Harry Potter
Astra Knight

and the

The Phoenix Order

By:Ehren Hatten |

WARNING: Please do read this as I have worked hard trying to get ENOUGH information on the Order of the Phoenix to just b able to WRITE this and Draw it out, so be kind and please stay with it. Yes… It is an actual crossover so both my own character and Harry will SHARE the spotlight.

Again… I tell you this for your own understanding instead of letting you write this off as another half-assed attempt to place a Mary Sue inside a story, for which all my dreams will there fore be done and Mary Sue will steal the spotlight from everyone, making the story one HELL of a boring trip.

Trust me… I've been cultivating Astra for a very long time and this is the best incarnation of her yet.

If you think that this is another Mary Sue… You know… the ones where you already know that she is going to save the day and out-perfect Hermione, …. Ask my friends… they will all tell you the same thing…. She is the coolest they have ever seen and that she is most UNPREDICTABLE one they've ever read about as well.

You know what…. I think I've ranted enough… just read the fricken story already! :P

Chapter One |

Astra Knight was an odd girl of sixteen. She didn't know how to drive yet, nor was she ever going to learn. She was also half elf. She had long blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. She was fairly muscular and was very tall. She looked as if she were much older tha she truly was.

She was walking around her street out side with her pet changeling Skywise. He generally stayed in the form of a black cat, but he had two other forms as well. A large black owl and a black snake, which she could speak to.

That was when a tall man with long, matted black hair and pale skin walked up to her. He lifted his face to look at her. No words came from her mouth as she stared at the man. He was good looking to say the least, he had blue eyes that were the color of night. She blushed as she realized she had been staring at him too long. "Um… Hola…?"

The man took out a white, feathery bundle wrapped in a blanket and held it out to her. "Take it… I know you will take good care of her. When she is healthy again, send her back to her owner." His voice was low and husky. It sent a chill down her spine. He reminded her of an older version of her boyfriend.

She took the animal and cradled it in her arms. She opened the blanket and look down at it. It was a lovely snowy owl and it looked as if it were exhausted. She looked back up to say something to the man, but he had disappeared. She looked sown at Skywise and he seemed to convey his own confusion.

She ran back inside her house and up the stairs. She nearly ran into her sister, Avalon, as she ran to her room. "Watch where yer going, Astra!" grumbled Avalon.

Astra closed her door and went over to her desk. She cleared all of the pens and the computer paper she used to draw on. She pushed away the mechanical pencil and her ruler that she used to draw her comics. She set the owl on the desk and turned off the light.

Soon, she had the owl in a small basket where she was getting rest and food was near her. Astra stood up and walked over to her bed and sat down. She stared at the wall for a full minute, remembering the man that had given the owl to her.

She felt the same chill go down her spine as she thought of Leon Wilheilm. His black hair, the pale skin and those eyes. The eyes that always scared her with their intensity. The man had those very same eyes. She cupped a hand over mouth as she leaned forward and cried silently.


A couple of weeks later, she had nursed the owl back to health, with the help of Skywise and her best friend, Nevaeh Ives. The owl nipped affectionately at her finger as she wrote a letter. "That's a good girl…." She cooed to the owl.

Astra tied the letter to the owl's leg and opened her window. She held to owl aloft on her arm and let the owl nip her arm near where the owl's claws were biting into her skin. "Now… you should be able to go to your master now… and remember… be more careful when you fly… take breaks when you have to."

The owl seemed to understand her. She hooted softly at Astra and the took off out the window. When the owl was finally out of sight, Astra sat down at her desk once again. She looked to Skywise, who was now in snake form and he slithered up her leg and up her chest to wrap himself around her neck and lay lazily on her shoulders. He slithered into one of her pointed ears. "I have a feeling that this isssss not the lasssssst time we will ssssssssse that owl…."

"No shit Sherlock, ya wanna try that again…?"


Harry Potter wasn't your average fifteen-year-old boy. He was when it came to his hormones, but he wasn't even normal in appearance. He was tall now and thin, with a muscle structure starting to show on his body. He had short, black hair that was always messy. His eyes were an amazing emerald green and she wore circular glasses. His odd feature was his lightning-bolt shaped scar that was in the middle of his forehead. He was also a wizard in training.

He sat solemnly at his desk. His pet snowy owl, Hedwig, was still out. She had been out for nearly a month when he had sent a letter to his godfather Sirius Black. He knew the Sirius was still not pardoned for his "crimes", so he knew that Sirius would get his letter and write back in due time. It was worrying Harry, however, on the length of time it was taking Hedwig to get back.

He flipped through his photo album of pictures of his parents when they were alive. It always gave him some kind of peace when he looked through it. He needed it desperately now, though. He could still see Cedric Diggory getting hit by the Avada Kedavra curse playing over and over again in his head.

