Well, I'm back. Haven't written anything in a while (for some reason, writing these last few months has been like swimming against a current). And while I do pretty much know what's happening in the next Starverse story, I was in a Kurt and Blaine mood.

I see I'm not the only one that felt like playing with evil Sebastian. For those of you who don't know, Sebastian is a new character coming onto the show and he's going to be bad (very cute, though). Everything else you read here is just speculation, though. I have no spoilers as to what's going to happen when he starts.

Hold Me Tight - by Big Destiny

Part One: Oblivious

Despite the amount of time it took for Blaine to get to Dalton Academy, when he arrived he found that he was still pretty angry about the fight he'd just had with Kurt. He didn't get it. Initially Kurt had been quite happy that Blaine was spending time with the Warblers. But Kurt had been growing more and more agitated as time went on. Until finally today, when Kurt had broken down and they had gotten to what was really bothering him.

Apparently, the problem was Sebastian, the new lead singer of the Warblers. He was pretty good, despite being only a freshman. He certainly had the talent and the attitude to be a real star. But his youth and inexperience had cost the Warblers dearly, earning them a crippling defeat at Sectionals.

Luckily for Sebastian, the Warblers had decided not to ditch him completely. They contacted Blaine and asked him to privately tutor Sebastian in the art of showmanship. He'd agreed, and apparently Kurt had spent the last few weeks quietly dreading it. Sebastian was gay too, and as forward as Santana was (rumor had it that Sebastian had slept his way through most Dalton's gay population, and a little of it's straight population too), and Kurt was convinced that Sebastian was just using these informal mentoring sessions as an opportunity to break them up.

Blaine had been, frankly, insulted by the charge. Yes, his track record prior to getting together with Kurt had been awful. Jeremiah, Rachel. But he'd been the perfect boyfriend since then. And it hurt that Kurt didn't trust him at all. Kurt had tried to explain that it wasn't about trust, it was about respect and the lack of it he was getting from Sebastian. Blaine had no idea what that meant, and had left in a huff.

Blaine put his head in his hands. He'd had a headache all day, and this fight had left him with his stomach in knots. He briefly considered cancelling, but didn't want to admit that Kurt had gotten to him.

Blaine got out of his car and smoothed the wrinkles out of his shirt. It was one he wore when he went to Dalton, and he thought it was a nice compromise between his old uniform and his new civilians. He hurried to the Warbler's practice lounge, finding himself unexpectedly winded by the time he got there.

As he walked through the door he found the now usual group of unfamiliar faces. Sebastian was one of the few he recognized and moved to sit with him. Kurt had told Blaine that the new Warbler was attractive, but honestly Blaine hadn't really noticed. Sebastian slid closer (just to keep their conversation private, Blaine was sure it was not for any other reason). "Hey, stud. You're looking a little rattled today. You all right?"

"I'm fine," Blaine insisted. It was nice of Sebastian to sit with, and try to befriend Blaine. But Blaine was not wanting to get into it. Despite the argument, Blaine loved Kurt and wouldn't bare their personal issues with a complete stranger.

Sebastian might have said more but the Warbler council made their entrance just there, the familiar faces of Jeff and Nick among them. Nick, now the head of the council, called the meeting to order. "Blaine, I'd like to thank you again for your efforts in training a next generation of Warblers. If you can give Junior Warbler Sebastian the same kind of showmanship you had when you were here, it'll give us a much better shot at Nationals next year."

"I'm happy to do it," Blaine insisted. "I still really feel bad about abandoning you guys at the beginning of the year."

Sebastian put a hand on Blaine's shoulder and gave him a warm smile. "Don't worry about it. You're here now."

Jeff scowled briefly at Sebastian (now what the hell was THAT about?) before turning his attention to Blaine with his own smile. "We completely understand. What you and Kurt have is really special, and I don't blame you for picking him over us."

Nick turned to Jeff with a bemused smile. "You're such a Klaine shipper," he muttered.

Sebastian stood, offering a hand to help Blaine up. "Well, let's show them what you've taught me."

Blaine found that he actually DID need Sebastian's help up. He realized how young Sebastian looked, and privately lamented that he already felt old.

