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Hello fellow SGU fans! Chapter 1, Investigation has been edited and new material has been added! Most of the content is still the same, and the story is still very much just the same. But I have reread everything, edited, added some new things here and there and replaced the original Chapter 1 with the new and improved Chapter 1! Hope you guys enjoy a better read with the improved Chapter 1! Oh, and I am removing the M Rating for this story, as I have edited out the adult content. So now, SGU fans of ALL AGES can enjoy the read!

Hello fans of Stargate Universe. The name's sheesh.

This is the story of our friends onboard the Destiny, 3 years after they made the fateful FTL jump from one galaxy, to another. We follow them as their jouney continues through this new, and strange galaxy. What mysteries await them? What sort of alien species will they encounter, and wil they be hostile? And what has become of the one man we have come to know and love as the incredibly smart, Eli Wallace? Has he survived the jump? Or did the crew wake up too late? To find out the answers to these questions, read the story that could have been, the story that many of us SGU fans would love to see finished.

This is a fan fiction that I have been working on for the last few months. Forgive me if you see mistakes here and there, as I have been a novice writer for about 6 years now. Since I learned while watching the season 2 finale that there would no longer be new episodes, I was haunted with many, many questions about where the story of the Destiny would go, and what would become of the characters we have come to love. After giving it some thought, I decided I would write my take on a season 3 of Stargate Universe. This is a fan fiction, written by a fan, for the fans. I hope that you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. This is the biggest project I've ever done. Please, I only ask one thing from those of you who read it...REVIEWS! Again, I'm still a novice writer, and I need...would like reviews from other fans ands readers about my writings. If there is something that you did or did not like, please tell me in your review, so that I may improve upon it in future chapters. Again, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!

Stargate Universe: Infinite Ultimatum

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Chapter 1


There was a time when humans believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe. That belief lasted for many years, until one man decided to look through his telescope one day, and discovered that the Earth was in fact revolving around a star. Many years go by, and many other radical beliefs come to existence; humans were alone in the solar system, and the universe; the universe is infinite; there is only one universe; the Big Bang. Those radical beliefs and ideas, although a few are true, cannot compare to the mission undertaken by a group of humans from Earth, billions, and billions of light years from home. No one on Earth can imagine what they have seen. No one knows about them, except for the people whom do know about them at Stargate Command Central.

General Jack O'Neill tapped his polished wooden pen against the conference table in frustration as he tried to listen to Colonel Samantha Carter explain to him a radical new theory she came up with about dialing Destiny. He let out a long sigh, "Look, Sam, that's great 'n all, but didn't you hear what Rush said before they jumped?"

Sam blinked, "Well, yes, but-"

"But nothin'!" Jack exclaimed, holding up a finger to silence her. He sighed again, and got up from his chair, "Look, I know you want to do something that'll help them in the long run, but I'm not going to blow up another planet, just to send a team of marines and some scientists through the gate! Further more, I'm not gonna do it because we don't even know if they even made it to the other galaxy! For all we know, they could be drifting in that big gap between the galaxies, with no power or life support, and still sitting in their stasis pods, dead. And no, you're not going if I for SOME reason decide to give your…theory a go."

"With all do respect sir, the probability of blowing up another planet is-" Sam stopped when Jack held up his hand.

"No. And, uh, no more of this, probability stuff. I've been listening to that crap for three years now." He turned around to face his office door, his arms swinging outwards as he did, "It's all startin' to sound the same to me." He opened his office door, and paused for a moment, "By the way, when're Teal'c and Daniel getting back?"

At that moment, the alarm for an off-world activation began to blare. "I think that's your answer," Sam said as she turned to descend down the spiral staircase leading to the control room.

"I think you're right," Jack replied as he closed his office door and followed her. They enter the control room, and watched the Stargate as the spinning ring of symbols halted, and the last chevron locked. The Gate room and the control room filled with a brilliant blue light as the wormhole established, and the Gate activated.

"Receiving Doctor Jackson's IDC sir," Walter said.

"Open the iris." Jack turned to Sam, "Let's go say hi," Jack said to Sam as they turned and walked down the steps to the Gate room.

Teal'c stepped through the gate, followed by Daniel.

"Welcome home boys," Jack said as they walked down the grated pathway. "On time as usual."

"Yeah, we would have been a couple hours early…but when we saw nothing but a ruined city, we had to find out what happened," Daniel said as he removed his glasses and rubbed them against his shirt.

"What?" Sam said, shocked by what she heard, "But we checked last week. Jonas was just appointed as the new leader of the Joint Ruling Council."

"Indeed he was," Teal'c said, "but his role as leader appears to have been short-lived…very short-lived…"

"Judging by the way all of the government buildings and hospitals were completely incinerated, I'd say it was Lucian Alliance." Daniel said as he returned his glasses onto the bridge of his nose.

"But why? Why would the Lucian Alliance attack the Kelownan's?" Sam asked, unable to believe the tragic news.

"To send us a message," Jack said.

Teal'c nodded in agreement, "Indeed. Perhaps the Lucian Alliance knew of our alliance with the Kelownan's, and saw them as a threat."

At that moment, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell entered the Gate room, "Hey! Teal'c! Daniel! So, how'd the mission go?"

All eyes looked at him, and Cameron could sense something was wrong, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"What? I say something wrong?"


