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Fatal Cures

Arc 1: Eterna Forest

Chapter 1: Beauty and the Birds

I blinked my eyes open as my surroundings came into view, morning sunlight blanketing the area. A small clearing surrounded by hardy apple trees and a cold spring-fed pool in the center greeted me. It was a nice place, and I'd worked hard to defend it over the years from pesky Bidoof and the occasional Budew who wanted it for themselves.

Currently, I sat on a bed of springy heather, but it wouldn't do me much good when winter came around. Shivering slightly, I cursed the wind. Why had I decided to move to Sinnoh? I'd even heard that Hoenn was much better. That place was warm and balmy, almost like a tropical resort.

But instead, I'd chosen Sinnoh. Pfft. Oh well. I'd have to deal with it, like always.

A fragrant smell distracted me from my musings. Approaching the apple trees, I sighed, and shook one, cursing my body shape. I couldn't climb trees as easily as some Pokémon could so I had to shake them to get the fruit. Audino were not meant to climb trees, more's the pity.

A few fell, and I grabbed one, routinely checking for Burmy, and, finding none, opened my mouth to take a large bite.

Until an interruption happened.

"We meet again, ssssseñor!" hissed a rather obnoxious voice.

I turned around, to meet glowing red eyes. My gaze wandered scornfully over the black body spotted with gold and streaked with lavender. A large, dangerous looking tail blade flicked from side to side. A Seviper, and an annoyingly familiar one.

"How doessssss it feel, being pink? The color for girlsssssss?" he asked, eyes glinting mockingly.

"Why hello, Kiki, how does it feel knowing that you are a complete failure? At life." I ridiculed.

The red orbs blazed crimson, "It'ssssss ENRIQUE you ssstupid pink thing!"

I chuckled, "Kiki, Enriki, what's the difference?"

He bared red fangs at me, "I'll sssshow you what it meanssss to mock your ssssuperioressss, brat!"

I laughed openly, "Like the last fifteen times I kicked your ass? I'll do it again if you still need flying lessons."

Hissing, the snake spat poison. Dodging it quickly, I mocked, "Is that the best you can do?"

He glared, and I pulled back, avoiding his sudden strike. Using the moment's time I had, I readied my fist and punched him in the nose, the action causing blood to spurt out.

"You pessssst!" he hissed, and lunged at me, fangs gleaming with venom on the tips. I rolled out of the way for the second time and got impatient. He was so boringly predictable. Wanting to end this, I summoned a reservoir of psychic energy within me.

Using my powers, I flung him far away from the clearing, panting hard. I didn't like using psychic moves, as they still didn't come naturally to me, my type being normal after all. I was a jack-of-all-trades, knowing moves for about ten different types. My trainer had pumped me full of TMs, so much so that I had gotten sick off of them and now vowed to never go near shiny discs again. Which wasn't hard to do since I hadn't seen trainers in a long time. A very long time.

However, as uncomfortable as they were to use, psychic powers were definitely the most useful for taking care of annoying snakes.

Sighing, I dusted my paws off and glanced at the area where I'd thrown Enrique.

"He won't be back for a while, I bet."

With a smug smirk on my face, I took up the shiny red apple again, gazing dreamily at its lustrous surface. It approached my anticipating mouth—


Startled, I dropped the delicious fruit of deliciousness (again), and glared darkly at the source for the interruption of my overdue meal (again).

A pretty Buneary crashed into the clearing, her eyes wide and panicked. She breathed hard, panting, and her heart pounded like crazy (since telling this I've heard from others that it's unusual to be able to hear the heartbeats of other Pokémon from a distance. All I can say is that I just have good hearing). From the sounds of her pursuers, who were still a ways away: flapping wings and short caws, I concluded that they were Murkrow.

"Help me, kind miss!" she pleaded, her cute button eyes overflowing with tears. "Please, I'm being attacked!"

Scowling at her, I growled, "No. Fricking. Way. For one thing, you just called me a girl. For another thing...well, I don't need a reason."

