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Chapter Twenty-One

By: Ehren Hatten

Astra watched as Harry moped around trying to blame Hagrid's death on himself. Astra knew he would do it. She knew because she would have done the same thing. She did do the same thing.

She sat outside at the moment next to the lake. "So what do you say, Leon…? Do I live on with out you or do you want me to live my life completely withdrawn because I can't have anyone else but you. Like you need any more added to yer ego." She said to the air with a smile. She smirked at her own questions. "I should've helped him. I should've been awake for him… for all of them…" She sighed.

"You couldn't have done anything, Astra…" came a familiar voice. Avalon came up behind Astra and sat down next to her. They were outside next to the lake watching the giant squid skate through the water. "He needed to do it on his own."

"Yer right, Vee…I just can't help, but do the same thing he is doing right now. I don't know how I can help right now…" Astra said staring at the water.

"Well… you can start first by forgiving yourself for Leon's death…" Avalon said nudging her sister.

"Forgive myself?"

"Astra Arwen Knight…. You haven't been the same since his death. You need to get a grip on yer life! You will find someone… eventually… yer relationship with him was as mature as anything I have ever seen, but you can't keep blaming yerself." Said Avalon. She stared at Astra intently.

"You say that I will find someone eventually? You always did tell me that I would find the one I will eventually marry when I'm seventeen… tell me… who do you see in that little brain of yer's?" smirked Astra.

"Do you forgive yerself?"

"Yeah… I do… I think I did when I came here. So… what do you see?" said Astra with a huge grin across her face.

"Gray tones and Silver…" she smirked at her.

Astra went into a fit of giggles and started tickling Avalon. "THAT'S what you said LAST year! HAHA!"

Not far away, Harry lay on the grass with Ron and Hermione. "So you think it'll be the same without him here?" said Ron.

"No… of course not… why would you ask something like that." Asked Harry, sitting up on his elbows in the grass. "So who do you think will be the new Care of magical creatures professor?"

"It got you to think of something else besides wallowing in self pity… I wonder if Charlie would like to teach?"

"I don't think he would give up dealing with dragons so easily." Said Hermione as she rested her head on Ron's chest, her arms folded under her chin. She smiled at Harry and he smiled back. "Don't worry… you'll always have us."

"Yeah… I guess you two wouldn't leave me alone if my scar started hurting again, would you?" Harry smirked.

"Of course not…" said Ron. "So Harry… are you going to come over for the summer?"

"Not at first… Dumbledore wanted me to stay with the Dursleys first then go to Sirius and Professor Lupin's place. Maybe I can get them to let you come over." Harry suddenly got a brilliant gleam in his eyes.

"There's the Harry we all know and love." Said Hermione smiling broadly. "Now… I want you to write us if anything happens."

"Yes Hermione…" smiled Harry. He was happy now. He was with his friends and he was alive. They were alive. He missed Hagrid deeply, but he felt better than he did when that night happened.
In the Great Hall, everyone was somewhat quiet. The Gryffindors were the most silent of the place. Harry looked over to see Draco chatting with Pansy Parkinson.

Harry's frustrations were brought to a halt when Dumbledore stood up and broght the attention of everyone. "It is yet the end of another year…"

He glanced about the hall and his gaze fell on the empty seat on the far end of the staff table. Harry saw a teary eyed Professor McGonnagal biting her lip. Professor Snape even seemed to have a sad look on his face, though it didn't show very well.

"There is much I would like to say to you all tonight. First…. I would like to acknowledgethe loss of a very close friend and colleage of mine. Rubeus Hagrid was the best games keeper that I have ever employed. Some might say that he should never have been allowed here, but I beg to differ. He was and foremost… A Gryffindor. His bravery in battle proved it."

Harry glanced over to Astra. She looked much like he did. She wanted to cry, but refused to do so. Harry started thinking about her. In a way, she wasn't so different from him after all. She blamed herself now, just like he did and she wasn't even awake to do anything.

"Let us raise our glasses and to Hagrid. May he rest in peace." Dumbledore finally said to the hall.

Everyone stood up. The benches scraped as everyone stood up and raised their glasses. "To Hagrid…."

"Thank goodness… My prefect badge hasn't been taken away." Sighed a relieved Hermione.

"Of course it wouldn't, Herm… why would you think a thing like that!" asked Ron. "Did you fail something?"

"No, of course not, silly. I was afraid Professor McGonnagal would take it away because of what we did. We broke the rules when we went outside to go after Donovan." Said Hermione.

"Yeah… speaking of prefect badges… what do you say, Harry? Have you gotten yours taken away?" said Ron sidling up to Harry.

"No… I didn't, amazingly enough." Sighed Harry. He grabbed his trunk and put it on the train. "Where's Ginny?"

"I was wondering when you were going to ask that…" came a familiar voice. Harry turned around to see Ginny smiling at him. "Hi Harry."

"Hi Ginny…" his stomach did a jig inside of his body. "Would you like to join us?"

"Certainly…" she giggled. Harry walked with her onto the train and all four went into a compartment together.