"The whole city?" Cameron exclaimed.

"Indeed," Teal'c replied. "The government buildings and hospitals were destroyed from orbit by the Lucian's Ha'tak's."

"But what about civilians? You two didn't see any survivors?" Sam asked.

"Lucian's wiped them out too," Daniel answered, his eyes on the ground, "They sent ground troops to make sure no one was left. I'd assume it's the same story for every city on Langara."

"It would seem that the entire human population of Langara, and the Kelownan race is no more," Teal'c added grimly.

"Damn it!" Cameron shouted angrily as he stood up. "That's the fifth planet the Lucian's attacked and wiped out the populations in three years! All that for a God knows how old a rust-bucket of a ship billions of light years away? We've got to do something General!"

"Calm down Mitchell," Jack said. Cameron sat back down again.

"Sorry sir," Cameron said sitting back down in his chair, "But we can't just let the Lucian's do what they want! We need to stop them, before they destroy every single innocent species that we've made friends with! Why are they even doing this for a damn rusty ship? What does killing off our allies have to do with Destiny anyway?"

"Probably because if they destroy all of our allies," said Sam, "then we won't have anyone to ask for help. And then we'll be defenseless. Once that happens, they'll just take Earth, and they'll have the gate address to Destiny."

"But they still need a sizeable power source, right?" Jack asked, looking from Sam to Daniel. "They need something big just to dial Destiny and hold a wormhole for a little while, right?"

Daniel nodded, "Yes, but I don't know where they're going to get that kind of power."

"I do," Cameron said as he stared at the parallel lines of the wood in the conference table, "Once they take Earth, they'll have access to every Naquadah generator we ever built, and every single nuclear power plant in the world, and funnel all that energy here. Then they'll be able to dial Destiny."

"My God. Mitchell's right," said Sam.

"Care to explain, Carter?" asked Jack, looking at her as he tapped his fingers against the table.

"Well, with the combined power of the Naquadah generators, and every nuclear power plant in the world, the Lucian's will have enough power to dial Earth and hold a stable wormhole for a few minutes, if not at least a minute." Sam looked at Jack as he digested what Sam just told him.

"And no…planet blowing up?"

"I doubt it Jack," Daniel said. "We don't have any power plants connected directly to the Earth's core, so there's no chance of Earth exploding as a result of that massive power drain. The only thing that'll happen is that the whole planet will more than likely go into a total blackout."

"Sir," said Cameron, "with all due respect, I'm getting tired of sitting on my damn ass, and doing nothing as the Lucian Alliance slaughters billions of innocent people out there!" He paused, "We need to do something."

"Indeed, O'Neill," said Teal'c. "We must strike back at the Lucian Alliance before they destroy every advanced society in this galaxy. Each race they destroy, they become more and more like the Goa'uld."

All eyes were on Jack. He looked around the table as he contemplated on what to do. He stopped tapping the desk, and sat upright in his chair, "Alright."


Onboard the Destiny, billions and billions of light years away from the SGC, the hallways are eerily empty. A thin layer of dust has accumulated on every horizontal surface. The dust particles in the air sit suspended in the air, unable to float down or up as no air current could disturb the dust.

The control interface room was eerily silent, and dark, nobody pushing any buttons or making calculations for the next drop out of FTL. The whole ship seems to have been abandoned long ago, as not even lights on the gate were on. It was…empty.

Outside the Destiny, the story is the same.

No longer in FTL, the Destiny sits in total and complete emptiness. Nothing but empty, dark space surrounds it. But there is light outside of Destiny. The light is coming from the trillions of stars that illuminate the great disk of an ancient galaxy. And Destiny is just outside of this galaxy, a few million light years away from its edge, give or take. It is truly a sight that no human on Earth will ever see, nor can imagine. But, there is no one on the viewing deck to gaze at the spectacle. No one walks the hallways either. Destiny seems to be alone in this vast emptiness, the only viewer of the brilliant galactic jewel of stars in front of her.

Suddenly, Destiny is lit up by a bright beam of light. The light travels along the length of the ship, moving in a back and forth motion, almost like a search light. Destiny is not alone in the vast emptiness after all.

Another ship, very different from Destiny, has come upon the drifting Destiny. The ship, smaller than Destiny, maneuvers around the massive ship, shining its light on its ancient hull. The light falls upon the pyramid like structure of the Destiny, and stays there as the smaller ship moves in for a closer look. It hovers there, above the hull of the Destiny, shining the light into some of the small windows in the pyramid structure, seemingly interested in the design. Then, the light shuts off, and the smaller ship moves away from the Destiny. It turns away from the Destiny, and begins to move in the direction of the galaxy. The ships propulsions burn green, and grow brighter green as it moves away faster. And then, the space around it seems to ripple, and bubble outwards towards it. The ship accelerates toward the warped bubble of space, and disappears into it as the space snaps back in a rippling like motion. The ship was gone. Destiny was alone…once again, drifting in an intergalactic void between two galaxies, so close, yet so far away from its destination.

Then, something stirs. Lights begin to come on around the ship. Destiny is coming alive.

The lights in the stasis room come on, illuminating the frosted glass of the stasis pods. Lights inside the pods turn on, and shadowy figures become visible inside them. A hiss fills the room as the pressure within the stasis pods is released. One of them opens, and a hand appeared and grabbed the outside rim of the pod. Lieutenant Matthew Scott pulled himself out of the pod. He looked around, disoriented and confused. After a moment, he realized where he was.

