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Chapter 1: Hollow Bastion

There is always more than one side to every story. Everyone knows his, but mine hasn't been told. More than what was seen happened; and I want to tell you my story...

Where he was now, he had no idea. It was cold, and the sound of waterfalls could be heard. A fifteen-year-old silver-haired boy was lying on the ground, surrounded by upwards-rising waterfalls, and floating pieces of tiled ground. He had been though an intense amount of darkness, considering his island home had just disappeared. Riku tiredly opened his aqua eyes, and observed the unfamiliar surroundings. He unsteadily pushed himself up to his feet.

"Where am I...?" Riku whispered. He anxiously looked around the space, only to find himself alone, "Sora! Kairi!" He called, desperately hoping that one of his friends was there to answer him. No one did. He didn't know what had happened to them, all he knew right now was pain and worry. What had even come over him? Riku suddenly had the feeling that he was being watched. The island boy turned, only to find no one.

"Oh my, have the heartless taken another world?" a cold, powerful, female voice echoed through the world. Riku looked around the space again, but still found no one.

"Who's there?" Riku demanded. Just then, emerald green flames appeared in front of him. And from them, appeared a woman. She was tall, elegant with green-tinted skin dressed in black robes, holding a long staff and had a black raven on her shoulder and horns on her head. "Who are you?" Riku asked.

"Why, I am Maleficent, ruler of this world. And who might you be?" the woman asked calmly as she moved towards Riku.

"My name's Riku," he told her, "Where am I?"

"This is Hollow Bastion,"

"I'm in another world?" Riku questioned. Maleficent nodded and smiled while Riku tried to take this all in. There was a sudden cold burst of wind, causing Riku to shiver in his sleeveless shirt.

"Oh, you poor thing," Maleficent cooned as she wrapped her free arm around Riku's shoulders, trying to provide him with warmth from her robes, "You must be exhausted. Why don't you come with me?" Riku nodded as Maleficent smiled and the green flames engulfed them.


The next moment Riku opened his eyes, they were standing in the middle of a dark chapel. Torches with green flames lined the wall and in the center of the room was a table with five strange people around it. The first was a blue-skinned man in dark robes that turned to mist at the hem and had blue flames for hair. The second was a thin Arabian man holding a golden snake staff and wearing a turban. The third was an overweight purple-skinned woman with black tentacles instead of feet and had short grey hair and a seashell locket around her neck. Another was a pirate dressed in red with a hook instead of his left hand. The last was a large creature looked like he was made out of fabric. As soon as Maleficent and Riku had gotten near them, they all turned to look at them. And all looked suspiciously at Riku.

"Hey, glad you decided to show up," The blue-skinned man said, "Who's this?" he asked, turning to Riku.

"This is Riku," Maleficent introduced him to the group; "He appeared just moments ago at the rising falls. I can only assume that the heartless have foolishly taken his world."

"The heartless?" Riku asked.

"The black shadows that attacked you before your home disappeared," Maleficent explained, "We have control over a great variety of them. But, sadly the few that disobey our commands, run around consuming worlds and the hearts of many people."

"You mean, they kill people? Does that mean that my friends are..."

"There is a chance that they did not disappear along with the world itself." Maleficent interrupted him, "And I will search for them for you, if you do a few simple tasks for me," Riku didn't speak for a moment, processing what the witch was telling him.

"What do you want me to do for you?" Riku asked.

"We are searching for seven maidens of pure light," The Arabian man spoke up, "We call them the princesses of heart. Once gathered, they grant the power to open the final keyhole. We currently have four of them here with us, what we want from you is to find these other three maidens and bring them here,"

"You want me to abduct people?" Riku practically screamed, "What do I look like? A psychopath?"

"Calm down, young man," the woman with tentacles told him, "We have no intention of harming them. We intend to take perfectly good care of them,"

"Plus, ya got no other place ta go," the creature made out of fabric pointed out. He had a point; Riku did have nowhere else to go. Nowhere else where anyone would help him. These people were willing to help him find Sora and Kairi, in exchange for finding these girls. And they did say that they weren't going to hurt them. Riku had made his choice.

"Alright, I'll do it," He told them. Maleficent beamed.

"Wonderful, now why don't I show you to your room? You must be exhausted after all that's happened today," the witch led Riku down the halls of the castle. She stopped in the lift stop; a place with a stained glass roof and several light green beams of light operating several elevators. Both Maleficent and Riku stepped on the nearest elevator as it started to move upwards. After a few minutes, it stopped in front of a long hallway with light purple walls with dark green beams of light. Maleficent stepped off the elevator and Riku followed her. She stopped in front of a pale yellow door and opened it, revealing a simple room with a small bed, desk, bookshelf, carpet and green walls. "This will be your room for the time you are here. The bathroom is down the hall. If you need absolutely anything, any of us will be more than happy to comply," Maleficent told him as Riku walked into the room and she closed the door behind him. Riku sat down on the bed and let out a deep sigh.

"Can they really help me?" Riku asked himself. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep.


"So, what do ya guys think of the kid?" Oogie Boogie asked the group of villains.

"Aye, he does seem like he could be useful to us," Captain Hook said.

"I can sense such power, in one so young," Jafar wondered, "It is indeed unusual," Ursula and Hades nodded in agreement.

"Do you really think he'll help us?" Ursula asked Maleficent.

"As long as he believes in the promise that he'll see his friends again, he'll do anything we wish," Maleficent smirked.

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