Astra led Nevaeh and Avalon to an empty compartment. Avalon sat down next to the window and gazed out. "Do you think we ought to come back?" she sighed.

"Of course we should… why wouldn't we?" said Nevaeh.

"She's worried about Donovan and Voldemort." Said Astra.

"Why should she worry about them? Does she put your safty over the safty of the resident villains?" giggled Nevaeh as Avalon threw a book at Nevaeh. It hit her in the head and she plopped sideways onto the entire seat.

"Well… I guess I better sit over here with you, then…" sighed Astra. "I think these 'lessons' from me are getting a bit out of hand, aren't they?"

"That wasn't a lesson from you, airhead… That was a page outta my own book." Growled Avalon.

"Oh.. you mean the book you just chucked at Nev?" smirked Astra right before she was hit with a different book. "Oh! You mean THIS one!"

"Shut up!" giggled Avalon as she pounced on her sister and started wrestling her on the floor of the compartment. "HAHA! I'll get you for that!"

Just then, the compartment door opened. Astra and Avalon looked up to see Fred and George standing in the door. "Should we ask if this is a daily ritual and if you two are planning incest?" grinned Fred.

"How about I suggest TWINCEST!" giggled Astra as she jumped off the floor and pounced on Fred. "You think that's funny?!" She started pounding on Fred's arms with her fists.

"I give up! I surrender!" laughed Fred.

"I told you that the joke would earn you a right kick in the ass." Smirked George. He glanced over to Nevaeh and walked over towards her. "What happened to her?"

"Avalon's twisted sense of humor." Said Astra as she got off of Fred and sat down on the seat.

"Was not!"

"Was too."

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"You two sound worse than us when we were six." Smirked Fred.

"Do not." The two girls said in unison.

"Do too."

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Would you four shut up?! Yer making my headache worse!" shouted Nevaeh who was now awake.

"Hee… let's see how much longer we can make her go out." Said George as he sidled up to Nevaeh, winking at her.

Astra smiled at the two. "You two…" she sighed and laughed at the same time.

In another compartment, Harry sat with Ginny, Ron and Hermione. He watched as the scenery went by and smiled at the thught of being able to be with Sirius. He was finally going to be able to be with his Godfather without him being persecuted.

"Ron? I think we should go see where Astra went off to. I think I saw her just down the way." Said Hermione smiling at Ron.


Hermione rolled her eyes at him and grabbed his arm. "Because I said so. Now come on!"

Harry shook his head at the two leaving. He knew what they were going to be up to. He had seen it before. Ginny sat beside Harry and blushed slightly when he looked over at her. Harry's heart skipped a beat when she put her hand over his.

"Harry… you haven't said a word to me since that night in the hospital wing." She looked up at him and smirked. "You wouldn't be afraid of me would you?"

"Er…." Was all he could say. His cheeks heated up and he wondered when Ron would get back. Not that he was disagreeable to Ginny, he was afraid Ron might try to tear him apart. "What if I said yes…." He managed to get out. "Actually, I'm afraid of your brothers." He could've slapped himself right now.

Ginny made a face and pursed her lips. "They have been driving me crazy the entire year." she growled. "I wish I could do something to make them get off of my back. It's not like I'm a complete child anymore. I'm fourteen, damn it! They should be treating me at least a LITTLE differently." She glanced at Harry and smiled. "I think I have an idea...."

Harry made a face and was about to say something when he felt her lips on his own. His eyes were wide open and he was trying to think of what to do next. His brain was almost nonfunctional.

Then, the compartment door slid open. 'Great… where's a book when you need one….' He thought angrily. He happened a glance at the door. He saw Ron looking like he was having an internal struggle. His face was so brilliant red that Harry was sure that Ron would try to kill him now just by glaring at him. Poof and he would be incinerated.

Harry did the only thing he could do. He waved at Ron and mumbled against Ginny's lips. "MMmmm! MmMMph!" He said as a greeting. Then, Harry decided that what Ginny was doing wasn't so bad after all and he kissed back before breaking them apart.

Harry's brain was fuzzy from the kiss. 'I don't believe it…. She kissed me senseless!' he thought.

"Good Lord, Harry.. that's my sister! You know… if she wants to kiss you, would you two PLEASE do it some place where I can't SEE you!" exclaimed Ron. "Ugh… I now need to purge my brain of that image." He said as he shuddered and walked out the door.

Harry glanced over at Ginny and smiled. "I don't… I'm perfectly fine with this image." He said.

He leaned foreward and kissed her gently on the mouth before she took his mouth with her own and opened it to let her in. 'She's doing it again! She's going to kiss me senseless!' his brain screamed. 'You know…. This isn't so bad… I kinda like all that hair in my hands… those lips pressed against mine and….'

The compartment door opened and Harry growled audibly. He really wanted that book now. He turned to see the twins, Ron, Hermione, Avalon, Nevaeh and Astra, all wearing identical grins. "I see that you two have FINALLY gotten together." Giggled Astra.

"What makes you think that." Said Harry. He knew perfectly well that his tie was right now out of his sweater and he looked distinctly ruffled. Ginny coughed to get his attention. She looked angry.