Another stasis pod opened, and Doctor Nicholas Rush stepped out.

"Looks like we made it," Scott said.

"Yes, the only question remaining is how long?" Rush said as he walked passed Scott towards the control panel. He pushed a few buttons and let out a sigh of relief as he read what appeared on the screen. "Looks like Eli was right. We've only been traveling for three years." He pushed a few more buttons on the console, and the rest of the stasis pods opened, "Now we just need to find him." And with that, Rush quickly exited the stasis room.

"Rush, wait!" Scott called after him, but Rush was already gone. "Damn it."


Lt. Scott turned to see Colonel Everett Young stepping out of his stasis pod. "Sir?"

"How long?" Young asked.

"Only three years. Eli was right, and Rush just left to go find him," Scott answered.

"Good," Young said, "I'm going to help him. You start helping the rest out of here."

"Yes sir," replied Scott.

Young patted Scott on the arm and left the stasis room.


Colonel Young entered the viewing deck, "Thought this would be the first place you'd go."

Rush, who was leaning against the railing in front of the observation window, looked over his shoulder, "Aye, and it would be the last place Eli would go." Rush returned his gaze to the galaxy.

Young walked over next to Rush and rested his hands on the railing, "Have you tried to contact Eli over the radio?"

Rush shook his head as he gazed at the beautiful sight of the galaxy in front of Destiny, "I have. No answer."

"Don't worry," Young said, "we'll find him soon." Young turned around and started walking back to the hallway, but Rush started talking again.

"One thing I don't understand," he said, turning to face Young, "is Destiny says that we've been in stasis for three years."

"Okay." Young looked, confused as to what Rush was getting at. "Just like Eli said."

"Yes, exactly. Like Eli said." Rush paused and rubbed the stubble on his chin, "But, Destiny's logs say that we came out of FTL, a year ago."

"What?" Young asked, surprised.

"Come with me," Rush said, motioning for Young to follow him as he walked out of the observation deck, "I'll show you what I mean."

Young looked back out the observation window at the galaxy, "Now that you mention it, we're still not in the galaxy."

"Yes," Rush said as Young caught up to him, "That's why I immediately came to the observation deck."

"If Destiny came out of FTL last year, why didn't it revive us?"

"That's what we're going to find out."

Rush and Young quickened their pace as they walked towards the control interface room together.

Adam Brody stood at one of the control panels in the control interface room. He looked up as Rush and Young entered, "Dr. Rush. I was just going through Destiny's logs, and it's telling me that-"

"Yes, I know Mr. Brody," Rush said, cutting Brody off, "We came out of FTL a year ago. Now we need to find out why Destiny didn't revive us."

"Yeah, but that's not all," Brody said as he clicked a few buttons on the panel. A holographic display of Destiny's power relay's and reserves appeared, "Destiny used up much of its power just to cross the void, right?"

"Correct." Rush replied, looking up at the display.

"That's why it came out of FTL so early." Brody clicked a few more buttons, and the display changed, showing a chart, "This is how much power is left. We have about three days worth of FTL travel left before we need to refuel."

"Okay, but how does that explain why Destiny didn't wake us up?" Young asked as he looked at the chart and power readings on the display.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out right now," Brody answered. "Even with just this much power left, Destiny would have still been able to revive us."

"Just enough power to revive us, and make the final jump to reach the next galaxy," said Rush. He looked back down at his control panel and clicked away at the buttons.

"What are you thinking?" Young asked.

"I'm thinking," Rush replied as he looked up from the panel screen, and up at the display again, "that this was Eli's doing."

"But why would he do that?" Young looked at the display as it changed to show the next galaxy and Destiny's trajectory.

"To save himself," answered Rush. A dot appeared on Destiny's recorded flight path. "We came out of FTL there, where the dot is." The line extended slightly in the direction of the galaxy, "This is where we are now."

"We've drifted that far in a year?" Brody asked.

"It seems, that after Destiny dropped out of FTL," Rush continued, "the power went on briefly and the sub-light engine's activated for a few seconds. That gave us enough momentum to drift within range of…" Rush trailed off.

"Within range of what?" Young asked.

Another dot appeared, this time at the edge of the galaxy, "Within range of a Stargate."

"Col. Young, this is Sergeant Greer, come in." Sergeant Ronald Greer's voice sounded over the radio.

Young held up the radio, "This is Young. What is it Sergeant?"

"Eli's room is empty," Greer responded, "But it looks like he left us a note."

"Roger that, Sergeant. Bring it here to the control interface room. Young, out." Young lowered the radio, "Looks like we found another piece to the puzzle."

"Maybe," said Rush as he continued to fiddle with the control panel. "Looks like the gate was dialed a couple minutes after we dropped out of FTL. But it was only on for a second."

"Maybe Eli went through," said Brody. "The gate address that appears in the log matches the one that's in dialing range of the Destiny."

"No," Rush shook his head, "If he had, then there would not have been anyway for him to power down the systems he activated."

"Oh, right." Brody looked back down at his control panel.

Doctor Dale Volker enters the control interface room with one of Destiny's wireless control panels, "Doctor Rush?"

