardianship titles, I think it's time for Madeline to have some individual bonding time with each of her aunts and uncles. Garcia, since I'm the one holding Madeline, and you're closest to me, would you like to be the first to hold Madeline?"

Even though the smile of pure joy upon Garcia's lips was an obvious enough answer Garcia still replied,

"Oh you already know Gina that I would love to be the first to hold this adorable little cutie pie."

Laughing softly at Garcia's verbal response Gina gently deposited her tightly bundled daughter into Garcia's open and awaiting arms. As soon as she held Madeline in her arms Garcia immediately started to rock the newborn in a slow, rhythmic motion. Watching the tech-Goddess with her soothing actions Gina softly added,

"Then Garcia, after you're done holding her, just pass her to Sam. That a way she can continue to be passed on down the line till she reaches Mick."

Continuing with her rhythmic rocking while gazing down at Madeline Garcia silently nodded her head. Across from Garcia Prophet gave a snort of laughter as he said,

"Sure, Garcia will pass her on once she's done holding her. But based on her facial expression, it's gonna be a while before that will happen."

Knowing Prophet's words to be true, but unaffected by them Sam shrugged his shoulders as he replied,

"I don't mind waiting a while. Besides, if you think about it, out of the six of us Garcia is the one who gets to see the kids the least. So let her have a little extra time bonding with Madeline."

Nodding her head in agreement Beth added,

"I don't mind waiting a while either; let Garcia take her time with Madeline."

Touched by Sam and Beth's appreciative actions a glimmer of gratitude sparkled in Garcia's eyes. Knowing Prophet's words to be meant as playful, Garcia didn't even take them to heart as she continued to bond with the newest Rawson. After bonding with Madeline for ten long and wonderful minutes Garcia raised her head; turning to Sam Garcia gently transferred Madeline into his arms. Looking up at Sam while allowing her eyes to flow over Beth and Prophet Garcia smiled as she said,

"Thank you guys for letting me hold Madeline a little longer. It was an extremely generous gesture, and I really appreciate it."

Smiling as well Beth replied,

"You are very welcome P. It's like Sam said, out of the six of us you are the one that gets to see the kids the least."

Nodding her head Garcia looked over at Prophet, catching the regret-filled expression etched on his face. Realizing that Garcia was looking at him Prophet, while guiltily shuffling his feet, cleared his throat and said,

"Listen P I didn't mean anything by what I said a moment ago. I was just picking on you, trying to make a joke, like always."

Sidestepping around Sam and Beth Garcia walked the short distance around the bed to Prophet. Giving him a reassuring smile Garcia gently placed her hand upon Prophet's shoulder as she replied,

"It's ok Prophet, don't worry, your words didn't have any effect on me. Besides, in order to survive on this team one has to learn to deal with your joking antics, and remarks; so no harm done."

Nodding his head mutely a look of pure relief consumed Prophet's face. Remaining at her newly designated spot beside Prophet Garcia watched as Beth relished over her chance to bond with Madeline. Just by the expression on Beth's face everyone could tell that she couldn't wait to start spoiling her niece/Goddaughter; a road that was new for her to travel upon. It was an expression that had never before been seen upon Beth's face, but was one that everyone knew would be seen quite frequently in the near and distant future. Finally, after a slight reluctance from Beth, it was Prophet's turn to hold Madeline.

With a grin already spread across his face from ear to ear Prophet eagerly accepted Madeline into his open arms. Having already opened her eyes before Gina had handed her to Garcia, Madeline, her eyes still wide open, stared up at Prophet's grinning face. Gazing back down into the newborn's eyes Prophet couldn't help but notice the similarity between Madeline's eyes, and that of Gina's. Peeling his eyes away from Madeline's adorable face Prophet looked to Gina, and said,

"It appears Gina, that your little girl has your beautiful blue eyes."

Smiling appreciatively at Prophet Gina replied,

"That was very sweet of you Prophet, but it's a known fact that all baby's eyes are blue when they are first born, and then change color later on. But you could be right; there is a possibility that Madeline will have my eyes. I personally hope she does, they will go great with Mick's dark brown hair that she has."

Gazing back down at the angel in his arms Prophet immediately spotted a patch of dark brown hair poking out from beneath her pink cap. Raising his head once again a mischievous glint shined in Prophet's eyes as he replied,

"I hope she has your eyes too. If she has Mick's brown eyes then she will literally be a mini-female version of him; I don't think the world is quite ready enough for that."

Giving Prophet a mock glare Mick interceded,

"Hey Mate, I'm right here. You had better watch what you say, or your turn will be cut short."

Hearing the notes of mocking in Mick's voice Prophet's grin grew even bigger as he continued to cradle Madeline in his arms. Prophet knew Mick's words to be a giant fib; the identical grin upon his British teammate's face told him that Mick knew he was kidding by what he said a moment ago. Standing between the two tease-poking agents Garcia was relieved that she wasn't required to maintain the peace between the two of them. Glancing back and forth between the two child-like agents a thought occurred to Garcia, turning back to Mick she asked,

"Hey Mick, just out of curiosity, have you contacted Jenna to inform her of her new status of Aunt Jenna?"

Locking eyes with Garcia Mick shook his head as he replied,

"No Garcia I haven't, at least not yet anyway. It's really early back home in Wales, so I figured I'd wait till later on this evening, when it's a more convenient time for her to call and give her the news. Then once I've called her, Gina can call her parents and sister and inform them as well."

Sitting beside Mick; glaring at him in low-grade disbelief, Gina swiftly back-handed Mick's upper arm in retaliation. Just from seeing her silent physical response, it was evident that Gina didn't want it verbalized that she had yet to call her own family. Curious Prophet looked up from Madeline's angelic face, and asked,

"How come you haven't called your parents and your sister Gina? I bet your parents would be thrilled to hear that they have a granddaughter, and would race here to visit."

Doubt covered Gina's face as she shook her head, and replied,

"I doubt my parents will react like that Prophet, my sister maybe, but not my parents. They never truly supported my decision to marry Mick, and when we told them that I was pregnant they weren't all that excited either. My sister on the other hand was completely supportive of mine and Mick's marriage, and was overly excited about becoming an aunt. So if any of my family were to come here to visit us, it would most likely be her."

Deciding to drop the subject and leave it at that Prophet simply nodded his head. Knowing that he had had an adequate amount of time to hold Madeline, Prophet, while heaving a sigh, gently placed her into her father's arms. To see the sparkle shine within Mick's eyes at being handed Madeline was reward enough for Prophet upon completing his actions. Smiling down at his daughter with a humongous smile upon his lips Mick softly cooed,

"Well Madeline, you've officially just finished meeting everyone. Don't worry the two who may appear a little unique are actually quite normal…" Both Prophet and Garcia frowned at Mick's insinuating words, "But no matter what everyone in this room loves you, and is your family, an awkward family, but your family none the less."

Ignoring the mentioning of being an awkward family everyone standing around the bed smiled. They were a family, a Red Cell family, and they could survive anything.

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