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Chapter 21


Summer is closing up and I'm excited to see autumn roll in. I always love the winter time. When Renee and I lived in states that got snow, it was always my favorite time of year. She would make ice cream out of snow and she was always willing to take me to the park to build snowmen. I think snow is the only love my mother and I shared together.

Living in Baltimore has given me and the boys a great chance to experience every season to the fullest. ..well almost.

It's been a week since Angela's wedding and my almost kiss with Edward.

We haven't gone farther since then. He stills spends all his time at our apartment even though his place is bigger.

I love his place, but I don't feel right asking to come over and cook in that magnificent kitchen. Even though I really want to!

His place is very spacious and open. Hey says the building was just recently "renovated completely". The building is huge, but there are only four units on each floor of the high rise and then a penthouse on the top level. Two of the units on each floor are large two bedroom units, but the other two units on the floor are like his, a two story loft style with five bedrooms.

AND these are no small bedrooms, the kitchen and living room can easily fit my whole apartment inside. The master bedroom is actually on the ground floor with a smaller room next to it. Edward has taken the master and the bedroom next door as his office. Upstairs is where the remaining four bedrooms are with two baths. The boy's bedrooms are next to each other separated by a bathroom. Edward kept with a soccer theme in both rooms…or should I really say Alice and Esme did.

That's another thing that's coming to a close. Summer session is ending and the boys are facing of in their championship game this coming weekend. I'm actually sad to see it end, I've loved cheering the boys on and hearing the entire Cullen screaming right along with me. Alice says there are sessions all year long a short fall, spring, and summer session. She said most people sign-up for certain sessions and not others. Fall and Spring are the most popular seasons.

Gabriel Anthony and Mathew having been getting on my last nerves this week. They've been fighting ever since I returned from my trip. They apparently just realized their enemies in the soccer realm and are now fight over everything. How Esme has been dealing with it all I have no clue.

"Maybe next year they could both play on Alice's team." Edward says whiling we wash the dishes from dinner.

"No, I think it's better socially for them to stay on different teams, I like that they can bond with other boys without the twin thing"

"Yeah, but then they're acting out."

"Hopefully, it'll pass" I said praying I was correct. "So I have school shopping to do tomorrow for clothes and stuff." I say to Edward as he passes me another plate to dry.

"OH, okay. I'll just head home after work then."

I roll my eyes…

"I was hoping you would want to accompany us. I got the supply list from the new school"

You heard right, I was talked into them attending the academy. Edward and I sat down and had a long conversation about our new roles in the boys' life.

I realized afterward, that it was long overdue. We decided that we needed to be a team and that our previous communication skills would only cause more problems if we didn't discuss it.

We started at the very beginning. What happen that night, and why I left without a word and why he didn't come looking. We had a lot of unanswered questions. I asked more about his relationship with Tanya and was surprised to find she was quite human when she was younger.

We now have a formal agreement with the boys. The boys are currently spending four days with me and three days with Edward. It only really effects sleeping arrangements since we spend every evening and weekend together, anyway. Edward has cut back on his hours at the hospital. It won't last, but he wants to spend some time with us as his focus before they make him change back.

The school choice was a harder battle fought. We talked about how I was projecting my childhood fears onto the boys. We decided to let the boys choose if they wanted to change schools. We first took them to the new school and talked with the headmaster. That very evening we asked the boys to decide which school they wanted to attend. Mathew wanted to attend XXXXXXX and Gabriel wanted to stay at their current school. We hadn't planned on separating them, but we did leave it up to them.

So I enrolled Gabriel Anthony in both schools. Edward and I really want to them in school together, but I also want to respect the fact we gave them a choice. So if after one or two weeks, if Anthony wants to go back to his old school we'll let him.

"Yes, it would be an honor to accompany you guys."

"Well it'll just be me. I don't usually take the boys. It can go much faster that way"



"Look Becca I want you to dial this phone number right here for An-ge-los" Icee says as she points to 30 size print writing of a Italian Restaurant up the street. "Then I want you to order me a Bocconcini Di Mozzarella E Pomodori and Insalatina. Can you pronounce that? Tell them to rush it for Ms. Denali. Thanks" Icee said as she left my desk for her office.

"Certainly Tecka" I said as before she made it in her office.

She swung around "It's TAN-YA"

"Sure, Tecka" She shook her head and walked into her office with James following behind.

I don't know why she thought I would order her lunch. I'm nurse not an errand girl. Oh well, she'll live…maybe not she is a toothpick.

I headed for the break room to grab my leftovers from last night. Turkey Tacos my favorite.

Rose pops her head in the break room as my meat is in the microwave.

"Hey! Emmett meeting me for lunch we're going for Chinese want to come?

"No, I'm good. Thanks for asking."

I'm halfway through my lunch before I see Icee again.

"Where's my lunch"

"What lunch?"

"The one I asked you to order you imbecile."

"Are you sure you asked me?"

"Yes, I stood right here and asked you?"

"Tanya I'm certain I would remember if you asked me to order you lunch. Are you sure you are feeling okay?"

"Of course I'm feeling okay. I'm perfect. You can't do anything right." She says stomping away.

"Oh yeah" I yell making her turn around. "I remember now. You did ask me to order you lunch, but I thought perhaps you were confused. My name is Bella and you saying something about Becca. Then I'm a registered pediatric nurse. That order seemed as if it was meant for an errand girl. Tecka you should really pay more attention than to confuse me with an errand girl you must have recently hired named Becca."

"You're Becca"

"My name is Bel-la, have a nice day Tecka." I said swiftly moving to the front to get Rose's afternoon schedule.

The rest of my day passed on slowly until it was time for Edward to pick me up.

"Hey, love" he said as I got into the passenger seat of his car and received a kiss on the cheek.

He's been calling me "love" lately and I'm in love with it.

"How was your day" I ask as he pulls away from the building heading to the educational store that Esme told us about.

"It was good four successful surgeries. How was your day?"

"It was great! Rose is feeling better and she's trying to stay off her feet as much as possible. Icee was mildly bearable."

He chuckles every time he hears my nickname for the Ice Princess.

We arrive at the store and he drops me off at the front before going to park the car. I wait for him at the front but as I look in it's like a parent's best friend superstore. I get a little excited about going in. Edward and I walk in and I can tell he's excited too.

He's sporting a huge smile and shuffling very quickly to grab us a cart. We decide to start at the accessory section picking up crayons, pencils, glue, sharpeners, and everything else.

"Edward in no way do they need all this crap! I usually just get what's on the school's recommended list."

"But this a cool label maker, see all the settings and you can program it"

"Nope, put it back—and you wonder why I don't take the boys. We've got everything we need except new book bags. Should we get character bags or just plain color bags."

"Ummm…I love transformers…maybe they have those here."