Rush rolls his eyes, "Yes, what is it?"

"Um, I found this wireless panel near the elevator by the mess hall." Volker handed the wireless panel to Rush.

"Okay, so? What am I supposed to see?" Rush asked in frustration.

"Well, the last command entered into the panel," Volker reached over and tapped the screen on the panel, "was the start of a program to fill a sealed section of the ship with hydrogen sulfide."

"Hydrogen sulfide?" Young looked from Rush to Volker, "What does that mean?"

"My god," Rush said looking down at the programs commands on the wireless panel, "He found an alternative to putting himself in the broken stasis pod."

"And not only that," Volker continued, "but the program is also instructed to have Destiny monitor life signs, and then vent the atmosphere of that sealed section of the ship, and flood it with the vacuum of space. And once that step is done, the last instruction is to power down all of the systems that were reactivated after we came out of FTL, except our stasis pods."

"Can someone explain to me what this all means?" Young asked impatiently.

Rush sighed, "When hydrogen sulfide is introduced into the atmosphere instead of oxygen," said Rush, "it deceives the body into thinking that it doesn't need oxygen to survive. It reduces the body's metabolic activity, and if enough of it is introduced into the atmosphere, the body will become completely dormant."

"Essentially, making it appear as if someone is dead," Volker added. He and Rush looked at each other, "Doctor Rush, I think Eli's still on the ship."

"Aye, I believe so too." Rush set the wireless panel aside and began to fiddle with his main control panel.

"Then where is he?" Young asked, looking up at the display as it changed to show Destiny. "What section of the ship did the program vent the atmosphere from?"

"There," said Rush. The display zoomed in on the pyramid like structure of Destiny, and showed a corridor of the structure. "This is where the program vented the atmosphere."

"The logs confirm it too," Brody added. "The elevator Eli probably used was transported to that same section of the ship."

Young raised his radio, "Lt. Scott, Sergeant Greer, gather up a search party and meet me over at the mess hall. TJ, I need you there too." He lowered his radio and pointed at Rush, "Get that elevator working, and do what you can to get that section filled with air, now." Young turned and started heading into the corridor, but Rush stopped him.

"There's a problem with that." Rush pushed a few buttons, but the control panel responded with an error message.

"What is it?" Young asked, very impatient now.

"You're going to have to manually activate the elevator. It won't respond to any commands. Not only that, but I can't say for sure if it'll send you to the right place."

"Why not?"

"Because we haven't even explored that part of the ship, much less even studied or used the elevators properly," Brody answered. "Most of the elevators on the ship are inoperable, and the one's that are working are in sealed sections of the ship…and most of those are in that part of the ship, where there's no breathable atmosphere."

"If Eli could figure out how to get air inside one corridor in that section of the ship," said Young, "and get the elevator to send him to that corridor, then I'm sure you'll be able to do the same. Now, get to work." And with that, Young departed.

Rush shook his head, and began to work on an override program.


Greer and Scott had already gathered a search team and were waiting for Young outside of the mess hall. Chloe came around the corner, "Matt!"

Scott turned his head as Chloe came to stand by his side, "Hey."

"Hey," she said smiling at him. "What's going on? Where are you guys going?"

Scott indicated the elevator door adjacent to the mess hall entrance, "Seems Eli used that elevator to send himself to a sealed section of the ship. Rush thinks he found another way to put himself in stasis."

"So then he's still alive?" Chloe asked.

Scott shrugged, "Maybe."

Chloe turned to Greer, "By the way, Greer, didn't you say you found a note in Eli's quarters?"

Greer nodded, "Yeah, but it ain't your typical farewell note."

"What does it say?" asked Scott.

Greer pulled out the piece of paper from one of his vest pockets and read the letter, "All it says is, 'I've sent a message through the gate. Hopefully, the people who find it are friendly. You should be the first one's to find out.'" He folded the paper back up and put it in his pocket again

Young had walked down the corridor to join up with them as Greer finished reading the letter, "Doesn't seem like anyone's found his message yet. Let's hope it stays that way," Young said. He lifted the radio up, "Rush, how's it coming?"

"The override program's not working," Rush's voice answered over the radio. "You're going to have to manually open it yourselves."

"Alright, walk us through it then," said Young.

"Hang on," Chloe said as she stepped toward the elevator door. "I think I know what to do."

Tamara Johansen joined them, "Hey. I heard we found where Eli is."

"We won't know yet for sure until we get there," replied Young.

"Let's just hope that we do find him," said Scott.

Young nodded, and lifted his radio again, "Rush, if we do find him, how will we revive him?"

"Simple," answered Rush, "once oxygen is reintroduced into the environment, the body will automatically restart."

Greer shook his head, "I'm still havin' trouble figuring out how Eli managed to survive for two years before doin' this to himself. Two years, alone, and rationing your food and water."

"If we do find him," Young said, "you can ask him that yourself." Greer nodded. He and the rest of the search team all raised their weapons as the elevator door opened.

"Good work Chloe," said Young. Chloe stepped inside, followed by Greer, Scott, Young and TJ. A few of the marines entered as well.

"Rush, we've got the elevator open," Young spoke into the radio.

"Good. I'm overriding the elevators systems to send you to where Eli went, now." Rush set aside the radio, and entered commands into the control panel for the elevator.

