Chapter One:



Okay, I'm going to be fine. We'll be fine. I'm sure of this. I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. I wouldn't get pregnant at twenty one. It's just not like me, nor Percy. It just wouldn't happen.

But I was still late. I was weepy, always sick, and bloated for the last few weeks. So, I had to see, without a doubt.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket, letting me know that the five minutes had passed. I pulled the droid x bar to let me get rid of the timer. So, I got up from sitting on my dorm room bed.

Three years ago, I got accepted into Harvard and Percy into New York University. We've been commuting to see each other this entire time, and, while it has put some strain on us, I couldn't live without him, or our meet-ups every two weeks. Percy had to stay back in New York for the last meet-up. So, it had been four weeks since I've seen him, and it's also been four weeks since I've been feeling like this. I've been spending two weeks trying my hardest to figure what the hell was wrong with me, and the only thing I could come up with was being pregnant, which I really didn't want.

I picked up the small test from my desk, praying to the gods it didn't hold a plus. I flipped it over and felt myself gasp for air.




I'm pregnant.


I pulled my car into the parking lot of Percy's apartment. I had called him about thirty minutes ago, warning him that I was coming up to see him. Sure he was surprised, but he said he was okay with that. I had thought about telling him over the phone, but I knew that wasn't the way to tell him. So, I got in my car and started to drive. At first, my plan had been to stop and get some coffee somewhere so I could really get it in my mind, but I then found that I was almost in New York.

I grabbed my purse, shut off the car, and slid out the key I had to Percy's apartment from my bag. I pressed the button to go up the elevator and waited until I finally got to his floor. I thought about just opening the door, but I decided to just knock on the door.

"Coming," Percy's muffled voice called out, and a few moments later the door was opened to where I could see Percy and he could see me.

He looked as perfect as ever, maybe even more so. His green eyes shined when he saw me, and I saw a smile cover his face.

"Percy, we have to talk," my voice sounded broken as if I was moments before crying, which I really was. His face fell when he saw the pain in my eyes. Without waiting for him to say anything, I walked in and started to drag Percy into his apartment. I plopped down on the bed, and he sat down beside me.


"I can't believe it," Percy squeezed my hand like he was going to pass out.

"Yeah, we're parents," I nodded.

"So, um, what are we going to do?" Percy asked as he got up from the bed and got a glass of water that had been sitting on a dresser. I scooted up on the bed so that I could hug my knees. I thought about getting a drink, but I quickly remembered the fact that I was pregnant and couldn't.

"Well, um, it'll be over the over the summer that I have the baby, and there are a lot of great families who want to adopt out there-" I was about to keep going, but Percy cut in.

"What do you mean by that? Adoption? You're going to put our baby up for adoption?"

"Yeah," I looked at him as if it was obvious, "Perce, we're twenty one. We don't know how to raise a baby."

"But it's our baby, not some random person who goes to an adoption agency and decides to adopt it. We just can't…" Percy closed his eyes for a moment, "give it up. I don't want our child to end up not knowing their parents and feeling unloved."

I sat there, completely stunned. I knew where he was coming from and all, but it was like he wasn't thinking it through. We had one more year of college left, and we lived in separate states. He was on a swimming scholarship, and I was on an academic scholarship. We wouldn't be able to keep everything up if we had a baby. We'd be on our own without any way of supporting ourselves, and we weren't ready anyway. I would never get an abortion, and little babies just about always get adopted. We could even try to get a family that knew about the gods and could keep the baby alive.

"Percy, we can't raise it. We're still in college. There's no way we can support ourselves, nor a little kid. It's insane," I tried to reason with him, but even I could tell my voice was mad.

"You and I both know we could make it work. You just don't want a baby," Percy's green eyes were filled with disappointment. What did he expect? I'm twenty-one. My life is just starting. I couldn't handle having a child now.

"You're right. I don't want a baby because I know I couldn't handle it. Are you seriously saying you want it?" I got up from the bed, crossing my arms.

"I didn't know my dad. I don't want to do that to my kid," Percy looked at me as if I were an idiot and it was obvious, which I hated. I was the daughter of Athena. He's the idiot in this couple. How do I know he wasn't the one who forgot something, therefore starting this whole mess?

"So, is that was this is? Avenge your childhood by raising a baby when you're twenty? What the hell are you thinking?" I didn't mean to scream, but I was pregnant. Mood swings come with the territory.

"Look at you. You're the one who is being selfish of not wanting to pay for your actions because you don't want to lose that pretty future you've been picturing since you were a kid. I'm trying to do what's right here," Percy almost spat.

"Selfish? Me? You want me to give up my life so that I can raise your kid?"

