Three Years Later…

"Sarah, we're going to be late!"

Almost as if on cue of her mother calling her, Sarah stepped out of her bedroom door and began to descend the staircase with her little sister, Olive, on her hip.

You would think it would be hard to tell that the little girls were sisters with all of her differences.

Sarah had long, wavy black hair, and Olive had uncontrollable blonde curls. Sarah's eyes were grey, and Olive's were a sea green that she had inherited from her father. While Sarah's face was almost an exact replica of her mother, Olive was a mash-up of her two attractive parents.

But there was something about them that just told you that they were sisters.

When baby Olive was born, Sarah, eight at the time, had seen her little sister like a baby doll she would be getting two weeks later at Christmas. Everyone had worried that, once that wore of, the girls would no longer get a long. But, with every year, the love grew between the sisters instead of faded.

Everyone knew this.

Their parents.

Their grandparents, even the ones who rarely got to see them because they lived in California.

And even Lyle, who was oblivious to everything, including his love for Sarah.

Annabeth, the mother of the two girls, couldn't help but smile.

Five years ago, she never would have imagined any of this possible.

Raising Sarah.

Being married to Percy.

Or having another child, Olive.

But here she was.

Annabeth had worried that the two daughters wouldn't get a long.

Annabeth and Percy had been young when the conceived Sarah, and they had quickly disagreed on what to do with the little baby. Annabeth, without his consent, decided that Sarah would have a much better life with a Westchester family who wanted to do adopt her, and she signed the papers releasing her parental rights. Percy had been furious because he ha been the one who wanted to keep the baby.

But there was nothing to be done.

Or at least, until seven years later, when they both got a call from the adoption agency that Annabeth had used. Sarah's adopted parents had left in their will that Sarah's birth parents be tracked down if they died, never expecting that a car accident would make that come true when they were only in their thirties. The family, though they didn't want to, followed their dying wishes and tracked Annabeth and Percy down.

Sarah fell in love with her parents and decided to try to get them back together.

And, after several months of trying, it finally worked.

It didn't take long until the two got married, and Percy was basically begging for another baby the second they said 'I Do'.

Annabeth had been hesitant.

She was worried for Sarah. She didn't want Sarah to feel inferior to the new baby because they had put her up for adoption but not the new baby.

But Annabeth had finally agreed, and Sarah had been ecstatic when her little sister, Sally Olivia Jackson, was born.

"Did Dad already take the bags to the car?" Sarah asked as she put her three year old sister on the ground, knowing she'd wail 'I 'an do it. I 'an do it.' if Sarah didn't let her walk on her own.

"Yeah, he's waiting downstairs," Annabeth nodded as she helped Olive into her green rain jacket, even though it had stopped raining an hour ago.

Olive didn't go by her real name of Sally. Since they had found out that they were having a little girl, they had planned on naming her Olivia Silena Jackson. But, when she had been born, Annabeth saw that same sweet nature in her eyes that she saw in her wonderful mother in law, Sally.

Instead of going by the name she had been legally given, the family all called her by the nickname her older sister had given her even before she was born, Olive.

As Annabeth helped her daughter into her jacket and shoes, Sarah picked up her heavy back-pack, which she would be lugging to Camp Half-Blood.

When Sarah had been born, her grandmother, Athena, had given her a special birthday gift. Until she was twelve, her blood would have the scent of human blood, keeping the monsters away.

And Sarah's twelfth birthday was only a few weeks away.

Sarah had pretended for the sake of her parents that she was excited to be following in her parent's footsteps and going to Camp Half-Blood. But she couldn't manage to act like that today, to only tell herself the good things she knew about camp.

Aside from training non-stop and the threat of quests, Sarah had never been away from her parents or little sister for this long.

The only comfort she had was that her best friend for the last three years, Lyle, who happened to be a son of Hephaestus, was going to be there this year with her, too. He wouldn't be in the same cabin,and their schedules would probably be completely different. But it was nice to know that she had one friend there.

Chiron. who ran the camp, had known Sarah since she was seven, and he was like another grandfather to her. He had tried to make it so that Camp would be easier on her this year. He had even given her the pick of which cabin she wanted, Poseidon or Athena. But, when she chose Athena, thinking it would be best because there were people there to help her along, the Athena cabin began renovations that would leave no room for Sarah for two months and Poseidon had claimed a twelve year old daughter, Elise.