The elevator doors suddenly closed, and the small space filled with a brilliant light. Then the light faded as quickly as it came. A red light flashed above the elevator door. "Pressurizing the corridor," Rush's voice came over the radio. "Venting in oxygen atmosphere now. The doors should open automatically once it's safe." No sooner had Rush finished talking, the light above the elevator doors turned green, and the doors opened. Greer, Scott, and the marines raised their weapons cautiously. Scott stepped out into the corridor first. He quickly pointed his weapon to the left, in the direction of an empty corridor, and then pointed it back towards the corridor in front of him.

"Clear," he said and lowered his weapon. Young, TJ, and Chloe stepped out into the corridor. The marines followed. As soon as the last marine exited the elevator, the elevator doors closed.

"Rush," Young spoke into his radio.

"Don't worry Col." Rush replied over the radio, "It's only returning for the other marines."

"Keep the doors open next time," Young said. Lowering the radio, he looked around, down the corridor in front of him and down the corridor to his left, "I don't see him anywhere."

Greer called down from the end of the corridor left of the elevator, "Nothin' here, sir! Just another empty hallway!"

Scott called back as well, "Sir, I found a Kino."

TJ called down from the corridor directly in front of the elevator, "It's a dead end here too! There's a room over here, but it looks like it's empty!"

"Looks like he's not here, sir," said Scott as he walked back and handed the Kino to Young. "One things for sure though," he said and motioned towards a window nearby. "He would've had a hell of a view."

Young turned the Kino around in his hand as he peered outside the window. The trillions of stars in the galaxy all winked and twinkled. Some were red, some were blue. Others were yellow, while others still were white. Greer and TJ rejoined the group as the elevator doors opened, and the remaining marines of the search team stepped out. Greer sighed, "If he isn't here, sir, then where the hell can he be?"

"I don't know," Young answered shaking his head slowly. "But one things for sure…we won't stop looking until we find him."


Brody stood at his control panel, switching between logs and power readings. Suddenly, the screen changed, and Brody, reading what it said, looked confused. "O-kay, that's new."

Volker looked up from his wireless control panel, "What is it? You find something?"

"Yeah…" Brody read what the screen was showing him, "I just found another set of logs."

"Okay, so?" Volker said, returning his gaze to the wireless control panel.

"It's telling me that, Eli's program was already running by the second week after Destiny jumped.

Volker paused and looked up again, "So he was already using that corridor as his stasis pod?"

"Yeah, according to these logs," Brody brought the new set of logs up onto the display, "Eli had already vented the atmosphere of that corridor after the second week. The corridor was already flooded with the vacuum of space even before Destiny dropped out of FTL."

"And?" Rush entered the conversation, "Why is that surprising to you?"

"Well, for one thing, Eli didn't enter a command into the program to have Destiny revive him," answered Brody. "The logs say…that Destiny automatically activated the power before it dropped out of FTL."

Rush shook his head, "That's not possible."

"Hang on," Volker said, "yes it is." Rush looked at him, "Remember when Destiny started actually giving Col. Young those dreams? And then later we found out that it was all a simulation?"

"Yeah," Brody replied, "Destiny automatically started that simulation program."

Rush nodded, "Alright, fine. You're right, but what does this have to do with anything?"

"Well…" Brody shrugged and looked at Volker, and then back at Rush again, "It's just a theory, but maybe Destiny's becoming aware of us. Maybe the ship actually knows that it needs us to survive."

"A good theory," said Rush. He sighed, "But, I highly doubt that the ship has a conscience. It's a machine, Mr. Brody, not a living creature." Rush knew Brody was right, that Destiny was aware of the crew, that it had a conscience. But Rush wanted to maintain his air of skepticism, so that they wouldn't know that he already knew.

Young's voice sounded over the radio, "Rush, this is Young."

Rush picked up his radio, "This is Rush, go ahead."

"No sign of Eli. But there was a Kino up there. I'm on my way back to the interface room with the Kino."

"No other messages that Eli could have left behind in the corridor?" asked Rush.

"Negative. Just the Kino. Young out."

Rush put down his radio. He sighed, silently saying, "Where can you be, Eli?"


"Well, Destiny came out of FTL about twenty minutes ago," Eli said. He stood in front of a window, gazing out across the length of Destiny, out at the galaxy. "It revived me just before dropping out, which is…kinda weird considering I didn't put that command in my program." He paced down the corridor, the Kino followed alongside him, "But I didn't waste any time. I checked how much power we had left. There's enough to reach the next star to refuel…but I'd rather not take any chances." He stopped in front of another window, "I dialed the only gate within range of Destiny, and sent a distress signal through on all frequencies. Hopefully there's some kind of advanced race on the other end that knows what a distress signal is." Eli looked out through the window again before looking down at his watch, "Let's just hope their friendly, and that it doesn't take them a thousand years to figure out the distress signal." Eli coughed, and a faint hissing noise could be heard in the background, "The rooms filling up pretty fast with hydrogen sulfide. It was a last minute, kind of a eureka moment two weeks into the jump. Rush will probably know what it means when he finds the program I made." Eli coughed again, and slumped against the window. His eyes began to close, "I also programmed it to vent the atmosphere in here and fill it with the vacuum of space. I only hope I know what I'm doing. I don't even want to think about what would happen it I'm doing this wrong." Eli slowly slid down the wall to the floor beneath the window, "I'll…see you guys on…the other side…" Hiss eyes closed and his body went completely slack against the wall. The Kino continued to focus on Eli's seemingly lifeless body before the footage faded to black.


