Lunar Surface: Zedd's Palace:

Ivan Ooze continued down the row of cyber puddies inspecting them sizing up their weapons and equipment. Following him close behind was Golddar who clutched his sword secretly plotting with his hidden master. Ooze was not a fool; his show of cowardliness was closely choreographed to Zedd to display humility and humbleness but in reality Ivan was plotting, gathering soldiers and warriors to his side. "These puddies will not fare well against the rangers for long, even if Zedd himself gives me a hundred of these warriors they will all be destroyed by the Rangers relatively quickly Golddar."

Golddar nodded and agreed. "Yes. I concur with you Ooze. Zedd is a fool. He does not take the Ranger threat seriously. In fact, he does not take us as a threat seriously either. If he did, we would both be dead."

"You put on quite a show back there Golddar, claiming for the honor of killing me. Almost had me convinced you wanted me dead." Ivan commented.

"You know I am loyal to you Ooze. I have awaited for someone to over through Zedd since the death of my brothers Baboo and Squat nearly 10,000 years ago. Soon we will destroy the Power Rangers, and then Zedd." Golddar admitted reassuring Ooze of his loyalty.

"Indeed." Ooze added.

"Is it safe to speak Master Ivan?" Golddar asked

"You mean in front of these cyber puddies? Of course, they are loyal to me. Our army within Zedd's army goes daily. The longer Zedd procrastinates, the more of his legions join our fold." Ivan said as he patted one of the Puddies on his chest.

"Then why do we take these puddies into battle knowing the Rangers will crush them?" Golddar asked

"What makes you think I am taking these Cyber Puddies with me? I have already gathered over 100 Puddies loyal to Zedd to come with me. We will allow the Rangers to destroy those Cyber Puddies all the while; Puddies loyal to us will remain here. Our numbers will grow while Zedd's soldier will dwindle." Smiled Ooze

"Clever Master Ivan." Golddar complemented. "As for the Monsters you will take into battle?"

"The Dora-Bore and Dark Knight. Both are fiercely loyal to Zedd and I cannot allow Zedd to command more generals then me. With every monster the Rangers destroy, two more will join our secret coup… it will be perfect. And then, when both the Power Rangers and Zedd are at their weakest… we will strike and I will rule!"

"Yes… long live the King of Ooze!" Golddar nodded raising his sword to Ivan.

Command Center: Outside Angel Grove:

Billy, Boi, Zach, Kimberly, Jason and Trini formed a semi-circle all facing Zordon who sat inside his Time Warp projecting a large bulbous head of himself as a holo-gram inside his warp. The Rangers stood silent listening to Zordon speak, all but Trini now had power coins, and the five rangers had finally been united. Alpha carried with him a scanning device which emitting a blue light over its chosen target. He paced down the line of Power Rangers scanning all their bio-signatures downloading all information into the command centers data-banks.

The Rangers listened on intensely as Zordon spoke adhering to his every word. "I know what has been told to you all is something very strange, and hard to take in, only a week ago you all had normal productive lives, but now is the time to set out of what you thought you knew, and enter a much deeper world. You are now Power Rangers, the fate of not only your world, but the entire galaxy rests in your hands. It is not something easily understood, especially for the younger members of your team, but you must come together now. I know your ages vary, Kimberly you are 15, the youngest, while Billy you are 29 nearly twice her age, this will prove to be quite difficult for you all to connect, but as you grow together, so too will your bounds with one another. The Power Rangers are a team. No one ranger is more important than the other… understood?"

Jason began to step forward. "I think I speak for all of us Zordon when I say, that we all agree in what you say. Together we are a team."

Zordon nodded his large floating head. "And every team needs its' leader. The time has come Power Rangers to select your leader."

"Leader?" Billy asked

"Yes, one Power Ranger must lead the team." Alpha explained. "You must select a candidate and vote on who you want to lead you all."

"How about Billy?" Kimberly suggested. "He is the oldest of the group. Makes sense you know? With age comes wisdom."

"I've never been much for leading." Billy admitted.

Trini stepped forward. "I know, I'm not a Ranger… but I can only see one person leading this team." She turned to the Red Ranger. "Jason."

"Me?" Jason questioned.

"Yes." Trini nodded. "You are the only real choice.

"I must agree with Trini." Boi said crossing his arms. "It was Jason's plan that sprang Kimberly from that army base. Jason has the most experience fighting Zedd's forces. And he also has residual memories which can only aid us in the future."

"You do command the most powerful Zord." Zach admitted. "And I have always followed you in the past. I see no reason to change that now."

"Well…" Jason began to look up at Zordon. "Shall we vote?"

"Yes." Said Zordon.

"For Billy?" Alpha asked, to which Kimberly and Billy raised their hands, though Billy seemed hesitant to do so not really wanting to lead, but also not wanting to look foolish in the idea of not voting for himself.

"And Jason?" Zordon asked as Jason, Trini, Zach, and Boi raised their hands. "Jason step forward." Jason did as he was asked and began to come toward the center of the command center. "Do you except the responsibilities as the leader of the Power Rangers?"