The other Weasley's suddenly turned pale as Ginny looked up with a sort of Death glare. "If you don't get out…. I will do things to you with this book that only gay men would love!" she growled as she held up a book.

Harry winced at the thought she just struck. She didn't mean shoving it up there, did she? He shuddered at the thought and noticed that the Twins and Ron did the same thing.

The Twins and Ron grabbed all the girls and ran out quickly. Harry turned to Ginny and shook his head. "Where did you learn that threat? And don't tell me 'lessons from Astra'."

"Actually… Lessons from Vee."

Harry tickled Ginny and laughed as she kicked and screamed for him to stop. 'Yes... this is going to be interesting... a new year will be coming up and I'm going to have another roller coaster ride.' he thought as he stopped to smile down at Ginny. "Thanks Ginny..."

He stood up and went to the door. He slid it open to reveal every as the fell in a heap on the ground in front of him. Harry laughed and smiled down at them. "Thank you all...."

Everyone found a seat inside the compartment and sat. The Knights and Nevaeh sat on the floor opposite the twins. "So what do ya'll think will happen now that dear old Voldie has put himself out of commision for a while?" said Astra.

"I still don't believe that happened." said Ron. He shook his head and wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist. "Well... when he comes, I'll protect my... 'Fair and innocent maiden'.

Hermione hit him in his ribcage. "You make that sound like I'm your property." She grimaced at him.

He smiled broadly. "That's because you are! You're my girl!" He had to duck and cover his head from her swatting at him head like a cat to a dangling mouse. "ACK! HAHA!"

George grinned and took out a deck of cards. "Anyone for a game of exploding snap?"

"What is it, aside from the sound plastic bags make when they are stretched to far." said Nevaeh.

"Or what happens when you strike yer fingers to to make the sound of what it's called." said Avalon.

"Or the name of one of the Rice Krispies elves..." grinned Astra.

"Don't worry.... you'll learn quickly enough." grinned Harry.

The rest of the journey passed pleasantly enough. Harry wished it could go on all summer. Then, he realized that he would be spending most of his time with Sirius and Lupin that he immediatly couldn't wait for it to end so he could come over.
The Hogwarts Express was pulling in front of King's Cross station. The usual noise and confusion filled the corridors as students began to disembark. The Knights and Nevaeh walked out with Ron, Hermione and Ginny, whom Harry had told that he would say good bye to her before he left. He stayed back in the train and pulled back the twins as well.

"Fred... George... could you wait a moment?"

The twins stopped and went back to the seats opposite of him. They smiled broadly at him.

"I'm surprised none of you ever gave me some ind of warning." said Harry.

"You were expecting to have us dancing on your throat when we caught you kissing Gin?" said Fred.

"No... we wouldn't do that. Don't get us wrong... we love our sister, but we figure you'll get enough punishment without us to contend with." said George.

"What about Ron?"

"Ron? I reckon Hermione said something to him before he found you, because HE'S the over protective brother." grinned Geroge.

"Oh.. Harry... I will have you know... tht if you ever hurt Ginny, you'll have more than just Ron to deal with." said Fred with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'll have the rest of the Weasley's?"

"No...Bill and Charlie have their own lives we figure they would agree with us on this. Same with Percy.... you'll have Ron right after Ginny get's through with you, or what's LEFT of you." smirked Fred.

"That woman has a mean right hook and a perverse sense of humor." grinned George.

They all walked out of the train and harry saw Uncle Vernon waiting for him beyond the barrier. Mrs. Weasley was close by him. She hugged Harry tightly and kissed him on his cheek."Now... do be careful."

"See you, Harry!" cried Ron as he took his trunk and Hermoine's hand.

"'Bye, Harry!" she said and then she kissed him on his cheek.

Ginny came up to him and smiled. "You know, Harry.. I can't wait to see you again. I wonder if you'll miss me." she grinned up at him.

"Hmm... maybe..." Harry said, which earned him a swat from Ginny. The twins had been right. She swung pretty hard. "HAHA... I was just joking, Ginny... of course I'll miss you. Write me okay?" He said as she walked off with her mother. She turned around and grinned cheekily at him.

"You ready, boy?" said Vernon.

"Almost... let me just see if The Knight girls and Nevaeh need a ride." said Harry.

"You'll do no such thing!" growled Vernon. He grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him to the waiting car.

"Harry! Hey! I wanted to ask you something!" shouted Astra as she ran over. Uncle Vernon stopped trying to stuff him into the car.


"Well... I was wondering... since you were going to either the Weasley's or yer godfather's house during the summer, that if we couldn't come over sometime before September first? My mom is afraid that we'll be late in coming." she said.

"Yeah... sure.. go ahead. I don't think either one of them will mind." said Harry.

She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a great big hug. "Be safe, Har..." Then, she broke away. "We don't want you to get blown up before yer seventh year now do we!" she giggled.

"That's up to JK Rowling for that one. Thanks!" cried Harry as he was finally stuffed into the car.