Chloe wiped the tears from her eyes, "So, is he really dead?" Much of the crew stood in the control room. All of them were there to see the last Kino footage of Eli as they knew him.

Rush shook his head, "Don't worry. It only appears that Eli is dead."

"Hydrogen sulfide…" Doctor Lisa Park said as she stared blankly through her blacked out sunglasses. "He's a genius."

"What does it do?" Varro asked.

"It reduces the bodies metabolic activity to the point where the body becomes dormant," Rush answered. "All his major organs went dormant, including his brain. He only appears to be dead and lifeless, but once oxygen reenters his body and bloodstream, his body will automatically reactivate."

"And coupled with filling the corridor with the vacuum of space," Park added, "Eli's body would become frozen, almost like we were in stasis. Metabolic activity halted, and then the body becomes dormant and is frozen in the pods."

"But, if he was in that corridor the whole time we were drifting," Chloe began, "why didn't we find him there?"

"Maybe there's something we're missing," Scott said.

"The distress signal," said Rush.

"What?" Young asked, looking over at Rush.

"The distress signal Eli sent out before he went back into the corridor." Rush clicked a button on the control panel.

"What are you doing?" Young looked back at the display as the picture started to change.

"Seems the Kino activated…" Rush said as Eli appeared on the display again, "just minutes before we were revived."

"I'm telling you, Doctor Rush," Brody said, "The ship knows it needs us."

Rush didn't respond. The room fell silent as everyone watched the footage.

The Kino angled upwards away from Eli, to show the window again. The galaxy was much more closer this time than it was before the Kino stopped recording. Suddenly, a small circular area of the galaxy began to ripple, like rippling rings on water after a pebble has been thrown into it. The circular area began to bend forward, distorting and stretching the light from the stars in that area. Then, a ship appeared, emerging out of the distorted area of the galaxy.

"What the hell…" Varro said quietly.

The ship drifted closer to Destiny. The Kino zoomed in on the ship. Its design was very different from any design that they have yet seen. But something about it seemed strangely familiar. A beam of light appeared from the front end of the ship. It was much smaller than Destiny, and two different colors; the top half a dark green, and the bottom and underside an odd shade of white. The ship itself was long. It was bulbous and curvy; all of its edges were rounded. The front of the ship had a blocky and shovel-like appearance, but the edges were very rounded and bulbous. Two small thin and rounded wings protruded near the end of the ship. There did not appear to be any windows near the front of the ship, but some were visible of each side whenever the ship would make a slight turn to one side. The ship disappeared from view on the left side of the window as it went around the ship before reappearing on the right side of the window, this time much closer. The spotlight shown into the window. The footage was white for a few seconds before the light turned off. The ship was still there, but suddenly a faint flash of light appeared quickly at the bottom of the screen before disappearing just as quickly. The Kino angled its focus downwards to where Eli was, or where he should have been. There was nothing but and empty floor. The Kino angled back up again, but the ship had already moved off.

"They took Eli," Greer said out load to himself.

The green engines of the ship gradually became brighter green as the same area of the galaxy began to ripple again, and bulge outward towards the ship. The ship accelerated forward, quickly disappearing into the bubble, and the area snapped back into a subtle rippling motion before finally it settled. A few seconds go by as the Kino continued to focus outside the window. Then, lights all over Destiny began to turn on, and Destiny was reactivated. The footage goes black again.

The room is silent for a few moments. Then, without a word, some seemed to come out of a trance, and left the control room.

"So…" Rush says after the silence, "Now we know where Eli is. Sorry, now we know who has him."

"Like Eli said," Greer said, turning to face Young, "'Let's hope they're friendly.'"

Young nodded, "And let's hope we can find them soon enough. Rush, where did Eli send the distress signal to?"

"The only gate within dialing range," Rush answered.

Young nodded, "Okay. Lt. Scott, Sgt. Greer, and Brody, you're with me in the bridge."

"We're going to jump?" asked Rush.

"We're going to jump," Young answered. "You said we only have three days worth of power?

"Enough to make the jump and refuel at the next star closest to the gate," said Rush."

"Good." Young turned and headed towards the bridge, Scott, Greer and Brody following.

Volker stood at his control panel, staring down at the screen. An image of the alien ship that took Eli was on the screen. He leaned forward, studying the ship carefully.

Rush noticed this from the corner of his eye, and glanced over at him, "What is it now, Mr. Volker?"

Volker shook his head slowly, "I don't know, but something about that ship seems familiar. I feel like I've seen it somewhere."

Rush smirked, "Another wild idea, huh?"

"No," Volker said as he straightened up again looking Rush dead in the eye, "I'm serious. I really do feel like I've seen it some…" He trailed off as a realization came over him.

"What?" Rush asked, his interest slightly stirred.

"The ship destroyed by the lava," Volker said quietly. He turned a dial on his control panel, and files upon files appeared on the screen.

"You're saying that the ship we saw in the footage," Rush began to pester Volker for what he thought was a wild idea, "a ship that none of us have ever seen, looks familiar to you? That you've seen a similar ship before?"