Jason turned and faced all the other rangers, then caught Trini's eye. "Wait…" he stated. "Zordon… I have one condition if I am to be the leader of the Power Rangers."

"Name it Red Tyranno Ranger." Zordon stated.

"I want the honor of naming my own second in command." Jason said nodding to Zordon.

"Reasonable. Yes, granted."

"Then I do except the responsibility as leader of the Power Rangers." Jason vowed nodding his head to Zordon.

"Then it is settled. Jason you are now the Red Tyranno Ranger, Leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Zordon proclaimed. All the other Rangers began to pat Jason on his back, shaking his hand, and congratulating him.

"Congrats Jason." Billy said as he shook his hand.

"No hard feelings?" Jason asked.

"Nah, I never wanted to win. I just didn't want to look like an idiot not voting for myself." Billy began to smile.

"Well done." Boi stated

"Likewise Boi."

"Don't fuck this up." Zach said patting Jason's back.

"I'll try not to."

"I know you'll do great." Kimberly smiled.

"Thanks Kim." Jason replied.

Trini began to rub Jason's shoulders from behind. "Remember… you can do this. Focus your mind as well as your body Jason."

"Thanks Trini." Jason began to smile.

"Who is it then?" Boi asked.

"You mean my second in command?" Jason asked.

"Yea, we all kinda want to know." Zach admitted.

"There's only one person I want to help me lead this team."Jason stated as he turned around facing her. "Trini."

"Me?" Trini questioned not believing her ears.

"What?!" "What?!" "Huh?" "Really?" the other four rangers all stated simultaneously.

"That's not possible; Trini's not a power ranger. He can't do that, can he Zordon?" Boi asked.

"Yea , no offense Trini, but even you have to admit it is kinda weird." Zach agreed

"Now I actually feel a little jipped." Billy agreed

"I guess I'm okay with it." Kimberly stated looking over at Trini.

"I've made my decision guys. And I stand by my choice." Jason said firmly. "I'm not trying to be dictorial, but you all chose me to lead, if you have any faith in me, than have faith in my decision to make Trini second in command. She's smart, cunning, understands like I do about Zedd and Rita, and is the only other one of us to have actual memories of the true timeline. She may not be able to fight with us in battle, but she has other advantages outside of combat. We all listen to Zordon, and he's not a ranger, you have no problem taking orders from Big Z, why not from a fellow human? Trini will make a good second in command. I know she will."

"I do like the idea of a girl in authority." Kimberly admitted.

"This is a little unorthodox Jason…" Zordon said. "But you seem to have a talent for unorthodox. I will grant you this. Trini…" Zordon turned to her.

"Yes." She said firmly

"You are hereby the chosen to be the Power Rangers' liaison and second in command. Welcome to the power rangers." proclaimed Zordon

"Thank you Zordon. I won't let you down." Trini nodded.

"Well, we got a computer hacker, a Japanese exchange student, the French princess of Café Paris, an ex-military Kung Fu instructor, a powerless Chinese orphan girl, and me the token black guy…" Zach stated skeptically "This is one weird Power Ranger team."

The other rangers all began to chuckle, but their laughter was quickly cut short.

Aarr Aarr Aarr, the sounds of the command centers many alarms began to siren off. The rangers quickly faced the viewing globe discovering the disturbance. "What's going on Big Z?" Jason asked

"It appears Lord Zedd has launched another attack at the city." Responded alpha.

"What is that thing?" Zach asked looking a very hideous creature with a giant horrid Bore's head. The creature looked like a giant pig with an oversized head and Roman-like helmet. It's arms were small proportionally to its body, it's teeth snarling and viscous, giant bulging eyes and short nub tail. A pack of cyber puddies aided the creature as it leaped about the city devouring anyone or thing in its wake. (Pudgy Pig)

"Oh no, it's the Dora-Bore!" Cried Alpha.

"The what?" Questioned Billy

"The Dora-Bore; it is a demonic manifestation of gluttony and sloth." Zordon explained. "If left unchecked it will consume everything in its quake."

"Wait, wait, wait. Did you say anything?" Kimberly asked.

"Yes Kimberly. Anything."

"As in man eating?" Zach realized.

"Without a doubt. It is possible the Dora-Bore has already begun its quest for human flesh."

"We got to stop that thing!" announced Jason.

"What's our plan of action?" Billy asked.

"What plan?" Said Boi cracking his knuckles. "Get in there and kick it's ass!"

"Amen." Jason agreed. "You guys ready?"

"I think so… but I never morphed." Billy admitted.

"Me neither." Kimberly added.

"Same here." Said Zach

"Don't worry it's easy, just keep focused on the mission." Boi added.

"No heroics guys. Stick together, unity is your strength." Trini stated placing her arm on Jason's shoulder.

"Alright guys. Let's do this thing. We go at this thing fast and hard. Don't give it a chance to call for reinforcements or grow to unmanageable levels. We hit this thing with our weapons. Bring them together like Zordon said." Jason clinched his was the rangers all began to gather around him. "Let's do it guys!"

"RIGHT!" they all called from around him.

"IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Called Jason.