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It's been 6 months since Gu Jun Pyo returned from abroad and 6 months it has been since he proposed to Geum Jan Di by the beach, which amusingly contradicted by his 3 best friends or "the 3 musketeers" that is. That same day, SoYi Jeong came back from Switzerland for 4 years that he has been away so long, and has been looking forward to meet the girl he has been falling for the last 4 years. .Chu Ga eul, the ever bubbly and beautiful best friend of Jan Di... Yoon Ji hoo, in that exact day it was also announced at the papers that he was the top notcher in the Board and Licensure exam for his doctorate. Also the same day that Song Woo Bin was discharged for his military service, he insisted on doing 4 years of service since he's going to be bored outside without his best friends, since Jun Pyo's abroad for business study, Yi Jeong at Switzerland and last but not the least Ji hoo focusing his might, to being a good doctor like his Haribeoji (Grandpa).

Author saying: So obviously there was a lot of things going on that day... so let's...

(Whoosh!-Sound effect)(To the present!)

CHAPTER 1: Catching-Up

"She's late! Again! And I thought she'll change when I get a ring around her finger... Tardy as usual!-Jun Pyo keeps cursing throughout his lungs while leaning to his not so eye-catching flaming red Ferrari, scaring the people who pass by. Suddenly his expression changes when he saw a girl running towards him...

"Yah! Why are u late!"-Jun Pyo shouted to the girl as soon as she stood near enough to damage her ear drums...

"Bwo? Did u just shout at me? It was traffic and the bus couldn't get any faster!"-Jan Di shouted back at the man in front of him.

"Aniyo, It's just that u're always late when we meet and I got myself worried that my fiancée's hurt"-Jun Pyo quickly says to her, rubbing his neck to brush the awkwardness...

"Yah! How can I not be late? U texted me 30 minutes before u wanted to meet!"-Jan Di slaps Jun Pyo's head from the back gently.

"Hey! U're hitting me for worrying bout u? And that's why I told you I should just pick u up from the hospital! I was about to send my men to look 4 u!"-Jun Pyo boasts this which unfortunately for him earned another smack on the butt.

"Yah! What are u? a psycho? I'm 15 minutes late! Besides I don't want people not to approach just because I have a boyfriend scaring the hell out of them!"-Jan Di blushed at that last sort for she finds it really sweet but also stupid for worrying so much about her.

"Psst! Are they a couple?"

"Hey, they're so cute together"

"Cute? More like match made in miss-match heaven"

"Yeah, I think so too. They seem to hate each other to act like that on public...tssk! 2x... I pity the guy.."

-These were just the words they over-heard from the people who just witnessed their action-packed act.

Jan Di stood with her face flaming red for hearing the comments of the people

Jun Pyo grabs her by the arm and signaled her to get in the car...

While driving...

"Ya, are u still mad?"-Jun Pyo asks to break the awkward silence in the car


"Ya... (Ehem)...mianhe"-Jun Pyo says in a whisper

"Mwo? I didn't hear you? Did u say something? Gu Jun Pyo?"-Jan Di says the last words in a sarcastic way

"Yah! I said I'm sorry okay? I just got worried that's all I'm just scared u might leave or gone or something..."-his face obviously dead serious

"Arayo… thanks and I appreciate it... I guess those are the things that I like about you (smiles)"-suddenly advances her face and gave Jun Pyo a kiss on the cheeks.

"That's for being a very thoughtful fiancée"-turns her face to look outside the car window so that he won't see her pink face dying of embarrassment.

Rubs his cheek and gives off the irritating grin he always has... "(ehem) how bout another one for being late?"-smiles at Jan Di which only earns him a soft punch at the arm...

"Hey, are we going to the airport?"-realizes when she saw a sign saying they're in the airport.

"Yeah, we're picking up someone; the others must be already there now."-Jun Pyo

"Picking up someone? Who?"-asking curiously of who might be that person that has earned a grand welcome by the F4.

"Just an old friend, A girl friend of the F4"-Jun Pyo says it in a not so much emphasize words girl friend of the F4.

"Huh? Jae kyung unnie is back?"-Jan Di excitedly shrieks totally expecting it was Jae Kyung they will be picking up.

"Nope… Much better"-Jun Pyo smiles at her, then parks his car in front of the entrance, since there's no need for him to properly park it somewhere since (duh!) heir of Shinwha move away...

When they got inside they walked for a while and as soon as Jan Di spotted Ga Eul which there's no doubt it was her coz the girl was being held by the shoulder by a handsome guy beside her… So Yi Jeong.

"Ga eul-ah! You're here too?"-hugs Ga Eul so tight that it looks like she's going to suffocate her.

"Yeah, Yi Jeong-Sunbae wants me to come coz he wants me too meet someone"-answers Ga Eul as soon as Jan Di released her.

"Yah! I told u not to call me sunbae I'm not Ur senior anymore, araso? I'm ur boyfriend Chu Ga Eul"-Blurts out the man beside her, which made her drown in blushing pink.

"It's nice to see you guys…"-the guy behind Jan Di speaks in a cold and calm voice, Jan Di turned around and it was Ji Hoo.

"Ji Hoo-sunbae nice to see you too"-Jan Di gives off her usual bright smile to the guy who took care of her while Jun Pyo was on abroad.

"Yo! She's here..."-everyone looked to the direction where woo bin looked...

Who's the girl they're going to pick up?

What's her role at our characters' lives?

Will she be a friend or a foe?

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