But, other than that little blip, Chiron had everything in order for little Sarah. He had given her a special pick of electives before anyone else could take them, had sent her a summer schedule, and had especially made sure that her cabin was ready for the new arrivals. But Sarah couldn't help but be scared for Camp, and she especially prayed that she wouldn't get chosen for a quest.

And she had every reason to be scared at she would. Aside from being one of the most powerful demigods alive herself, Sarah's parents were legends at camp, basically holding the record for most successful quests. Everyone would want a Jackson on their quest, and one had finally become available.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Annabeth asked as she stood up from buttoning her daughter's jacket.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Sarah nodded as she followed her mother out to the hallway and to the elevator.

"'Ere is 'Ara going?" Olive asked as Sarah pressed the button for the garage in the elevator, and Sarah froze. She didn't want to be the one to tell her.

"Well, Olive," Annabeth began, "Sarah is going to camp this summer."

"What's damp?"

"Camp, Olive," Annabeth smiled as she corrected her daughter.

"What's camp?" Olive asked as the elevator door dinged open, and Sarah was fast to get ahead of them so that she wouldn't have to be there when Olive started crying. She just couldn't take it when Olive started crying.

"Camp is kind of like daycare, where you play games with your friends. But you stay there," Annabeth explained, not exactly sure how to put it.

"Stay there?" Olive asked, clearly not understanding, and Annabeth took a deep breath before explaining completely.

Sarah handed her backpack to her father, who was waiting by Annabeth's SUV.

Percy was a handsome guy, with tanned Olive skin and bright green eyes. And he had that 'Better With Age' feel to him, like George Clooney or something. Everyone in Sarah's school thought he was cute, which drove Sarah insane.

Percy was a good business man. A great friend. A talented soldier. And a wonderful husband. But he had been born to be a dad.

"All 'ummer?" Olive wailed, unable to believe that her older sister could be gone for so long.

Sarah felt her stomach clench as she anticipated Olive's tears, and she climbed into the backseat of the SUV, sending Lyle a text.

Just told O. Going to be sick.


While Lyle comforted Sarah, Percy went into action to comfort Olive.

"But Sarah will call all the time. We'll see her on Fourth of July. And we can go see her other times, too. You'll barely notice she's gone, Olive," Percy smiled at the three year old, and Olive stared up into his eyes, which were the same beautiful shade of green as hers.

Olive smiled, showing off her baby teeth, and Percy's heart warmed. While Percy went to start the car, Annabeth picked Olive up to put her in her carseat.

Though it had been over three years, it suddenly felt like that snowy December morning where Annabeth had brought Olive home for the first time. She still felt that fire strike through her, where she was worried that she would be a bad mother to this new baby That the little girl would feel as unloved and run away, just as Annabeth had done herself all those years ago.

Annabeth wouldn't be able to take that.

Percy had been the one to push having another baby, and he had been so excited to find out that they had a miracle of Annabeth being able to get pregnant with Olive. Even taking it to extrememes by basically babysitting his wife to make sure she didn't do anything that could potentially harm the baby, including banning coke.

But, when Annabeth had held Olive for the first time, she had felt motherly love surge through her, even becoming equal to Percy's, which everyone had assumed was impossible.

As Annabeth pulled herself into the passenger seat, she let worry for Sarah set in

Percy pressed the radio dial and set it to an upbeat Taylor Swift song to lighten the mood.

This didn't work on the Jackson women though.

Every one of them was worried.

Sarah for the danger ahead of her and for her little sister.

Annabeth for her daughter having to grow up so soon.

And Olive for her big sister, though she was too young to understand all of the danger her older sister was in.

It took a long time to get to the forest where the camp waited, and Sarah became more and more scared as her dad pulled the car to a stop.

She heeled her dad with the bags, and Annabeth carried Olive through the forest.

Chiron was waiting for them. He had said hello to the other campers of course, but he had really come to say hello to his favorite family, the Jacksons.

He had basically raised Annabeth, and he was like another dad to Percy. And their two daughters. Oh, how he loved those two! They were the best parts of his favorite people, and Chiron couldn't imagine liking anyone more than he liked them. Of course he loved them, too, but he also liked them as people. And there aren't many who can say that about their loved ones.

