Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Scattered Universe

Plot- In the Aftermath of the Power Rangers most recent victories over the forces of evil a powerful Wizard known as Ivan Ooze awakens to our reality. Having fully expecting to take his vengeance on he who has imprisoned him, Zordon of Eltar, he finds that Zordon is long dead, destroyed by the Red Space Ranger Andros, just after the Countdown to Destruction battle for Earth. Furthermore, Ooze has discovered that the Power Rangers are more numerous than ever, having many teams with different, but similar powers on Earth.

Taking this into account, Ivan comes up with a devastating plan. Ivan has traced back the exact point where the start of the Power Rangers victories began to occur; a place called Angel Grove, and the time period of 1993. Knowing this, Ivan has used his powers to travel back in time to stop the opening of Rita Repulssa's space dumpster. The stopping of the opening of this dumpster sets into motion a chain reaction that literally splits open the space time continuum. With Rita still asleep, the need for Power Rangers never occurs. The subsequent Ranger teams that followed the MMPR team are never formed, the new powers never created because of the lack of need for Power Rangers, and Zordon of Eltar is never killed.

This chain reaction in the space time continuum creates an entirely new Universe where the Rangers are not only not fellow peers but in some cases are completely different races and with different relations, though still the same people in the sense of soul and name.

It is the year 2013, 20 years after the original opening of the dumpster… and now Ivan Ooze has finally allowed Rita's to be set free, but this time she is allied with both Lord Zedd her Emperor and husband, as well as Ooze himself.

Learning this new threat to the Earth, Zordon of Eltar activates the first five power coins, still holding the powers of the dinozords. A team of five very different, but familiar Rangers unite under Zordon to battle this new threat. Lead by their leader Jason, the new Power Ranger team is sent out to defeat the new evil invading their planet. But with Zedd making an early appearance, no other Ranger team to help them, and an unholy Alliance with Ivan Ooze, can the Rangers stand up against this threat?

Characters and Changes of Characters-

Zordon of Eltar- The very familiar blue headed Zordon is not his original self in this Universe. Having no need for the last 20 years to battle Evil, Zordon has placed most of his focus on freeing himself out of his time warp and making improvements to Alpha Five. Learning about Rita's escape and the alliance with Ooze Zordon activates the Five Power Coins and finally begins his work on battling evil.

Changes in Zordon- Zordon is still blue, wise and old, but he is completely free from his time warp and walks about the command center, though from time to time he still enters the time warp for mediation.

Alpha V- The very friendly and iconic PR robot assistant. He aids Zordon in the maintains of the Command Center and is a very intelligent piece of Machinery.

Changes in Alpha- Though looking very similar, Alpha has been improved by Zordon throughout the years. He can now enter into battle with the Rangers as a large Robot warrior and can combine with the Megazord.

Ivan Ooze- In the original PR movie Ivan Ooze is destroyed by a comet. However, the PR movie never tied into the series, which make many argue that the movie was based on an Alternate Universe. That being said, I have introduced Ooze into the standard PR Universe, with a vendetta so strong to kill Zordon, that he will travel back in time to prevent his death, so that he can kill Zordon himself.

Changes in Ooze- largely unchanged from the movie, except he has no titans, and is subordinate to Zedd.

Lord Zedd- We all know the name. We all know his vengeance.

Changes in Zedd- Zedd is much more powerful in this new version, more powerful than Ooze who in the movie clearly had not fear of Zedd. Zedd has an army of cyber puddies, many monsters, and a combined version of Cyclopess and Serpentarra called Serpentclopes.

Rita Repulssa- Freed from her dumpster, she now only has one mission, the conquest of Earth.

Changes in Rita- Rita is much more of a witch in this version. She is also part human and obsessed over the idea of calling forth Loakar.

The New, But Old Power Ranger Team-

Jason Lee Tellez

Age- 25

Race- Hispanic/European

Color- Red Tyranno Ranger

Weapon- Power Sword/ Twin Sabers

Jason is the Leader of the Power Rangers. He is calm, collected, and strong willed. He is good in a fight, a master not of Karate like his AU counter-part, but a disciple of Kung Fu. Jason teaches in his American Dojo and is a college student struggling to make it by day to day. He is good natured but not afraid to fight when needed.

Changes- Jason is a studier of Fung Fu, which gives him a closer relationship to Trini whose grandfather taught him. He is Hispanic not white, and carries many of the same facial features looking almost identical to Jason Lee Scott of MMPR. He is also a bit of a loner, and has a secret pain in him.

Trini Rosaline Kwan

Age- 22

Race- Natural Born Chinese

Color- Yellow Saber Ranger

Weapons- Power Daggers/ Saber Shurikens

Trini is probably the most quiet and fierce of the Rangers. Being a natural Chinese immigrant, she has a slight dislike for the heavily Japanese influenced Angel Grove. She is smart, the stealth warrior of the Rangers, and is very beautiful.

Changes- Trini is naturally born in China and is not American like her MMPR AU counterpart. She is much older, has no fear unlike the original Trini who had fears of heights. Trini also studies the art of ninja proving to be a valuable spy for the rangers. She is also the second in command of the Power Rangers.

Kimberly Jo Johnson

Age- 15

Race- Caucasian/ half Japanese

Color- Pink Ptero-Ranger

Weapons- Power Bow/ Pterodactyl Thunder Whip

Kimberly is noticeably the youngest of the rangers. She is a bit of a baby, but also is a tough cookie being a natural in martial arts, a trait inherited from her father. Kimberly was partially raised in France in an all girl boarding school. Now living in Angel Grove, Kimberly faces many new challenges, the first, coming of age as a superhero.

Changes- Much younger than her MMPR counterpart, Kim has been born entirely in an opposite generation to the one we remember. He love interest is not Tommy, though she has a school girl crush on Jason. Kimberly does not get along well with Trini by compression, mostly due to the age difference.

William (Billy) Krants

Age- 29

Race- Caucasian

Color- Blue Tricera Ranger

Weapons- Power Lance/ Stega- Stinger

Billy is a natural hacker, making a living in the illegal business of computer fraud and hacking into systems for shady sorts. Perhaps not the most honest of the Rangers in terms of lifestyle, he is nonetheless a vital part of the team. Billy's good natured heart placed him in possession of the blue power coin, now wielding this new power his future had become something much brighter.

Changes- Billy is a criminal, and the only ranger pushing toward middle age. He wears glasses that are much more fashionable, and his intelligence is wasted more often than not. Radically different than the Billy we remember, he is a hard warrior not a fumbling nerd of sorts.

Zachariah Jacob Taylor (Zach)

Age- 18

Race- African American

Color- Black Mammoth Ranger

Weapons- Power Axe/ Mammoth blasters

Zach is the typical high school student lost in an early age crisis. Despite his age Zach is very mature and is a hard-line disciple of Kung Fu, taking classes from Jason himself. Zach is at odds with himself, as a part of him wants to be free from his Ranger responsibilities, though he knows he must take of the power given to him.

Changes- Zach is tougher and stronger than the one we remember. No hip hop in his life, Zach largest change comes from his attitude. He is not a joker, but is actually a young man trying to become an adult following Jason in an almost admiration way.

Thomas (Tommy) Oliver Tellez


Race- European/Native American

Color- Green Caesar Ranger

Weapon- Dragon Flute/ Sword of Darkness

Thomas is a secret for the reader, however I will say this, he is the half brother of Jason.