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Chapter 3

Seeing the building of Swan Inc. reminded me of my wealth. I wasn't worth thousands or a few millions. I was worth billions. It was easy to forget when you are stuck in a foreign prison for four years.

Before I stepped into hell you have to first realize who my father is.

Charlie Swan owned Swan Corporation or Inc. the largest and leading military and medical supplier in the world.

He started out as a Sheriff in a small town called Forks. I could faintly remember our moments in the woods camping, and our moments in the shooting range. They were the only happy moments I could remember.

My mother was never a constant presence in my life. My father tried, but I remember him starting out just as a small weapons producer and having no time for me. Eventually during my teens his company grew into a billion dollar corporation. The saying went that if you didn't buy Swan you got none at all.

He remarried eventually to a wonderful woman named Sue Clearwater. She already had her two kids, Seth and Leah from a previous marriage. Their father had died of a heart attack only two years before their wedding. It was the last happy moment I could recall.

After that, I started college in Dartmouth and eventually I transferred to Stanford. Seth went to college with me, he was a little genius. Leah went to Berkeley instead. We got along, eventually. The biggest challenge had been getting close to Leah who I eventually learned was suffering from an extreme broken heart.

I guess I now knew how she felt.

Sue had been the only motherly presence I had ever had in my life. I bonded with her instantly. Her kind eyes and gentle ways made me fall in love with her.

Leah, Seth, and Sue had been the only ones helping me during my years in prison.

It really says something when your own flesh and blood don't even try to help. My father distanced himself from the entire situation. And no one knew, only after my release, that I was his daughter.

Driving through Sunset Blvd. and through the clubs and buildings, I realized how much I had missed my life. I kept my window down finally feeling the wind blowing in my face for the first time in four years. I had missed it more than anything.

The freedom of the wind was something I was jealous of. If only I could too be everywhere I wanted with absolute freedom.

It was my only desire; to be free and to stay free forever.

But that's life. We never get what we truly want. We only get parts of it.

Finally we reached the building. It was the highest building in Downtown Los Angeles. It stood heavenward like a dark beacon.

Even I could never stop marveling in the beauty of the structure.

The courtyard was a garden with busy businessmen and women living their lives.

I paid the nice cab driver and started to get out of the car.

"Hey, miss!" he called out.

I turned towards the elderly man.

"Be careful. That place is full of cowards and thieves." He finished.

I smiled. "I know, unfortunately I'm related to one of them."

The cab driver laughed and wished me good luck.

I felt small walking through the tall canopy of trees and vines. Men and Women with suitcases and stern looks passed me by without giving me a second glance.

I looked at their designer suites and realized I was only wearing a black shirt and sweatpants. If there was a time to be self-conscious it was now.

I made my way towards the front desk.

"May I help you?" A woman with a name tag 'Bennie,' asked without looking up from her computer.

"I'm looking for my father."

"And his name is?" she asked briskly.

"Charlie Swan." With that she looked up in shock.

"Oh Miss Swan! Yes your father has been waiting for you to arrive! Please come this way! Tyler! Escort Miss Swan to her father's office!"

The man that came up had a soft dark complexion.

"This way Miss Swan." He led me towards the elevators and pressed the button 200. "Your father will be informed of your arrival. Good Day." He left me there alone in the elevator.

It took about seven minutes to reach the 200th floor.

The entire time I couldn't help but bite my nails, which had turned to nubs after my day.

With my encounter with…. He Who Must Not Be Named and Angela's betrayal I was feeling sad and depressed. Right now all I wanted was to be with the people I love.

When the elevators opened I was blinded by the flash of a camera.


Everyone shouted. I looked around to find everyone I loved here. Seth ran to hug me, and so did Jacob. Sue gave me a hug then. Jacob's father was also here. So was everyone I knew from La Push.

My heart contracted and I started to cry. Leah of course led me to the other room so I could recuperate from the shock.

"It's okay baby… you're okay..." she whispered.

It took me a while to get under control.

When I did Leah gave me a big hug.

"I missed you!" she said, her voice muffled by my hair. She pulled back from the embrace and looked at me with excitement.

"I have one more surprise for you!" She led me to another room.

I looked around to find an entire makeover team. A large banner on the top read 'Bella's Makeover Team.'

I looked back and Leah and she gave me a devious smile.

"I think it's time for you to become the new you!" I smiled, and agreed. I was a new me, so a makeover was appropriate. Leah was shocked by the lack of anger or resistance but she eagerly accepted it.

It was time to meet the new me.

My father was standing right outside the door leading to his office.

"You look pale." That was all he said to me.

I just stared back. My father seemed to have aged ten years. His brown hair had turned gray. He had frown lines in the corner of his mouth and crow's feet in his eyes.

"You look old." I replied.

He smiled.

"So how does it feel to abandon your only daughter?" I asked, not masking the hatred in my voice.

My father's face turned to stone.

"I did what I had to do."

"Yeah, I hope you can live with it." I could feel my throat tighten but I swore that I was not going to cry.


"It's Bella, Charlie!" I snapped, my anger turning into rage.

"That's it get out! Get out of this building! Get out of my life! Get out before I called security!"

I looked at him in shock. Tears spilled over.

"Get out!" He screamed again.

I couldn't think. My own father… I didn't want to think. This was my lowest point. I had finally hit rock bottom. After all this time of feeling… it just shut off. I was numb.

I turned around with my head held up high and walked towards the elevator.

I stared at myself for over a hundred floors and I could see in my eyes that I had died. Finally after all this time I was truly broken and I wasn't sure I could be repaired.

I ended up in a familiar place. I remember walking by five years ago during a charity event. It was a small orphanage that I had donated to, at what seems a life time ago.

The girls all ranged from new born to young adults. Many of them stayed and helped out after becoming an adult.

And I realized I had nowhere else to go.

Victoria Hunter and her husband James Hunter have run the orphanage for around twenty years now. She was a close friend who I had lost contact with after being in prison.

We both graduated Stanford at the same time and she decided to dedicate her life to orphaned girls. I had always admired her courage and commitment to others and her generosity.

They had a daughter named Bree and last I heard she was dating her first love Riley Bears.

I knew I was going to intrude on their family and their lives… and all I could do was hope that Victoria was the same woman I had met long ago.

The building looked like a large mansion. The interior was decorated like a French Ballroom, but the rest of the orphanage was very modern and pristine.

As soon as I saw Victoria I burst into tears. She rushed me inside and I told her all that had happened. I told her about prison and all the horrible things I had been through there.

She told me I could stay for as long as I wished and to never hesitate to ask for anything. Bree was now engaged to Riley and was set to wed in five months. I promised Victoria my help with the wedding which she accepted graciously.

Every day I worked with the young girls. I was their Language Arts teacher, since my major was English Literature. The girls loved hearing stories and Romeo and Juliet became a favorite.

Time passed and the wedding was just one month away, and I felt happy and peaceful.

I just hoped I could stay that way.

[6 months later]

The wedding took place in the ballroom. It was beautiful and simple, according to Bree's taste. We had become close during these months and we trusted each other immediately.

She was around my height and we looked alike. She did not have her mother's red hair or James's blond hair. She had brown hair and brown eyes, looking like neither of them.

I hadn't heard from Angela or Alice since I last saw He-who-will-still-remain-unnamed.

I would be lying if I said I felt normal, because I didn't. I felt hallow. Like an empty tree.

I was sitting outside in the gardens, reading Wuthering Heights. It was peaceful and the Los Angeles sky was a soft gray.

At least until I saw a familiar face framed with short honey brown hair.


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