"Girls!" Chiron smiled, and Sarah put her heavy book bag down to hug Chiron. Annabeth put Olive down, and the little girl toddled over to Chiron, who happily iced up the little girl.

"C'Ron!" Olive giggled happily, and Percy couldn't help but smile as he watched the person who had taught him how to become lethal played with a toddler.

"Elise should be here any minute, Sarah," Chiron tried to reassure Sarah, though it didn't do much, and Sarah thanked Chiron.

After some more hugs, they started to go down the hill to the Camp.

Five years later…

As Chiron went on to talk to some more campers after the annual group hug, Sarah picked up her sister's last bag, seeing there her parents were about to fall over with the others.

So maybe they did fight a lot, even on the drive to camp, but Sarah did feel scared for her baby sister, Olive.

The age difference between the two hadn't been a problem until about a year ago.

All of her friends had freedom, including all of their shiny new drivers licenses, but Sarah was always stuck babysitting. And, even worse, Olive had basically become perfect.

She was beautiful, with long blonde curls and sea green eyes. Olive was smart, smarter than Sarah had been at her age. She was a gymnast prodigy. And she made friends so easily, something Sarah still couldn't do.

But none of that mattered today.

It was Olive's first day of camp, which had been demanded after all of the trouble Sarah had gotten into with monsters in the last few years.

And Sarah was determined to help her.

This made Olive smile.

it had been so long since her sister had protected her, and it was something that she had missed so much.

Olive had no clue why she had her sister had suddenly started fighting all the time.

Olive still loved her sister like she had hung the moon. She fought along, too, of course. but, if they could put down their weapons and agree again, olive would in a heartbeat.

The family all stumbled as they went down the hill.

Annabeth had the biggest load to carry, which consisted of Olive's overpacked suitcase and the hand of the son of Hermes, Hercules AKA Harry, who they had adopted when he was three, making it about three years ago.

But she still managed to smile at her daughters.

It had been almost a year since she had seen the two girls get along this well.

Percy would've been smiling if he still hadn't been sick from Sarah's attempts to outsmart traffic.

Aside from the fact that he was forced to teach Sarah how to drive, he loved his life.

He had been married to the woman he loved for almost ten years. He had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful son, which he had taken two years to get Annabeth to agree to.

Then again, everyone was pretty happy these days.

Calli had remarried and lived in the Hamptons with her blueblood husband and three children, Amanda, 13, Franklin JR, 9, and Eliza, 7.

Sally lived in the townhouse next door to her son and three grandchildren, which meant she could basically see them whenever she wanted to.

Matthew, Annabeth's half-brother, is settled down in DC and is expecting two new additions to his family, a baby girl and a baby boy.

And Malcolm and Katie decided that Kevin shouldn't be an only child and had two more children, Izzie and Halley.

Sarah couldn't help but smile as Lyle came into view, standing in front of his cabin.

Sarah wasn't sure if he had suddenly gotten cute or if she was just now noticing.

It had been six months since Sarah had realized her crush on Lyle.

Sarah had wanted to get out of the house while everyone got ready for Olive's birthday, and lyle had agreed to hang out with her at the snow-covered park that was in between where they both lived.

Even bundled up to protect himself from the snow, Lyle looked hotter than July. His dark brown curls were effortlessly perfect, and his eyes were a deep sea blue. His smile was dazzling and his laugh mesmerizing. He was about 6'2, even though he was only sixteen, and training had done well for him.

While Sarah was just figuring out her crush on him, Lyle had known that he was in love with Sarah for years. And, almost everyday, Lyle would tell her that the beautiful grey color of her eyes was his favorite he had never really listened until that day, with the snow falling around him and his amazing blue eyes looking into hers.

As the family reached the horseshoe of cabins, Harry took off, leaving his mother's grasp.

Three Years Later…


The nine year old turned back to his mother.

He instantly felt bad for running off to see the new memorial for the Second Titan War that his mother had designed.

His oldest sister, Sarah, had been a freshman in Columbia this year. And, even though she was close by, Annabeth still missed having her baby girl with her and wished she could have spent her summer at home instead of camp.

Sarah couldn't help but smile.

Everything seemed to have changed in the last year.

Camp had changed Olive. Like Sarah had years before her, she had outgrown her girly stage, and this had helped smooth things over between the sisters, making them good friends like they had been before.

The kids that Sarah used to babysit were now babysitters themselves.