He tried to think of Cho Chang and all her beauty, but he just kept seeing Cedric. He growled in frustration and threw his parchments off of the desk. "Damn it! It should have been me!" he growled as he hit the desk with his fist.

That was when he heard a faint tapping on his window. He looked up with teary green eyes at the window. It was Hedwig and she had three letters tied to her leg. Harry jumped up and unlatched the window. "Hedwig!"

She flew inside and landed gracefully on his desk. She held out her leg for him to take the letters off. He did so and looked through the letters as Hedwig flew to her cage. He watched her as she ate some food that he had left for her. He smiled at her. The last time she was there, she had looked very tired, but the moment he finished the letter he wrote to Sirius, she flew off with it tied to her leg without a second glance.

He looked at the mail. A letter from Hermione Granger was on top. Hermione was a muggle born witch with a talent for information and keeping things organized. He opened it.

Dear Harry,

I have been having a nice time here in Bulgaria. Viktor's family is so nice and Bulgarian. It's cold here however and I miss being home, terribly. I've been trying to write Ron, but he won't write anything back. Could you help?

Anyway, I was writing to tell you that I hope to see you and Ron soon.


Harry got out his quill and some parchment.

Dear Hermione,

I am glad that you are having a good time over there. I miss you and am very sure Ron does as well. If he doesn't start writing you soon, I'll sick Fred, George, Ginny and his mother on him.


He folded it up and went to the next letter. It was a letter from Sirius. Harry opened it and frantically started reading it.

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry if this comes late. I'm in America right now, gathering allies, and I haven't been able to write. Please make sure that Hedwig gets plenty of rest this time. I know she's stubborn, but I had to let someone nurse her back to health before she found me again.


Harry took out another piece of parchment and wrote on it. When he had finished, he folded it up and placed it with Hermione's. Harry then went to the last letter. Harry stared at the envelope. It was odd. It was regular parchment, but it had a peculiar little drawing of a girl on the front of it. It was drawn in an unfamiliar style to him. The writing was hurried, and precise. It wasn't like Hermione's was precise, but it looked as if it was done by someone who had studied how to write perfectly for most of his or her life.

He opened the letter. The ink was an odd shade of purple. And he could distinctly see calligraphy for the header.

To whomever this letter gets to,

I am but a sixteen year old girl who so happened to come upon yer little birdie here. I'm not about to go into detail about it, really.
The reason that I am writing to you at all is to say hi and here's yer bird and all that. I am also wondering…..

Would you like to be my penfriend? I'm bored here in Austin, Texas and was wondering if you would just like to write me every now and then. You know… tell me what yer life is like and get yer troubles off of ya. I'm pretty good at that.

Have a Nice Day!
Astra Knight

Harry was intrigued. He had never actually talked to a person from America before, let alone a girl. He got out a piece of parchment and wrote. When he was done, he folded up the letter and placed it with the other letters.

He was about to stand up and walk to his bed, when Hedwig landed on his desk. She glared at him angrily. "No, Hedwig… yor staying right here for the night. I don't want you getting yorself hurt because of exhaustion."

Hedwig flapped her wings at him angrily and flew to her cage, where she sulked. Harry stood and stretched. He went to his wardrobe and opened it. He got out his pajamas and took off his clothes. He put on his pajamas and went to his bed. He looked over at Hedwig and smiled. "Goodnight, Hedwig…"

Hedwig hooted gruffly and went back to sulking. Harry took off his glasses and turned off the light. "A penfriend. I've never had a penfriend before…."


A couple of weeks went by and Harry had told Astra about himself and everything that he did in England. There wasn't much to tell her about. He didn't want to scare her with the Voldemort part of all of it and didn't want to tell her that he was the famous Harry Potter.
He received a letter from her one day.


Hey, guy! This is still the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. I finally get to talk to an actual English dude! Did you know I that I can actually fake an English accent? I can! I watch too many British comedies is what the deal is. I just wrote something where my character gets to deal with SEVENTEEN Monty Python Rabbit Monsters. Lovely thought eh?

Anyhoo… If in case yer curious, I have a bunch on my mind. I was wondering though…. Would you like to stay over here for the rest of the summer? I can get you here fine. I was also wondering if you would ask yer friends if they'd like to come too. Don't worry about having to get back to England in time. I have it all covered. Oh and…. Do you know a guy named Dumbledore?


Harry put down the letter. He looked over at Hedwig. "What do you think of her Hedwig? You think she's trust worthy?"

Hedwig hooted loudly, earning Uncle Vernon's yell from down stairs. "Keep that ruddy bird quiet!"

Harry stuck out his tongue at the wall and went back to the letter. He reread the last line. "Do I know a guy named Dumbledore? How could she ask that if she is from a wizarding family?" He thought for a moment. "But IS she from a wizarding family? The way she talks, it sounds a little bit like she is, but she also knows a lot about the muggle world. She even owns a computer and surfs the Internet."

