Disclaimer: This story is written by me and my friend DaydreamKid. No flames please! This took a long time to write. This story is going to be sorted into chapters which I'll upload when I have the time. I won't upload them all at once. Enjoy the story.

It was late at night and the Blues Brothers noticed another band performing. It was an all woman band known as Desert Wind. Once they were finished performing, Jake, Elwood, and the rest of the band members went to meet these women.

"You were very good ladies." Elwood told them.

"Thank you, we have names you know." The black haired woman told them. " I'm Black Widow, the trumpet player is Windy, that other brunette is Chestnut Grove, the red haired woman is Ginger Muffin, and the blond saxophonist is Golden Glory."

"Nice to meet you all." said Jake.

Without anyone noticing walked right over to Golden Glory. He was fascinated by her beauty. Golden noticed him but was too shy to say anything. Lou gently took her hand and Golden looked at him.

"Why are you over here, holding my hand?" she finally said.

"Well, I think you're beautiful. In fact I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Lou told her

Golden's blue eyes sparkled at that compliment. She got a little nervous.

"I-I don't know what to say." Golden said quietly.

Lou just put a finger against her lips and said "You don't need to say a word."

Golden was speechless. She already loved him back, though she didn't know what to do. She started to get scared. Golden wanted to do something back, but couldn't move.

"Aw widdle Goldie got a cwush." Chestnut said in a baby tone.

"Leave her alone Chestnut."Windy said to Chestnut. Windy and Golden were close friends.

Golden shot Windy a grateful look. She was glad that Windy saved her.

"Don't let Chestnut get to you." Windy said to her friend.

"Thanks Windy, you're a true friend." said Golden

Windy smiled and said "You're welcome Golden." She hugged the blond

Golden looked at Lou and asked "Shall we go somewhere else?" She then held out her hands. Lou grabbed it and they left without anyone knowing.