And the camp newbies that Sarah had seen every year were now also veterans.

But Harry was still the same.

"Sorry," Harry ran back to their mother.

Percy ruffled his son's hair. He loved his daughters. But he also loved having another guy in the house. Someone to throw a baseball with. And someone to roll his eyes with when the girls take forever getting ready.

"How much longer until I can to go camp?" Harry pouted as he laced his fingers through Annabeth's.

"A few more years, Kiddo," Olive laughed.

Harry steamed.

Olive was only two years older than him. But, by the way she acted, you would think it was two decades.

"You excited for California, Harry?" Annabeth was quick to remind him about his summer with his grandparents.

Harry hadn't seen those grandparents very much since they lived on the other side of the country, but Harry was excited to be spending the summer with them.

If anything, he saw it as a freedom.

None of his older sisters ever got to go spend the summer in California without their parents. And Harry thought it was about time that he show that he wasn't that little three year old who had joined their family all those years ago. That he was a big boy, not a baby anymore.

While Harry babbled on about how much fun he was going to have in California, Sarah's phone buzzed with a text from her boyfriend of two years.

Almost there. Can't wait to spend the summer with you.


Sarah smiled at the phone.

They both had gone to Columbia together, both taking their love for helping and healing by going Pre-Med. Their dorm rooms were close to each other. And it hadn't even been three weeks since Lyle had gotten in his car and drove the three hour drive to the small town, where his mother now owned a store.

But Sarah did have to admit that she had missed him.

She quickly typed something back to Lyle, and she reached over to help her little sister with her bags.

As had been planned, they looked amazing to come to camp today so that the Aphrodite girls would have nothing to sneer about. But these girls barely needed any help in that area. With such attractive parents, it would be basically impossible to not be at least pretty. But Sarah and Olive were undoubtedly beautiful and getting better by the day.

Sarah smiled as she began the job of opening up the new and improved Poseidon's cabin, typing in the code just inside the door.

The glass to protect the cabin from the rain opened up, and the blue curtains wafted in the summer breeze. The marble floors glistened in the sunlight, and the fountains gurgled to life. The furniture looked brand new, even though it was almost as old as Sarah, and the roof, which was a patented design by a Hephaestus kid, suddenly turned to glass, with a slight blue tent like you were looking from underwater.

The five of them quickly got to work unpacking bags and claiming beds.

Annabeth purposely took her time.

She took so long, intact, that Percy had already kissed the kids goodbye and taken Harry to the lake. And Olive had already ran off to the rock climbing wall to get some early practice in before the other kids arrived.

After a while, Sarah came to sit by her mother, who was making sure that they had everything before she left.

"You okay, Mom?" Sarah pushed her hair behind her ear.

"Yeah, I''m just thinking of the first time we brought you to this cabin.

Sarah smiled at the memory.

"I was seven, right?"

"Yeah, we brought you here to meet Chiron. He basically fell in love with you on the spot," Annabeth smiled as she looked around the cabin.

She had her own memories for the place, ones of her youth with Percy. But, as she sat here, she realized that her daughter had memories of her own here.

Like making peace with her sister years ago as they counted the stairs on the marble floor.

Or meeting her best friend/aunt, Elise.

And even sliding to the floor, smiling like a lunatic after her first kiss with Lyle at the beach.

Annabeth was realizing that her baby girl had grown up on her.

"This was your favorite place to come, you know," Annabeth smiled, as she looked around the cabin.

"I remember. When the nightmares got really bad," Sarah frowned at the memory of her prophecy, which still made her sick if she thought about it too long, "you used to drive me here because I only felt safe with the barrier."

Annabeth laced her fingers through her daughter's and squeezed three times.

I love you.

Sarah smiled at their old tradition, which she had almost forgotten about until now.

Sarah couldn't help but lean over and hug her mother.

"I love you, Sarah."

"I love you, too, Mommy," Sarah forced herself not to cry.

She had been holding in her worries for so long that she could barely stand it anymore. The truth was that she missed missed being home with her family. She missed fighting with Olive over stupid things. She missed it all, every annoying quirk of her brother's and every tender moment of family time.

Annabeth couldn't help but want to stay in this moment, where her daughter became her little girl again.

Fifteen Years Later…


I quickly signed onto my e-mail account.

Thirteen new messages.

Five for work.

Five from friends.

And then my favorite three.


