Author's note: Text in double quotes(") is actual dialogue, text in single(') quotes is the text box.

This is my first story, but don't let that deter you. Plus, I'm going through and revising it.

It had finally come!

I inserted the cartridge of Pokemon Black into the back of my DSi, and pushed the power button. It turned on, displaying a rather cool intro cutscene with a guy being crowned. After this it displayed a white dragon-like Pokemon: Reshiram, the mascot of the game.

I pressed A, then new game, and a professor (a woman, I noticed) said 'Hi there!'. Or, a text box at the bottom of the screen read it. As it did in all Pokemon games.

"Yeah... just let me play already." I muttered to myself, wishing for this cutscene to get over with.

Somehow the game prepared for this, and the professor's sprite frowned.

'You mean you already know Pokemon?' The text box read, and I pressed Yes.

'Uh... Ok then... are you a boy or girl?' it asked.

I selected boy and typed in 'Kyle' for my name.

'I'm going to introduce you to your two best friends.' Two? I thought. I have two rivals in this game? Awesome!

'This young man is Cheren. He can be a little difficult, but he's a very honest person. This young woman is Bianca. She's a little flighty, so she works hard. I think you three have potential, so I'm going to give you a Pokemon.' So the rivals' names are Cheren and Bianca. Cool!

"The moment you choose your Pokemon, your journey will begin. But since you already know all of Pokemon already, let's go visit the world of Pokemon!"

Oh, Nintendo. The dev team DOES think of everything.

The screen blacked out and it showed the professor (Juniper I think) going into my house and after a second coming out...

And then the screen changed to my room, with a present on a table, and a boy next to me: Cheren.

Cheren was the first one to talk. 'Cheren: I heard from Professor Juniper. We can have a Pokemon? ... ... What's keeping Bianca?'

And lo and behold, Bianca appeared from the stairs. 'Am I a little late? So-oooo-orry!'

'Bianca, I've known for ten years that you have no sense of time, but...seriously? Today's the day we can get a Pokemon!'

I laughed at that.

Cheren's sprite looked down, towards the screen. 'Did you just hear laughter? It seemed to be coming from that wall.'

Wait, what? Did Cheren hear me?

'I didn't hear anything...' Bianca said. 'So, where are the Pokemon? They were delivered to Kyle's house, so he gets the first pick.'

'Seems fair. Ok, Kyle, you go first and take a peek at the box.'

I pressed X, opening the menu, and saved the game before walking up to the box and pressing A.

'Kyle opened the gift box!'

There was a note inside, overlayed with text. "I've brought three Pokemon, one for you and each of your friends. Settle your choices politely. Enjoy your Pokemon! -Professor Juniper"

And a magnificent opening animation played, revealing the inside of the box. There were three red and white Pokeballs there, with the sprites of the Pokemon on the top screen. I pressed on the right Pokeball, and tapped 'Pick this one!'.

'Is this the Pokeemon you want?' it read.

Yes, of course I wanted Oshawott! I pressed yes and the text box read 'Kyle chose Oshawott!'

Thank you game. As if I didn't know which Pokeball I chose.

'I call this Pokeemon. Cheren, that one's yours!'

'Hey! No fair! How come Bianca gets to choose my Pokemon? Oh well. I wanted Snivy from the start anyway.'

Bianca seemed excited. 'Everyone has a Pokemon! ...So that's that! Hey, I know! Let's have a Pokemon battle!'

Cheren pointed out that 'You shouldn't have a Pokemon battle inside a house.'

'Don't be a worrywart! These are weak, like you said. We have to let them battle. It's settled, Kyle!'

And some awesome battle music started playing, and two bands of red and blue collided on the screen, showing a close-up of my and Bianca's sprite, with a VS in between.

'You are challenged by PKMN trainer Bianca! Bianca sent out Tepig! Go, Oshawott!' the text box said.

After noting that the Pokemon moved instead of just staying still, I pressed fight and then Tackle.

'The foe's Tepig used tackle! Oshawott used Tackle!' read the text box. This went on for several turns, as I kept on Tackling Tepig until he fainted. "The Pokemon both did their best!" said Bianca upon being defeated.

And then the room got destroyed.

There were footprints everywhere, the bed was unkempt, and the room was practically turned upside down.

'Wow... Kyle, you're gonna be an awesome trainer someday, I can tell! No doubt!' Er, thanks Bianca, I thought. Haven't you noticed how you trashed my room?

Cheren sure did. 'Uh... ... Bianca, would you take a look around?'

'Wh-whoa! What happened? Pokemon are amaaaaaazing! So little, but so strong!' What? No offers to clean my room? At least an apology.

'...Oh. Um, sorry about your room, Kyle.'

"You... are completely hopeless. I'll restore your Pokemon for you." 'Cheren healed Bianca's Pokemon!' "Kyle's Pokemon needs to be fixed up too." 'Cheren healed Kyle's Pokemon!' read the text box, alternating between narration and dialogue.

Bianca jumped twice. 'Hey, Cheren! How about you battle, too? With all you know, I'm sure we can battle without turning the room into a disaster area like I did!'

I let out another laugh at that.

Cheren looked back again. 'Seriously, anybody else hearing a laugh coming from there?'

After a short pause, he turned back to face Bianca. 'I believe you're right. It should be easy for me to keep the room for getting any messier. Besides, it's not fair if you two are the only ones to have fun battling!'

He turned to face me and said 'It's decided. You'll be my opponent, in our first Pokemon battle!'

And now he battles me too?

'You are challenged by PKMN trainer Cheren! Cheren sent out Snivy! Go, Oshawott!' the textbox read, as the opening got repeated with Cheren's closeup.

I just kept Tackling Snivy until he fainted, and I got the message that 'Oshawott grew to Lv.6!' 'Kyle got $500 for winning!'

Upon defeat, Cheren said 'I made a strange blunder in my first battle, but this feeling I have... I'm finally a trainer. But first, we'd better apologize to your mother about your room.'

And with that, he walked down the stairs.

'Oh! I'd better come too!'

Finally, a chance to save. I did so again, but this time a thought nagged at me. Why had Cheren, in the game, heard me laughing?