She gazed at me, shocked, and I could see the cogs turning in her head. "Fine, then...sir? Could you please help me? I'm not very strong yet," she shook her head, holding her ears pathetically.

"Okay, fine, Victini damn it," I grumbled. Murkrow were dark and flying-type Pokémon. Therefore, they were weak to fighting, bug, electric, ice, and rock-type moves. I knew just what I'd use.

I heard the Pokémon long before I saw them, and quickly shot out a bolt of electricity. It hit one, but the other managed to evade it.

Cawing angrily at me, it flapped toward my face. Quickly ducking, I watched as it flew past and shot another stream of electricity at it.

This hit the mark, and it fainted to land alongside its partner. Weaklings.

Suddenly, I felt my paw being grabbed by the Buneary.

"Oh, thank you, thank you for saving me from those nasty Murkrow! Ooh, such strong paws; such powerful attacks! You're definitely what I'd call a hero!"

She beamed at me, and I felt such a large wave of femininity from her that it sickened me. Sure, I was a guy, so I'd be blind not to notice how beautiful she was. But even I could tell when somebody wanted something, and using looks to achieve that was just pathetic. Plus, she'd thought I was a girl earlier. I still hadn't forgiven her for that.

I shook my head at her, "No, I'm not falling for it. So whatever you're thinking to achieve, don't bother."

"But how—?" she started.

I held up a paw. "I'm not dumb. I'm also not that naïve. I helped you. Now go away."

I figured that this would achieve what I wanted, but it had the opposite effect.

"Nooooo! You can't! There's this mean, evil, nasty Honchkrow after me! He probably wants to find out how I became so lovely! I mean, you can't find fur this soft anywhere else!"

I was annoyed at her lack of brains, "Honchkrow have feathers. You have fur. Why would he want to know?"

Hoping this would silence her, I realized the naivety of that thought when she cried: "But that doesn't matter! What does is that he's evil and cruel and murders a bunch of poor Pokémon!"

This sobered me up immediately. "Really? What is he doing?"

Her eyes glittered uncharacteristically, "He's using his servants to bully those in the forest! And not only that, but he's also killing off those who resist him! He's a cruel and evil Pokémon that needs to be stopped!" by this time, her paws had curled into fists, and her ears had curled up even tighter. This worried me somewhat, as Buneary had a nasty habit of suddenly unrolling their ears in an attack when angry, and I didn't know how much control she had right now. The more curled the ear was before attacking, the worse the sting. And hers were curled tightly.

"Um, calm down here, do you have any proof?"

"Proof? What proof do I need when the evidence is right there!" she cried, pointing at the prone Murkrow. Right afterwards, she burst into tears, and I felt slightly cornered. What do you do when a girl cries? Comfort her? But then it might be taken the wrong way and it'd be awkward for the both of us. So I just sat there, feeling uneasy.

"I...don't actually...know what to...do anymore!" her sobs interrupted her speech. "He's killed off all my friends, and I'm afraid that I'm next!"

At this point I put a hesitant arm around her shoulders. "Hey, hey, don't cry," I said softly. "If he's really that bad, I'll put a stop to him." Besides, his reign might go into my territory, and I don't really want to deal with that at the moment. Best to stop him before he gets too strong.

"Really?" she stared up at me, dewy-eyed. Hesitatingly, I nodded.

"Promise?" she asked, and as I watched, the eyes got bigger. And round. Like the moon.

"I promise," I affirmed. Besides, somebody who murders Pokémon like that needs to be stopped. But why do I have to be the one to do it?

"Yay!" she jumped up, tears drying up instantly, and gave me a big smile...that was just a tad too triumphant for my taste. Bouncing up, she grabbed my paw and pulled me after her into the forest, but I knew that I hadn't missed the flash of calculation in her sweet button eyes.

She was definitely not as dumb as I thought she was. Nor as sweet. A chill swept through me.

I hope that I'm really helping others…and not contributing to a gang war or something.