Full Metal Alchemist: The Road to Nowhere (A Crossover/AU Fan-Fiction)

Full Metal Alchemist Franchise Hiromu Arakawa

Roraku Kuronawa & Fan-Fiction .com

Prologue : The Portal The Door The Truth

Roraku's POV


That's all there was to be seen. Light. There was absolutely nothing, but that one, great light that enveloped everything.

That is, if there truly was anything else there at all.

It was brilliant, white and encompassed all that was around me. As to what that light truly was – For the life of me, I still can't say.

I didn't know where I was in that particular place. And I didn't know how I got there.

I couldn't see anything; I had been blinded by the light pouring into my eyes.

I couldn't hear anything; there was no noise, except for what faintly sounded like the whistling of the wind. But, I had no way of knowing that for sure.

Despite being blinded or fooled of my own hearing, I could still feel something. That I can remember as clear as day. It was like I was being pulled towards an open door against my will. Like my body was breaking down into thousands of fragments and blending into the light itself. And yet, there was no physical pain, but my mind was shattering into shambles. It was far out of my control. I thought that I was slowly going insane.

It was as if my body was being wrought out of my world and my reality. I wanted to cry out, but my voice wouldn't let out even the littlest whisper. Somehow, I had been silenced.

I still don't entirely believe myself, even as I tell this to whoever sees fit as to listen to me. But, no matter how hard I try to think of it differently, I can't describe what happened in any other way. It was a heavenly power that I had never come across in all my encounters with gods and demons. And it was a power that I never wish to experience again.

But I knew that I wasn't alone. Even though my vision had still been sullied by the light, I could tell there was a man clad in black beside me in the void. It was a man that I knew very well and who had been with me through all my endeavors. It was a man that would give anything for the sake of others and a man I had known to love.

I tried to reach out to him or even call out his name, but to no avail. My voice had still vanished from within me and my body refused to move freely. The light continued to constrict itself around me and I felt as if I could barely breathe. I felt the hot sting of tears flowing down my face. Never before had I been so afraid of my fate. I didn't know what or why this was about to happen to me. I thought that I was somehow dying.

Then when it seemed that the light couldn't become any brighter, the whiteness began to recede as quickly as it came, suddenly fading away and freeing me from its deadly grasp. I could feel myself crash onto a cold, unfamiliar surface. Slowly, I started to breathe again. I allowed the fresh air to flow through my lungs. It was as if a weight had been lifted off of me. I was relieved; believing the worse of it was finally over. And since the light had disappeared, my senses that had recently been clouded suddenly returned to me.

I could see something; there was the figure of a man strewn out next to me. It was the same man in black who was beside me while I was in the light. Barely conscious, he was face-down on the frost-bitten ground. His eyes were shut.

I could hear something; there were trees rustling in the howling wind. It was the sound of the forest braving through a heavy storm. It was unmistakable.

But more than anything else, I could smell something; I knew what it was all too well. It was certainly a familiar scent with the coming of a storm.

It smelled like rain.