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Chapter 1



I hate moving. It sucks massive balls.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I'm moving from Maryland to the state of Washington. I'm currently in my studio loft apartment surrounded by a bunch of crap…you heard me right crap otherwise known as mementos from my life here in Baltimore. Despite my comment, I'm pretty proud of the life I've created here. Baltimore was my first real home and it holds so many memories.

Huh…I'm getting all chocked up again.

Damn, I need to use the restroom. I've been holding it in for an hour, because that's when I realized I had boxed myself into a tiny corner of the living room. Tiptoeing through the masses, I wonder how I accumulated so much stuff in the past five years. I'm a type of person who likes to settle down, or in other words stay put. I've experienced my share of moving from the age 7 to 16 years old. My mom was a huge flake, who dragged us across the continental USA!

I was born in Forks, Washington; my parents were high school sweethearts at Forks High. My dad was the quarterback and my mom the cheerleader. They were married quickly and my dad decided he wanted to be a cop and my mom got her teaching degree, I came soon after. My mom hated the small town she grew up in and my dad was still the town's prized boy so he refused to move. So you can guess correctly…she left my dad high and dry dragging me along when I was seven. Then she proceeded to move us around from one big city to the next until I was sixteen years old. New York, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Arizona, Orlando, Charlotte, you name it we lived there; my mom was a school teacher and she always adjusted quickly to our multiple homes. That was until she met Phil Dwyer; generally I thought he was a great guy and was really nice to me. I assume he had money he bought me plenty of things but I could still tell he was real genuine guy, not someone try to pretend he cares or buy my affection. He treated my mom like a queen, so I couldn't really ask for anymore for her. He played major league baseball for the Chicago Cubs and was younger than she was. I was happy for her; lord knows I had seen too many of her failed relationships to turn me off to "boys". We moved too often for me to ever make friends. I've always been alone or often times sweep up in my mom's random activities. I was never in a school longer than 4-6 months at a time, and I didn't even want to try and make friends. I'm not good at relationships, of any nature.

Anyway, she got married and wanted "alone time" with her new hubby. Meanwhile, I was shipped of to Forks and the father I barely knew. I wasn't scared or worried; even though Charlie was a stranger to me. After mom left him, he kept in contact for a year or two afterwards then an occasional phone call around Christmas or my birthday, if he could find us.

When I got to Forks at sixteen I was itching to get away from either parent. I did my time in Forks keeping my nose in my books, so I could get into a great school and get the heck out of the small rainy town. I hated the weather there; I hated the small town where everyone was so damn nosey. My dad was a homebody, unless he was fishing, he was always home. I was use to living with my mother who was never home so I had plenty of privacy. She spent her evenings on dates and weekends doing on her many hobbies or visiting socialites. Living with my dad, who had no emotion what so ever… was like a prison. He came home after his shift as the Police Chief, to sit and watch ESPN. Then on the weekend if he had off, he go fishing with his buddies.

After graduation I moved from Forks, I hoped to start a new independent life and was looking forward to staying put. That didn't happen but that's an even longer story.

Though, now here I sit packing again to get ready to move for the third time since I left Forks. The sadder part was I was moving back to Washington.

I wasn't really going to miss Baltimore, it was a nice city but it never quite fit. Either way I had tons of happy memories here.


My best and only friend in Baltimore came rushing in to my studio apartment.

"He proposed….He proposed I had no idea" She was the happiest I'd ever seen her. She was actually squealing, I'm never seen her so happy…I smiled to myself.

"OH…Angela, I'm soo happy for you"

"You don't sound surprised. Man…did you know he was going to propose?"

I couldn't fake…darn it "Yeah, he wanted my help picking out the ring. What do you think?" Looking at the ring I had seen before.

"Awww…that was considerate of him. I love it! Not too small, but not bulky looking either. I hope he didn't spend too much."

"I don't know…I'm sure it fit thin some type of massive budget planner he has" I joked. Ben Cheney was an accountant and he was always trying to do financial planning consulting on the side. He had tried to corner me one too me times. I was just too stubborn to seek any help.

"You're probably right, but I love him. You have to come back for the wedding you're going to be my maid of honor" I just smiled, I didn't want to make any promises and it would depend if I had the money to come back.

"So…Where are my loves?... buried under these boxes?"

"Ha ha ha, no they're napping…SO please stop shouting!"

We both laughed neither of us were loud people. Angela and I were so a like it was scary. I met her seven months after I moved to Baltimore. I was pregnant and in labor and she was my attending nurse. I knew she felt sorry for me that day. I was 21 in labor and alone. She didn't turn her nose up at me or look down on me as so many people did and still do. She was comforting and I was scared shitless. After I had my twins we talked and found out we had so much in common books, movies, music. Plus she never pried as to why I was all alone or about the father; I wasn't ready to venture down that part of my past, with anyone. Lord knows many questioned. My twins were just too gorgeous to be all mine. During our five year friendship I never mentioned my parents or anything about my past. In my opinion there was nothing there to talk about.

Either way it was the happiest day of my life when we met. That was the same day I met Gabriel Anthony and Mathew Edward Swan. They're all I need in the world my everything. They're fraternal twins, Gabriel takes after me with my brown- mahogany hair and he has my nose. Mathew on the other hand…he's a little replica of a man I barely knew. Both had the most unique hair color I ever seen. Its copper mixed with a little red and it's all over the place, I can't seem get it to stay put. I have to go to war with both my sons' hair, but it is useless. I remember the grown-up version and I can't say that, the sexy hair wasn't a part of my initial attraction. Then there were their eyes bright green emeralds eyes, it was hard looking at my sons sometimes.