The bar is coming up soon. Cross your fingers. I don't think I can handle taking just one more year of law school. We still on for dinner at your place? Or is it a pizza night for me? ;D

Call me later.


My son.

I went to the next email and looked at picture attached, and I smiled at the picture of the a newspaper.

New York times raves that Heritage "…brings Greek Mythology to modern day, with exciting adventures, and it'll grab you from page one and keep you coming back for more"

I looked down to the rest of the email to see how my daughter was reacting.

Mom, can you believe it?

My book tour went perfect! Everyone is demanding me to finish the series.

Gotta go. My flight is boarding. I'll call you when I'm back in the States.


I smiled even wider as I went down to the last email, from my last child, Sarah.

Loving Tahiti. I can't believe I've seriously been married for eight years. Best anniversary ever.

How is Atty? I miss her so much.

I finally understand what you meant when you said you missed me on your honeymoon.

Tell Atty and Dad I love them!


As if on cue of me thinking about my granddaughter, Athena Annabeth McCloud, I heard a door squeak upstairs and little feet come down the stairs.

As a surprise for their eighth anniversary, Lyle, Sarah's husband, had bought them a second honeymoon to Tahiti. They had left four days ago, leaving little Atty with us. Surprisingly, Atty, who hated being without her parents, had been fine, and Sarah had been the one who continuously missed Atty.


I smiled as I swirled around to look at my granddaughter.

When Atty had been born, I had detested the thought of being called grandmother. But everyone had decided that I would be called Grandmother. But, one day, when we were babysitting Atty, she heard me called "Anna-Banana" by Percy. And she had tried to repeat it, only it came out as "Anna-Nana", which I loved.

"Good morning, Cutie."

As I looked at my granddaughter, I saw that Lyle had been right when he had smiled wide when his daughter was born, saying she looked just like her mother. Other than Lyle's chin, her face was exactly like her mother's had been when she was her age. Her eyes were the same navy blue of her fathers, and her long dark brown hair had the same curls of her mother's hair. And she happened to adore green, just like her mom had.

I couldn't help but see Sarah when I looked at Atty.

And I had to remind myself that Sarah was all grown up, with her own daughter.

"I found this in Mom's old room," Atty pulled a green scrapbook from behind her back, and I remembered making it with my two daughters right before Sarah moved out and into the Columbia dorm room.

I stood up and motioned for Atty to join me on the couch.

As Atty curled around me, I opened the first page, where we saw Sarah on her first day of school in New York.

Atty knew about Eric and Jill, and she even knew Renee's grandchildren as her family. But I wasn't quite sure that she truly understood our past. So, I prayed that she wouldn't start asking why there were only pictures from when Sarah was seven and older in this book.

"Is that Mommy?" Atty pointed to a picture of Sarah at our wedding.

"Yeah, that's your mom."

"…She looks like me," Atty's eyes were full of shock as she looked up at me.

"She does, doesn't she?" I pushed some hair out of Atty's eyes.

Atty kept looking through pictures, as if mesmerized by the fact that her mother used to be her age.

"Anna-Nana? Who is that?" Atty pointed towards a picture of Sarah and Lyle playing Uno in the living room.

"That's your dad, Atty."

"That's…" Atty seemed to forget to finish her sentence as she looked down at the photo of her parents when they were just little kids.

I knew it was weird for me, seeing a picture of my daughter when she was eight while taking care of her daughter of about the same age. But I couldn't imagine how weird it must be for Atty, looking at her parents as kids.

Atty stopped almost every picture to ask me questions.

Like how could that really be Aunt Olive as a baby?

Or Uncle Harry was always that mischievous?



I tried to seem alert, but I had felt like an answer-zombie for the last half-hour, praying that my husband would wake up and get started on breakfast to distract our granddaughter.

"Are you happy?"

"What do you mean, Atty?"

"With how everything worked out?" Atty sat up straighter to look into my eyes, and I forced myself not to think of how Sarah had done that when she was a little kid.

"It was…unexpected. But I wouldn't trade any of this for the world, especially not you," I tapped her on the nose, and Atty laughed happily, her smile wide.

"I love you, Anna-Nana."

"I love you, too, Athena. I love you, too," I kissed the top of her head.


I looked back to the goddess of love and looked down at my stomach.


I named her Sarah.