"Our kid," Percy corrected. That was the last straw. I grabbed my bag from the bed, making sure I left the key to his apartment on the bed, and started to walk out.

"Where are you going?" Percy pulled me back by my arm, and I looked into his eyes, unable to see what I had loved about him at that moment. Usually, I could name off a million things every time I asked myself, but I couldn't this time. I was too mad.

"Back to Boston," I pulled free of his grasp and decided to add onto the sentence just to make him steam, "Where I'm going to have the baby and put it up for adoption like I planned."

"I get a say in this, Annabeth. It's my child," his voice was cruel, and it scared the living hell out of me.

"I'll make sure you don't get a say."

I walked out of the apartment, and Percy was too stunned to stop me. I let the tears fall when I reached the safety of the elevator. By the time I started the car, I knew he wasn't coming after me, and this really could be the last time I saw Percy Jackson.

And it was. I went through the pregnancy, and I had a little girl, Sarah. I fell in love with her instantly, but I knew she would better off with some adoption family. I met a family through the agency, and they were perfect. So, I signed the paper, and she was theirs. Percy tried to intervene, but it was by a social worker. By then, Sarah had already been adopted, and a judge ruled the child would do better in their care. I saw him at the hearing, but we didn't speak. After that, I didn't see him. It was hard going back to camp. So, after a while, I stopped. I kept in touch with Chiron, but that was it. The last I heard about Percy was that he got his dream job in New York, but I didn't know anything else. Malcolm and I opened a company in New York, and it quickly became popular. Now, we own one of the biggest architectural firms in Manhattan. The last I heard about Sarah was that she was really smart, like me, and she was really sweet like her father. I cry every time her birthday rolls around, June 4th to be exact. I thought about finding Percy and talking things through, but it hurt too much to do that. He was the father of my child, and he wanted to keep her. I knew Percy well enough to know that he wouldn't forgive me for putting her up for adoption. So, I just continued to live my life. I did that for seven years. And that is where my story starts.


"I am so sorry to interrupt," my secretary peeped through the glass door of my office apologetically, "But there is a call on line two, and it's an emergency."

It was seven o' clock, which was pretty late for business, but Malcolm and I had a possible deal in California. There it was only four. So, for the last hour, we had been talking over everything. Malcolm was sitting on my desk, acting as if this was no inconvenience, but I knew his wife, who was currently pregnant with their first child, would be steaming by now.

I nodded to my secretary, Lisa, and averted my eyes to the business executives in front of me. Only one of them seemed to be my age, but all of the others looked like they were old enough to be his father or mother.

"I am so sorry. This will only take a moment," I nodded to them, and a Hilary-Clinton-Look-Alike nodded to me as if to say 'Go ahead.' Malcolm continued on with what we had been telling them earlier. I stood up from my desk chair and took the spare phone in the corner, where the camera couldn't see me. I pressed line two and pulled across a ginger attitude.


"Is this Annabeth Chase?" the voice on the other end sounded serious, as if they always worked at seven, and around mid-thirties. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't tell where from.

"Yes, and may I ask who's calling?" I smiled as though I didn't have one of the biggest deals of my career waiting on me.

"I'm Celia Smith from the Clementine Adoption Agency," I felt my heart do a little tap dance and I couldn't hold back a gasp.

"Oh my god."

"Ms. Chase, this is rather an emergency. I need you to come down to Lenox Hill Hospital," Celia was about to continue, but I cut her off.

"Is Sarah okay?" my voice was flooded with worry. I hadn't heard about Sarah since she was three years old. I had always worried for her, but I didn't know anything.

"Yes, Mam, she's fine, but you need to come down here. It's about the people that adopted her. They died earlier in an accident. You and…" she trailed off as if she were looking up the name, "Percy Jackson are now legally her parents. We need to see you both to see where to go from here."

"Of course," I felt a single tear fall from my eye. I couldn't help it. I may get to meet my daughter for the first time in six years, "I'll be right over there."

I wiped away the tear and walked over to the desk where I had left Malcolm.

"I am sorry, but I have a family emergency and need to leave. Can we possibly reschedule?" I asked hopefully, unable to hide my mixed emotions at the moment.

"Of course, we will work it out with Mr. Johnson here," the Hilary-Look-Alike nodded at me as if she knew this was about a child, my child.

"Annabeth, what is it?" Malcolm asked worriedly like the good brother he was.

"It's Sarah," I smiled warmly before nodding once more to the people on the screen and letting my smile grow as I left the room.

Well, here's the pilot. I was watching LIFE UNEXPECTED and kind of ripped off the idea, but this will be totally different. So, here it goes. I'm currently on page 117 of the Son of Neptune because I just got it today. I'm trying to make it last. So, I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to keep reading. So, I decided to finish this pilot. Cross your fingers :)