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Chapter 1: The Night Before All Hell Breaks Loose

Teddy Remus Lupin stood outside the door of his godfather's house. He was returning home after a lovely date with his long-time girlfriend Victoire. His grandmother Andromeda Tonks was in the Caribbean for some old reunion, and so Teddy had decided to stay with his godparents for the summer, and Merlin knows they would need him. James, Albus and Lily Potter were a handful for two parents, but with the additions of Fred, Rose and Molly Weasley, the summer was going to a long one.

Teddy's thought's drifted to his date with Victoire. He smiled as he remembered her soft, silvery blonde hair tucked under a white sun cap that would droop slightly at the sides. Her bright blue wrap dress that seemed to bring the blue of her eyes out.

Her smile, when she smiled, thought Teddy, he felt like there was nothing better in the world.

The door was opened by a red-headed woman. She had warm, almond brown eyes and soft laugh lines around her mouth. Her entire face lit up at the sight of him. She quickly ushered him inside, out of the late summer night. She quickly shut the door behind him, and then turned to look him over as he did the same to her.

Ginevra Weasley was beautiful for her thirty seven and half years of age. She had long red hair that Teddy had often tried to imitate when he was younger, soft, tender brown eyes, and a very kind, motherly demeanor. She was a good head shorter than her godson, but that didn't stop her from being a terror to him when he misbehaved. She broke into a wide smile, eyeing her godson's happy face.

"Well, five fingers on each hand, and ten toes, no breaks or bruises. Sweet Merlin Teddy, did you make it a day without tripping?" asked Ginny, laughing.

Teddy grinned even wider than he had been before. His hair was a bright shade of turquoise, not unlike Victoire's eyes. He had a heart shaped face, pale skin that never seemed to tan, a sharp nose, and warm golden eyes that lit up when he smiled. He was lean and lanky, similar to his father in that sense, and was famous for his inherited clumsiness.

"Would you believe it Aunt Ginny? I'm all grown up now!" he said beaming, as the two walked from the hallway into the kitchen.

"About time Teddy, if I had to take you to St Mungo's one more time because of some break or injury that 'just happened', I would have gone mad!" teased his Aunt Ginny, lovingly.

"Where are the kiddies?" Teddy asked, as he carefully slid onto a stool by the kitchen table. He carefully stretched his arm out, accidentally knocking over a pitcher of water.

"Teddy! We almost made it to ten hours without an accident in the Potter household!" laughed his aunt, as she waved her wand to clean up the mess.

"Sorry Aunt Ginny," he said meekly, trying his best not to grin. "Ten hours?! How'd you manage that?"

"The kids went to the Burrow for the day; they're ridiculously tired right now. I think they played five games of Quidditch in the blistering heat. Even Fred and James were too tired to do more than set of some infernal banshee screams in the garden, riling up the gnomes, who then tried to force themselves into the broom shed," said Ginny, as she placed a sandwich with some water out for Teddy.

Teddy chuckled, "Did Grandma Molly find Grandpa Arthur's newest toy then?"

"Thank Merlin no, Dad managed to sort it out before she saw his motor boat. Harry's currently attending a trial at the Wizengamot, and probably won't be home until late. How was your date?" Ginny asked, munching on an apple.

"Wonderful, I couldn't have imagined it any better," beamed Teddy, as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Well, any plans for the future yet?" she asked, curious.

"Well, Vic says she wants to wait until our career s are sorted out before we focus on our relationship, but considering she'll be a full-fledged healer by December, and I'll be most likely beginning an apprenticeship with Headmistress McGonagall to train as a teacher in September, I'm thinking out asking Vic about marriage soon, but you know Vic, when she's ready, she'll drop probably a hundred hints that she wants to get married. Heck, I bet she already has a fixed date in mind for when I'm supposed to propose," said Teddy, grinning.

"That's true, that girl is so organized! She could give Hermione a run for her money." Ginny shuddered at the thought before continuing, "Could you take the kid's to Shell Cottage tomorrow? Bill and Fleur were planning on going to France for the weekend, and Harry and I thought that you and the kids could stay there for a bit."

"No problem Aunt Ginny, anything for my favorite red-headed godmother," he said, getting up and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"I'm your only godmother, not to mention the only red-headed motherly figure in your life. Well, besides my mum, but she's going grey now, so, she doesn't really count," replied Ginny.

"Hmm, is that so? How odd, I was certain there were two," he replied cheekily, "Good night Aunt Ginny!"

Ginny watched as he sloped out of the kitchen and headed upstairs to his room. She laughed when she heard the coat stand fall over, and smiled, happy at her ordinary and exciting life. Little did she know that her excitement was about to increase.