"That was what would happen if you get in that car," Aphrodite pointed towards my SUV, which still sat unlocked.

I had just unlocked it.

I knew I had.

But it felt like forever ago, before the goddess of love had suddenly appeared to me. Before she had showed me my life, my future.

"You get everything you want. Just a few years of unhappiness. You get Percy. You get Sarah. And two more children. And your career," Aphrodite told me, trying not to seem prejudice against that option.

"And this is what happens if you don't go…"

Suddenly, I was transported again.

My life flashed before me, just as it had before.

Running back to Percy. Talking over what we should do, including the option of adoption. And finally deciding that we should keep our future child, even if it'll be hard. We worked it through, though were still times where we wanted to throw in the towel.

And then our daughter was born, Sarah.

Everything seemed to sort of fall into place then. It was hard. But, with adorable little Sarah with us, it seemed worth it. I stayed out of college for a semester after Sarah was born and went back in, with Sally being our savior by taking care of Sarah while we were in school.

When Percy graduated, things got a million times better.

With my studying help, everyone wanted him to work with them. He also got a lot of time to take care of Sarah, which helped me as I finished out. And then there was one special morning.

I had woken up one morning, and I had soon found that Percy was up. And, though it was 9:30, when Sarah always cried bloody murder, I heard no screams from next door. Seeing as Percy had clearly already gotten up and taken care of our daughter, I was in a pretty good mood in the first place. And then the smell of Bacon drifted into the bedroom, which made me smile even wider. I had come into the kitchen to see Percy making breakfast, including two-year Sarah by asking to taste test. As I always did, I got right into helping with breakfast.

While I was making French Toast, I had asked Sarah to help me come and get things, as Percy did. So, I didn't really take too much notice of when Percy handed something to Sarah and asked her to bring it to me. Without looking, I had taken it, thinking it was the egg I needed.

And I gasped and almost dropped it when I found a ring box, with my dream ring inside.

It didn't take long until we had private wedding at Camp, where Thalia was happily my maid of honor despite Artemis's objections.

Life went on. Sarah grew up. And we finally got our careers in order, much later than in the other life and with many more hard times, Percy with a small company called Rift Raft Boards and me with an architecture company with my brother, Malcolm. We had never really discussed another child, we never had time.

But, right before I turned thirty, I got pregnant with a daughter. And we were as excited as if we had planned for another child.

We had Olive, and we adopted a son, Hercules, a few years later.

And we were… happy.

Almost all the way through.

Sure, sometimes we would wonder what would be happening if we hadn't gotten pregnant young with Sarah. And there were a lot of hard times, times where you would almost think it would break you.

But we were happy.

Suddenly, just as I was talking to my infant granddaughter, who happened to be Olive's daughter, I was brought back to looking at Aphrodite.

"This life is much harder, but…" Aphrodite trailed off.

I nodded, placing my hand on my stomach, as I tried to think it all over.

"You can make your choice, Annabeth," Aphrodite snapped her fingers, and she slowly faded, leaving me alone in a parking garage.

And I looked back to the elevator and then to the car.

I was happy either way, right?

And I got my daughter, and Percy, and two other children in the end.

So, which did I want to choose?

Daughter and harder life?

Easier life and get daughter later?

And then I made my choice.

It didn't take me long to get where I was going.

Or maybe it did.

But I couldn't think about time.

It seemed completely irrelevant compared to the idea of having a daughter, of the choices I now had to make.

I kept thinking of it, of what I had now chosen. Of the life I had officially given of. Of the happiness that I had given up from certain aspects of my life. Of the things that I would never feel. And of the pain that I wouldn't feel either.

And then the elevator door dinger open, showing me a boy mashing the button to go down.

Then he looked at me, and he froze, his mouth forming an 'O'.


Before I could even think to say anything else, I stepped out of the elevator, and he wrapped his arms tightly around me as he took deep breaths, as if trying to calm himself down.

"I thought you were gone," his salty tears wet my neck, and I let my tears fall, smiling into his neck.

I had thought about leaving.

About getting my career and the live I always wanted and still getting the family I wanted.

But it all seemed to petty now.

As he held me close, crying as he thought about losing me, I realized that I also couldn't lose him. That the pain I had felt in the other life was too much when I could easily have this. This perfect moment, where nothing could ever be better really.

And I haven't even had the baby yet.

"So did I."

The End.

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