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Backstory what if after Peyton turns Lucas down in LA he realizes he wants to be with Brooke? What if he really did propose? What if they pull a Naley in New york and then come back to tree hill AU after season 4 one tree my way.

Lucas sat at the bar in New York staring down at the ring box he'd pulled from his coat pocket. He couldn't believe she'd said no, he couldn't believe he'd thought she loved him. He thought about all they'd been through. The breakups ,the makeups the fear and hurt, but as he sat there at that bar thinking of his and Peyton's past he realized they really didn't have a past. They had stolen kisses and hurting people. They had half of a senior year a senior year that was fun but not that special not really when he thinks about the time that he was with her the important moments really don't involve her. The state Championship all he can think about is the look Brooke gave him as he won and then the worry over his own health and that of Haley.

He remembers prom and trying to protect Payton ,but he also remembers Brooke he remembers Graduation and Lily and Jamie's birth's ,he remembers the book he was writing and how it really was about his and Payton's relationship in the end but the only part he can remember at that moment was the line he had Brooke read that night before life went on and they went there separate ways. Maybe that's why the book keep getting rejected it didn't tell the true story it only told a part of the story the unimportant part.

He and Peyton had been together for a year after that him in North Carolina helping couch his college basketball team and helping raise Jamie. Well she went to LA to chase her music dreams. They had phone calls and stolen nights in hotel rooms but that was all there was nothing substantial about their love it was superficial and he wouldn't have even went to LA if he hadn't been feeling like moving his life forward.

The box taunted him and somehow his phone ended up in his hand as he scrawled through his contacts and found the one girl that it all really was about the only girl he'd ever loved the only one that would ever love him. He hoped she still loved him she really did because if she didn't he wasn't sure what he would do. Had he came to New York for her without even realizing what he was doing?

His fingers hit the number and he listened to the phone ring and then her voice came on over the line. "Hello" She sounded so unsure her voice shaky.

"Hey Brooke I'm in New York at the Lineman come meet me for a Dinner."

"Um ok Luke I'll be there in half an hour." And with that the phone line went dead.

He stared between it and the ring box now glad that Peyton had never actually touched the ring that inside of the box had never worn it on her finger, he also knew that if she said yes if she went along with this that the ring in the box would be replaced by one in a safe in Tree Hill. Now he realized why he hadn't used the original ring the one that meant so much to him. He realized why it wasn't Keith's ring that was in the box but just a generic one from a random jewelry shop because Peyton wasn't and never would be special enough to wear Keith's ring but Brooke was. It had just taken hearing her voice to finally get that point across to him. He wondered where this night would take him. Hoping it would take him home.

Brooke Davis had left Tree hill North Carolina behind a year ago she had a clothing line now and she loved her life or maybe she didn't and she just tried to tell herself she did because she needed to believe that. She knew that New York could never really be her home. It was too impersonal to cold and she missed her friends she missed Peyton and Haley and Nathan and she missed Lucas. Lucas even thinking his name made her heart skip a beat. He was the one thing she regretted the one thing she wishes she could change. The night she broke both their heart, he was the only boy she had ever loved and the only boy she thought she could ever love.

He loved Peyton though and if that's what made him happy then she would deal with it because truthfully that was all she ever wanted was for him to be happy. Wasn't that the mark of true love after all? Didn't she always say if its true love it will come back. Destiny can't be denied can it?

She felt her phone ring and pulled it out of her bag freezing at the name that flashed across her screen. Lucas.

With shaking hands she opened the phone. "Hello." She could hear the pain and surprise in her own voice she wondered if he could to.

"Hey Brooke I'm in New York at the Lineman come meet me for Dinner." He fingers tighten around the phone she was sure her knuckles were white. She hadn't heard from him in over a year and he was calling her now out of the blue and in New York. What was he doing in New York of all places?

She took a deep steading Breath "Um ok Luke I'll be there in half an hour." She didn't even give him time to respond she just snapped the phone shut and grabbed her jacket she wondered where this night would lead her.

Meanwhile in Tree Hill a young couple was getting worried. "Have you heard from Luke." Haley asked turning to Nate as she juggled Jamie on one hip and a laundry basket on another. Nate looked at his wife guilty.

"Um I got this text from him half an hour ago." He handed the phone over and Haley glanced down at the screen.

I'm fine I'm in New York see you in a couple of days.

New York, Why New York? Haley asked bewildered and all Nathan could do was shake his head.

"I don't know babe." And then it clicked in her head the one thing Haley had always held true over these last few years.

"Brooke," She breathed. "Oh Luke what are you doing?" she buried her head in her hands and felt her husband hug her. Nate was bewildered and Haley was worried. She hoped Luke knew what he was doing, a part of her also hoped that everyone's hearts would be mended in a few days.

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