Volker ignored him, and browsed through the files. He stopped, and brought up his screen on the display, "Look."

Rush looked at the display, expecting to be able to dismiss Volker's idea, but he stopped. His jaw dropped slightly.


Chloe is in her quarters, lying on her bed. Her eyes were closed, but she was not asleep. She sighed, opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She looked out the window, just as Destiny jumped into FTL. She couldn't stop thinking about what the aliens might be doing with Eli. Why did they take only Eli? Chloe thought to herself. Why didn't they take all of us? The door to her quarters signaled that someone was standing outside. She got up and walked over to the door, opening it, expecting this all to be a dream, and that Eli was standing on the other side.

But it wasn't Eli, and it wasn't a dream. Camille Wray stood in front of her, smiling. "Hey," Wray said.

"Hey." Chloe smiled back.

"The communication stones are ready," said Wray.

Chloe nodded, "Okay." She looked down at the floor nervously.

Wray noticed this, "What's wrong, Chloe?"

Chloe shook her head, "I-I just don't know what I'll say to his mom." She stepped out of her room into the corridor, and followed Wray to the communication stones room.

"Well, she already knows about the Destiny, and the situation that we're all in," Wray said, "so don't hesitate to tell her everything you need to. I'm not sure how she might take the news that Eli was taken by aliens, but I think that she needs to know what has happened to her son."

Chloe nodded, "Okay. But, what if she starts asking questions that I can't answer?" They entered the communication stones room. Lt. Vanessa James sat at the computer monitoring the stones. She looked up as they walked in.

"Don't worry," Wray answered, "I'm sure that you'll find a way to answer her. I'll be on Earth too, so if you need anything, call me."

Chloe nodded silently, and glanced over at Lt. James. "The stones are ready if you guys are," Lt. James said.

Wray looked at Chloe, "You ready?"

Chloe hesitated for a moment before she picked up the stone and placed it on the device just as Wray placed hers on the device as well.


Chloe looked down at the mirror that was on the table in front of her. She was in another woman's body, but she vaguely recognized her face.

"General O'Neill?" Chloe looked to her left, and saw that it was Col. Samantha Carter. She looked in front of her, and Jack was standing on the other side of the table, as well as Daniel, and Teal'c. "What the hell's going on? Why aren't we on Earth?"

"Whose body am I in?" Chloe asked.

"Ah, Chloe, I presume?" Daniel said. Chloe nodded her head. "You're in Vala Mal Doran's body. She's ah, someone we kinda added to our team a little while back. Sorry, everyone at the SGC is pretty occupied at the moment, so we had to bring in someone else."

"You sent Col. Carter and Vala over to Destiny?" Wray asked.

"Relax, Camille," Jack said holding up his hands. "We had a breach of security…planetary…security, to be exact."

"What?" Chloe and Wray exclaimed simultaneously.

Daniel sighed, "The Lucian Alliance…has hit DC."

Wray put her hand to her mouth, utterly shocked.

"But, how?" Chloe asked.

"The bomb they planted three years ago that we managed to disable was a decoy," Jack stated, walking around the table to stand next to Wray. "By the time we found out about the first bomb, they were already planting the next one in DC."

"Oh God," Chloe said. "How many people were-?"

Daniel cut her off, "We estimate about two hundred and fifty thousand were killed in the blast. We can't say for sure, but that's the best guess we have. The President wasn't there at the time, but the Lucian Alliance took over the city."

"This wasn't the news I was expecting after three years," Wray said.

"Well," Jack said, rocking back and forth on his feet, "if you guys had checked in a day earlier, then your welcome back party would be a bit different."

"But, we just came out of stasis five hours ago," said Wray. "Destiny managed to reach the galaxy two years ago, but it didn't revive us until Eli was taken."

Jack blinked, "Eli was what, now? He's still alive? Landry told me that Eli said himself he probably wouldn't make the whole jump."

"Eli found another way to put himself in stasis," Chloe answered. "Then, just before Destiny revived us, an alien ship came and took Eli. We don't even know where they went."

"We've never seen the kind of drive technology that race has," Wray added. "They took Eli, and they just…vanished into some kind of…" She looked over at Chloe.

"Some kind of portal that looked like a bubble," Chloe finished for her.

"A bubble?" Jack asked. He glanced at Daniel, who shrugged.

"O'Neill." Jack turned to face Teal'c, "Are there not more pressing issues that we must discuss with them?"

"Ah," said Jack, "right. C'mon." He turned and walked out of the room, Teal'c and Daniel following behind. Chloe and Wray looked at each other before standing up from their chairs and quickly following.


Back on Destiny, on the bridge, Col. Young sat in the helm chair while Col. Carter and Vala, in Chloe and Wray's bodies, gazed at the ancient technology of Destiny's bridge before them. "This is absolutely incredible," said Sam, who was sitting at the control panel that Brody had relinquished to her. "This technology predates any other Ancient technology that we've come across over the years, yet it's all so similar."

"What does this button do?" asked Vala as she reached over Sam's right shoulder for a large, blue button that was glowing.

Brody, who was standing to Sam's left, quickly stopped her, "Don't touch anything! That's used to charge the main weapons systems."

"Oh," Vala said. She withdrew her hand, but continued to gaze in awe at the technology before her.

"Col. Carter," said Young, "I understand that you have something to tell us?"