They were my light at the end of the tunnel.

I looked over to see that Angela had started to help me pack; I knew she was really sad to see us go. We're like family, sisters.

I sat back down in front of my small TV stand and started packing away the boys DVDs. I was hoarder; I have DVDs that go back to their Baby Einstein days. I couldn't help it; I was sucker for keeping anything remotely sentimental. I knew that I needed to place more of my items in the trash or donate boxes. There won't be room for it all where we're going.

I couldn't help drift back to their father. It's been five years but it still hurts like it was yesterday. He was gorgeous and really sweet.

I was never that into boys in school they just weren't that interesting. I really never had admires until I went to Forks High. I guess I saw a little of what they had been attracted to. I had plain brown hair, but the tints of red in it was the only thing I like about my hair. I've always been tiny even after my boys were born. I have more curves since them but I still wouldn't consider myself "hot". My face is plain, I never wear make-up it's too much trouble. I'm not looking to attract much attention from the opposite sex, even if a guy was interested in dating a single, my boys consume all my time. Angela tried one-time to set me up on date and it ended in disaster. She knows I like geeky guys, but this guy was beyond abnormal and I'm convinced he was also not of a sound mind. Sitting in the restaurant he stands up to act out some Star Trek scene when I mentioned I wasn't a Star Trek fan. Apparently that was enough of insult for him, after I was embarrassed to no end in the restaurant he promptly left since I was not a "treky". She has not tried to set me up again since then.

There was Mike Newton, he was the star of Fork High's…baseball, basketball, football teams. The town loved him and he loved to harass me. He was like my dad and my dad encouraged his courting of me. There wasn't a day that went by when he wasn't all up my butt! I never gave him the time of day. He was way too cocky, talkative and umm… what could you call it.. hmmm a little self-involved. I avoided him and the other many admires I had. I went to prom with my dad's best friend son…hot right! Nope!...Well he was hot! He was tall and had muscles to die for. When I came down the stairs of my dad's small house I was stunned to see my dad picked a winner in the looks department. His hair was long and shiny hanging down on his broad muscular shoulders. The tux he wore sculpted to him perfectly and I could just imagine the abs hiding beneath his shirt. When he took my hand I had felt warm all over and blushed I'm sure all over my body as I thought about his long figures wrapping around me. At first I was worried it would be awkward… a set-up pity date from my dad. But Jacob was hot and actually pretty fun, he didn't go to Forks High. He went to school on the small reservation near Forks. We spent the whole night cracking jokes about my classmates and it was the best time I ever spent in Forks. At the end of the night he walked to me to my door and gave me my first kiss. It was a little too wet for me and then he got grabby, until I pushed him away. He apologized almost immediately; he thought we had hit off. I just wasn't ready to take that step just yet. I didn't hear from again after that night, but that was understandable as that night was one of my last weeks in Forks, before leaving for summer session of college.

I dated a little in college, mostly hook-ups from my roommate. By the time I was a junior I was tired of being a virgin and I hadn't kissed a guy since Jacob.

I was interrupted from my memories by my two angels….well I like to call them angels, but judging by the familiar sound of glass breaking I don't think so.

Angela was the first to pop and take off towards the kitchen, while my clumsy ass tripped over boxes that were in my way. By the time I made it to the kitchen the boys had on their sweetest sad face, they knew how to get me to crumble. I glanced at Angela who was clutching her stomaching laughing at my cookie monsters trying to nab snacks before dinner time.

I took my strong mother stance that I've perfected to fight against my boys damn cute button faces."Don't even give me those faces; go to your room while I clean this up."

"Sorry, mommy… it's his fault" my twins said together, then proceed to grumble blame as they retreated to their room. Once they rounded out the kitchen I could hear them take off in a run, as I shouted a reminder no running in the house. My apartment was considered a studio but it had a small loft area that I set up as the boys' room. I slept on the pull out couch in the main room.

When you walked into my place it's a very wide open space. I loved the kitchen it's a rectangular shape that you have to walk into from the main area and then turn into the clove for the kitchen. The only bathroom was on the main level and I had done it in a Toys Story theme. There were stairs that leaded up to the small loft area. It is the perfect size for my guys, and I would give them anything to make their lives a little easier.

I couldn't fight the smile that graced my face once the boys left. I hit Angela on shoulder to get her giggles to cease. I cleaned up the chocolate chip cookies scatter across the floor and looked at the broken cookie jar. It was actually a sesame street cookie monster jar. I found it on eBay and instantly bought it, before my parents' divorce my mom use to record Sesame Street episodes so she could put them in VCR, when she needed time to herself. I loved the show. My boys weren't that interested, but it was classic and I wanted to share my childhood with them.

"How did we miss the cookie snatchers coming down here?"

"We were in deep…what's the plan? How are you getting all this crap to Seattle?"

"I rented a U-Haul"

"You're taking the twin 5-year olds terrors on a weeklong car ride…I don't believe it"

"You know it's all I can afford"

"I would offer to help, but I know that would only end in a fight. Let me help you get this up"

"You know me best"

I knew Angela was joking; they weren't terrors, but very sweet boys. Though I knew they would be terrors on the week long car trip. I could barely afford this move, and knew we'd have to sleep in the truck during some of our week long journey. Times were hard.

This wasn't how I expected my life to go.