It started to give him a headache. "That's right…. She never said anything about being in a wizarding family. I should ask her. Maybe I should go ahead and tell her about Dumbledore. I mean, she ought to know that he is the headmaster of my school."

He wrote a response and proceeded to write Ron and Hermione as well. When he had finished, he looked over to Hedwig. "What do you think, Hedwig? Do think you can handle another trip out?"

Hedwig flew straight over Harry's head and landed on his desk. He stared at her incredulously. He knew that she was stubborn when it came to important matters, but he had never seen her this determined to play out the orders. It was as if she knew that this was an important milestone in his destiny and it had to play out, or it would mean his end.

She nipped his finger affectionately as he tied the various letters to her leg. He stood up and opened the window. "Have a safe journey, girl."

She flew out the window and into the dusk air. Harry wished that Sirius would be back soon. Harry wished that he wouldn't have to stay here at the Dursley's any longer. He sighed as he walked back to his bed.


Astra sat at her desk talking to her friend Nevaeh, who was on Astra's bed. Nevaeh was a short girl, with a round face and short brown hair that framed her face. "Anyway, Nev… I was thinking about the time when Leon got you, me and-" she was interrupted by a tapping on her window.

Astra stood up and went to her window and opened it. A white owl immediately ran her into. Astra caught the owl as she fell to the floor from the intensity that the owl had flown into her with. "What the hell?!"

Nevaeh rushed over to Astra's side. "You alright?"

Astra lifted the owl up to her eye level. The owl stared back at her with it's own yellow eyed gaze. Astra recognized her. "It's Hedwig!"

Nevaeh stared at Astra incredulously. "What the hell are you talking about, Astra?"

Astra stood up and sat at her desk. The owl shoved her leg out at her. Astra untied the letter and the owl puffed up her chest importantly. Nevaeh giggled at Hedwig. "She's cute!"

"It's another letter from Harry!"

Nevaeh stared hard at her friend. "Harry who? Do you even know what he looks like?"

Astra shook her head. "Nev…. I don't care if it was PRINCE Harry of WALES! I'm just glad to be getting any form of letter from someplace OTHER than here!"

Nevaeh put her hands on her hips indignantly. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?"

Astra smirked at Nevaeh. "It means that I'm tired of sitting here with nothing to do except sit on my ass as I wallow in my misery of having nothing to do!"

"You've got me."

"YOU don't count. I like meeting new people, you know that!"

Nevaeh shrugged and Astra opened the letter.

Dear Astra,

"Oooo… DEAR Astra…. I think he likes you…"

"Oh hush up! He's GOT a girl already, dumbass!"

I thank you for inviting me to come over. I will ask my friends immediately. As to Dumbledore. Professor Dumbledore is the headmaster of my school, Hogwarts.

"Whoa… he's the Headmaster?"

"Whoa… he goes to Hogwarts?"

"He lives in England doesn't he?"

"Yeah, but…. That doesn't mean he goes to THE Wizarding School."

"You ditz…. Of course it would! It's the only school close enough FOR him to go to!"

I don't know why you asked about him, unless you heard about him and you aren't from a wizarding family.

"Dude… I knew WHO he was, I was wondering why he was being mentioned by Miss White!"

I hope this clears up everything.

Your penfriend,

"I wonder if it's THE Harry Potter…" Nevaeh said as she sat back down onto Astra's bed.

"Nah… I ain't THAT lucky…. Still…I hear that Harry goes to Hogwarts…. Maybe this Harry knows him." Astra got an evil smirk on her face. "Heh… I think I'll ask him!"

As soon as Astra put her quill to her paper, she got an image. It was the same image she had been seeing since her first year at her school, Firestrom. It was a boy with black hair.

Astra shook her head and leaned back down to write. When she was done, she put a picture that she had drawn inside the envelope with the letter. She tied it to Hedwig's leg. "There now… His birthday's coming up soon. I drew him a picture so that he could get a present from ME!" she giggled.

"Astra, yer SUCH a dork…" Nevaeh thought for a moment and picked up one of Astra's magazines. She flipped through it hurriedly as Astra let Hedwig fly off.

"Nev… what the hell are you doin'?" Astra sat back down in her chair.

Nevaeh's eyes got really wide. She looked up at Astra. "Astra… when did you say that this boy's birthday was?"

"July thirty-first… why?"

Nevaeh turned the magazine around and showed a picture of a nervous fourteen-year old boy with black hair and green eyes trying to get out of the picture. "Because it says here that Harry Potter's birthday is July thirty-first. To top it off, the Harry yer speaking to is the same age as THIS Harry…"

"Nev… you can't be serious… it can't be Harry Potter that I'm talkin' to… I already told ya that I ain't that LUCKY."

"Could've fooled me…."