Title:Dear Delirium
Rating: M/NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Lucifer with Dean/Cas later
Spoilers: S7 (Spn)
Warnings: Hints of violence, fear, angst
Word Count: 1,021
Language: English
Summary: Set around the end of s6/first two episodes of S7. Some spoilers, based on Lucifer haunting Sam – but AU in the sense that it's not following the canon plot much beyond that, as Dean isn't aware of Sam's hallucinations and is preoccupied with trying to save Cas and Bobby. First chapter. Rated M for future mature themes.

"Wake up, Sammy, wake up,"

Heavy lids reluctantly slide open, pupils refocusing to the morning light. Sam rolls onto his back, staring at the dust particles drifting through the shafts of light blasting through the musty motel curtains.

"You sure are a fan of your beauty sleep."

Sam doesn't even flinch. He's used to the syrup growl, sick of it actually. He's grown weary of the mess of blond hair and unshaven face, the piercing blues analysing his every move. He wants the man who's been hitch-hiking the endless roads of his mind to abandon ship; he wants him to crash and burn in the pits of hell. Even a life spent completely alone would be preferable to the torture of having Lucifer bare-backing his brain.

A gigantic hand covers his face, as Sam lets out a pained sigh. He slowly becomes vertical, waiting for the rush to his head to settle before he tries to stand and get dressed.

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy – are you trying to ignore me again?" Lucifer says, with a ripple of amusement present in his voice as he feigns exasperation. Sam could feel him circling like a vulture, but he refused to look.

"You really should know better than to do that," he says, his voice little more than a purr undulating in Sam's ear; the Angel's hot, sticky breath against the back of his neck. The younger Winchester turns away quickly, fiddling with the buttons on his shirt, squeezing his eyes shut and pressing his chin into his chest just wishing Lucifer would go away, just for once give him some peace. The visits had become more and more consistent, him spending more time with Sam than absent. And it was slowly driving him insane.

"Alright, have it your way."

Sam snapped and spun around, lashing out – but his fist hit only air. Heaving and scanning the room from where he was stood, hands clenched into tight fists, he could see that he was finally alone. Finally it seemed Lucifer was giving up.

For a moment anyway.

There was a thud on the door then and Sam's hand instantly shot to the nightstand to grab his gun. He dropped his offensive stance the moment Dean entered the room. He nodded casually as if his brother training a gun on him was no big deal – had the front door been open all this time? Dean was as serious and focused as he always seemed to be these days as he moved swiftly around the room, first throwing a bagged breakfast on the table before organising their things for moving on. Sam just couldn't help but feel entirely quite jaded. The hauntings of Lucifer had been weighing on his chest for weeks now, but Dean had been so preoccupied with Bobby and Castiel that he didn't have the heart to put this on his shoulders too – and it wasn't like there was anything he could do about it.

One moment Sam was standing in a motel room with Dean running circles around him, and the next thing they were in the Impala on the road. This had happened a lot to Sam recently, as if he was just blacking out, and waking up places without knowing how he had gotten there. It was like a dream-state that he was perpetually drifting through; but he didn't have the strength to question it. As much as he tried to ignore Lucifer, the Angel was wearing him down, and he was practically nothing at this point. Dean had to have seen the light go out in his baby brother's eyes, but something was halting him from questioning it. With the Winchester brothers, sometimes locking these things away proved easier; even if the problems and secrets inevitably exploded in their faces and caused relationship shattering repercussions.

Day melted into dark, and Sam took the night-shift so that Dean could rest. The silence then, in the dead of the night on the open roads, with only the occasional chain-saw snoring of Dean was practically heaven for Sam, and he didn't take it for granted.

"It's Heaven for you?" Lucifer says, suddenly in the back seat, leaning forward so that the light of the moon caught his eyes when Sam stares at him through the rear-view mirror. "Interesting choice of words."

"Shut up," Sam says, his tone low and gruff, being careful not to wake his brother.

"Considering that you're actually in hell, right now." A smile plays on Lucifer's lips, obvious amusement from toying with his apparent play-thing.

"How could I forget, I'm you're little bitch, right?" He snaps, trying to keep his eyes glued to the road but getting frustrated at himself because he can't keep them from flitting to the mirror. "And stay out of my head," he adds after a pause.

Lucifer chuckles, "now where's the fun in that, bunk buddy?"

"Remind me why you're doing this again."

"Because it's cheaper than a movie?"


Dean grumbles, shifting slightly in his sleep, and neither Angel nor Hunter speaks until he drifts away again.

"Don't you have anything better to do than follow me around all day?"

Luci gives him a dry look through the mirror, "I'm stuck in a cage in Hell with you and Michael," he states, "and wouldn't you know, I forgot the monopoly."

Sam shakes his head, not speaking for a while, Lucifer just seems to look a little smug and sits back again, casting his face in shadows. "I know you're not real."

"Right, Sam, right," he says, but it's somewhat more disturbing when his voice just seems to drip from the blackness. In a flash of a second there was a pressure as Lucifer was suddenly clutching Sam's throat. The car swerved, but he quickly regained control, and luckily for them all it was pretty much deserted at this time of night. Dean stirred suddenly and he growled something probably along the lines of "what the hell, man!" but Sam couldn't hear him over his own chokes, and the harsh hiss of Lucifer words right by his ear.

"Does this feel real to you?"