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Warning: Somewhat bitter-sweet ending leading into a sequel that I can promise will eventually have a happy ending. Enjoy!

"Come on, Bulma," Chi Chi whined. "You have to come."

"I don't know, Chi," Bulma said. She had been depressed since Vegeta had left and with everything else going on.

Tarble was in therapy, as per his grandmother's suggestion. After Vegeta had left, Tarble had this fear to be alone. Someone had to be with him at all times. Bulma, Nappa, Turna, and Mrs. Briefs all took turns spending time with him. When he went to school, he usually stayed around the teachers, but he was always on guard waiting for someone else to disappear.

Mrs. Briefs and Bulma moved out of Capsule Corp when Dr. Briefs found out Bulma was pregnant. He was enraged and called her every derogatory name in the book. Bulma didn't care until he started badmouthing Vegeta. Mrs. Briefs had heard what happened from Bulma, slapped the man in the face, and demanded a divorce. She just couldn't take it anymore and Bulma didn't need to put up with it either, especially with the baby on the way.

Nappa and Turna happily took Bulma and Mrs. Briefs into their home. Bulma brought all of Vegeta's things with her. She put all of his clothes in the closet with hers as if he were there and kept his mother's journal on the nightstand. She knew that one day he'd be back for it. Bulma had found his mother's wedding ring in his dresser drawer and made sure to put it in a safe place. She would never give up on him. He would return and she would marry him as they had planned.

"Why not?" Chi Chi whined some more.

"Because I'm getting so big, Chi. I'll look horrible in a dress."

"That's not true, B," Goku replied. "You're having a baby. You look beautiful all the time like Chi Chi does." Chi Chi and Bulma smiled at Goku's innocent comment. Normally if a girl's boyfriend said that to another girl, it meant something, but Goku was NOT like other guys. "Besides, Chi Chi said she found a dress that looked good on her and you will too."

"Exactly!" Chi Chi exclaimed. "You'd be surprised how many dresses will cover it up."

"I don't want to go to prom, guys," Bulma responded raising her voice a little. "It won't be the same without-" She stopped herself and both Goku and Chi Chi frowned. They knew how much she missed Vegeta, but they hoped she'd go to prom and they would keep her mind off of him. No one should ever miss their senior prom.

"Please, Bulma," Goku pleaded. "Raditz said he'd take you."

Bulma chuckled through her tears. "Thank you, Goku, and thank your brother for me too. If it means so much to you, I'll go."

"Yay!" Chi Chi cheered hugging her friend.

Vegeta never stopped watching her. He always kept his distance on any of his breaks from being an enforcer (and somehow finishing his high school work without attending). It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that she was pregnant. He started saving up money to put in her account once he figured out how to hack it for both Tarble and the baby.

One day, when the house was empty, he broke in. Well, he used a key, but he was still technically breaking in. He went upstairs and found the room Bulma was staying in. It was so obvious by all of the paintings on the walls. Vegeta looked over to the nightstand and found his mother's journal and turned it to two sections in the book.

Well, my son,

If you came to this section of the journal, then congratulations. You're going to become a father. I understand that becoming a parent is difficult, but it is the best thing anyone can ask for. I know I have said it before and I will always believe this: you and your brother are the best things that ever happened to me. I need to admit something to you now. I was terrified when I was pregnant with you, but not at the prospect of becoming a parent. I knew there would be a day where I had to tell you this. Your father is really your step-father. The day I found out I was pregnant, your real father was taken from me. I never found out how, other than he was murdered. Your real father was a great man, a lawyer and a kind-hearted soul. You definitely got his personality. He would have loved to have known, but I didn't get to him in time. You may be asking why I chose to find someone else, but I must tell you, the idea of raising a child alone is very difficult and I needed help. But I still loved being your mother. So just promise me, that whoever the lucky girl is, you let her know that you're there for her. She needs you, Vegeta.

All my love.

This should be an exciting day for you, Vegeta. Your senior prom. I'm sure you will look very handsome. I don't have much advice except wear a tux, make sure the colors match the dress of your date or are neutral, and don't forget the corsage. I wish you could have heard me laugh at that. Just be yourself and have fun. You've worked so hard and you deserve a night of fun. Just no drinking! Haha, sorry, I wouldn't be your mom if I didn't give at least one lecture. Anyway, have fun. I love you.

Vegeta had the night of the prom off and he was sure the harpy would convince Bulma to go at some point. The theme, he already knew, was masquerade, meaning he could get in without calling attention to himself and spend this one night with Bulma. He found, after a few weeks, that he couldn't live without her.

"You look very pretty tonight, Bulma," Raditz told her. Bulma's hair was curled with part of it up in a ponytail. Her dress was navy blue and covered her stomach up pretty well.

"Thank you," she said meekly. She felt weird being there with her best friend's brother and fiancé's friend.

"I know you wish he was here," Raditz admitted. "I just didn't want you to sit at home while everyone was here having fun."

"I know. I appreciate it. I just wish he didn't have to miss this." Anyone who didn't know her would have thought she meant the dance, but resting her arms over her stomach implied something else.

"Knowing Vegeta, he'll fine away." Bulma didn't notice Raditz slipping her hand to another. She only noticed when she looked up and saw a masked man a black tux with a navy blue shirt and hair like a flame.

"Oh my…" she trailed off. The man smirked and looked over to Raditz. Bulma turned to face Raditz who just winked and ran off.

"Is it really you?" Bulma asked when the two of them were alone, tears already forming.

Vegeta lifted her mask and wiped away her tears. "Of course it is. You didn't think I'd let you go to prom alone, now did you? I have never left you alone and I never will."

Vegeta put his hand on her stomach and they both felt the baby kick. Bulma smiled brightly at him and removed his mask.

"You know, most girls would think it's creepy that a guy is stalking them," she teased. "Thankfully, I'm not like most girls."

Vegeta smirked at her and hugged her close to him. "Thank you for keeping my mother's journal. I wanted to let you know that I will help any way I can with the baby…I just can't-"

She cut him off with a kiss. When they broke apart she said, "I understand, Vegeta. Just know, I will always wait for you."

"As soon as I get out of this, I will be with you. We'll go on with our lives. This I vow to you."

They never did go back to the prom, but to the park, where they would always find solace from the hectic lives they would now lead; however, they would always know they were not alone.


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