"Oh! Right." Sam swiveled around in the chair to face Young, and stood up, allowing Brody to sit back in the chair. Her face grew stern, and she sighed, "This might not be the kind of news you would want to hear after just being revived from stasis."

"Trust me," said Young, "I've been hearing a lot of bad news since we stepped onto this ship, and I took command."

"Okay." Sam glanced down at the floor quickly before looking back at Young. "The Lucian Alliance has hit DC, and is currently in control of DC. They detonated a bomb this morning, near the Capitol Building."

"God damn it." Young leaned forward and put his hands over his face, rubbing his eyes. "Seems like we're not the only one's having problems."

"What?" Vala asked. "You mean, you people have bad news for us too?" She looked at Brody, then Greer, and back to Young. "But you people have been doing…nothing, but sleeping for three years. How could you have problems already after just waking up?"

"We've only got enough power left to maintain a three day FTL jump to the closest Stargate," Brody answered. "We're not sure if we'll even be able to reach that systems' star to refuel after dropping out of FTL. We'll probably have burned all the power by the time we drop out in range of the Stargate, but not the star. At least, that's what we think."

"And not only that," Greer added, "some aliens decided to kidnap one of our friends."

"Who?" Sam asked.

Young answered her, "Eli."

"Eli? But I thought he said he won't survive the whole jump," said Sam.

"He found another way of putting himself in stasis," Brody replied. "You see, he transported himself to a sealed off section of the ship, replaced all the breathable air in there with hydrogen sulfide, and then vented it all out when his body shut down all metabolic activity and exposed the section to the vacuum of space."

Vala furrowed her eyebrows, "He what?" She looked at Sam, "What's hydrogen sulfide?"

"The kid's a genius," Sam said, not hearing Vala.

"And that's probably why those damn aliens took him," Greer stated. "They knew he was smart." He looked out the bridge window, "And they're probably making him work his ass off to do all their dirty work."

"We don't know that Sergeant," Young said. "All we know is that they took him. We don't even know that they're hostile aliens."

"What's hydrogen sulfide?" Vala asked again, but still no one heard her.

"So, what's you're next move going to be?" asked Sam.

"First, we get need to get to that Stargate and reach the star in that system and refuel," Young replied. "Then, we'll figure out how we're going to find these aliens, and have them return our man peacefully. We don't want to start another confrontation with an alien species, whose technology we know nothing about."

Just then, Rush entered the bridge, "Actually," he began, and everyone turned to face him, "I believe we do know who these aliens are."

Young looked at him, a hint of suspicion crossing his face, "What are you talking about? You saw the ship, it looks nothing like anything we've ever seen."

Rush held up a finger to hold Young on that thought, "Aye, that's where you're wrong, and frankly, I was wrong myself." He walked passed the helm chair, and sat down in one of the control chairs. After a few clicks of a couple buttons, the overhead display screens dropped from the ceiling, and a diagram appeared on the screen. Everyone looked up at the screens. "This is a schematic, or blueprint of one of the ships from the planet Novus. The ships that their descendant's built," he said indicating Young and everyone else. He turned a dial on the control panel, and an image of the alien ship that took Eli appeared next to the diagram of the Novus ship. "And this is the ship we saw in the Kino footage, the one that took Eli right before Destiny revived us."

Brody stood up, his jaw hung as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Young studied the two images carefully, also in a state of disbelief.

"What…the hell?" Greer said. He shook his head, "No, that ain't possible."

"I said the same thing myself," Rush stated.

"They look…similar," Sam said. "And the diagram is from-?"

Rush cut her off, "The previous galaxy. The galaxy that their descendants colonized and called their home galaxy."

"How's this possible?" asked Young. "Eli said the Novus ships weren't capable of an FTL jump, much less not even have that kind of technology."

"I know what Eli said," said Rush. He pointed to the display screen, "But the Kino footage isn't lying, nor has it been tampered with. I'm still trying to believe it myself. I don't have an explanation for this, unfortunately."

"What does that mean, then?" Vala asked, utterly confused?

Brody heard her this time and answered her, "It means that the people from the galaxy that we left three years ago, somehow managed to travel across the massive void between that galaxy and this galaxy…without the capability of traveling like Destiny does."

"But, they were you're descendants, right?" Vala asked, still confused. "Surely they were just as smart as you people are. I'm sure they came up with some means of galactic travel that even rivals this ships…umm, whatever you call it."

"FTL," Rush stated, "Faster Than Light travel. There's no other drive technology that can match the kind Destiny possesses, not counting the Seed ships and the other ships the Ancients launched into the universe before Destiny."

"Well, maybe they found one of those Ancient ships," Vala said. "And maybe they combined their technology with this, FTL technology from one of those ships..." She looked at Rush, then at Sam and Brody, "No?"

"Not possible," Rush said, dismissing Vala's theory. "It would've taken them centuries to even travel to reach one even if they did find one. They only just built those ships a few decades ago, and they only built three of them."

"One of them was destroyed by lava that resulted from the planet being ripped apart by a black hole," Brody added. "The other two are heading to another planet the Novus people colonized. But with their drive technology, it'll take them two hundred years or so to reach that planet."

The bridge got quiet for a moment as they began to realize that they were diving deeper and deeper into a big mystery as they investigated and put the pieces of the puzzle together.


End Chapter 1