The Warblers burst into a rousing version of the Black Eyed Peas song I Gotta Feeling, and Blaine was delighted to see they were making progress. Sebastian's singing had been technically perfect when they'd started practicing, but he was rather the opposite of Blaine: warm and engaging in person, but completely oblivious when on stage. That was all gone now, Sebastian was pulling Blaine into his performance with a wide smile and real showmanship.

Blaine on the other hand was struggling. The routine exhausted him, and it was taking all his focus to just get the steps right. One wrong foot, and Blaine found himself on his knees on the floor. Before anyone could get near him though, he stumbled over to nearest wastebasket and threw his lunch up into it.

Blaine started shaking, and now Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff were on the floor next to him. "You okay, Blaine," Sebastian asked him.

"I don't think so," Blaine admitted.

Jeff put a hand on Blaine's forehead, pulling it away almost instantly and wiping it on his hand. "You're all clammy and you're burning up. Did you get a flu shot this year?"

Blaine was embarrassed, but he didn't know if anyone could see him blush over the fever. "I forgot. McKinley doesn't even have a school nurse."

Nick shook his head and chuckled. "Well, if you can put off your trip back into the wilderness for a few minutes, you should see ours. She'll be happy to see you again, even if you are sick as a dog."

"I can take him," Sebastian volunteered. He helped Blaine to his feet and steered him out the door.

Blaine's brain was getting more and more foggy with each step. In the back of his head he recognized that he wasn't headed towards the school infirmary, but he couldn't really focus anymore. "Such an idiot," he muttered.

"Who is?"

"Me. Fight with Kurt was all my fault," Blaine stated gloomily.

"You had a fight with Kurt?" Sebastian asked brightly. "What was it about?"

"You-" Blaine winced as he realized how that sounded. "No, me. Kurt has ev'ry reason not to trust me. Such a flake. Wouldn't have lost my temper if I hadn't been sick."

"Well, there's your out. I'm sure once he finds out you're sick, Ms. Fancypants will let everything slide."

Blaine went to shove Sebastian, half annoyed and half jokingly. All he ended up doing was completely almost falling down. "Cut it out." He winced at the suddenly bright light as Sebastian led him out into the parking lot. "Where-?"

"Oh, you don't really need a nurse," Sebastian assured him.

Blaine was confused. "No? But Nick-" Hadn't Nick said something about the infirmary? He couldn't remember.

"How's your neck?" Sebastian asked seriously.

Even if Blaine hadn't been feverish he might have had a hard time following that. "S'Fine. Chest is really starting to hurt tho."

"Then you don't have meningitis, at least," Sebastian declared. "You'll be fine. You just need a little rest."

Blaine's vision was starting to grey, and he couldn't imagine how he was getting home in this condition. "Don't think I should be driving like this…."

"No problem," Sebastian told him. "I don't live far from here. You can crash on my couch for an hour, and I'm sure you'll be able to make it home after that."

"Don't know-" Didn't want to worry Kurt.

"It's not an inconvenience, trust me," Sebastian assured him. "Come on."

Blaine didn't say yes. But then he didn't say no, either.

Kurt was trying not to sulk. That was working to some extent.

Kurt was trying not to feel guilty. That was an abysmal failure.

Saying that Blaine had reacted badly to Kurt's suspicions (were they even suspicions though, or just insecurities?) was an understatement. They'd both gotten angry, and once again Kurt had said something he didn't really believe because Blaine had gotten him flustered. Kurt flushed, unable to believe the last thing he'd said to Blaine was a dig at him trying to act older than he was. He thought he was over having mistaken an overconfident sophomore for a legitimately confident Junior. It certainly wasn't Blaine's fault that the Warblers referred to anyone not on the council as a 'Junior Warbler'.

Kurt went on-line again, hoping that Blaine might have left a message there that he hadn't on Kurt's phone. Unfortunately, it seemed that Blaine hadn't been on Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, or Twitter, either. Probably still in 'rehearsals', Kurt grumbled.

No. Because there was a tweet from Nick, 'Sux that BlaineWarbler went home sick'.

Kurt felt really guilty, now. Bad enough that he was pushing his paranoia onto Blaine, he'd been so wrapped up in his own worries that he apparently hadn't even noticed his boyfriend was ailing.

He grabbed his phone, and set a new record dialing. Kurt wasn't surprised to hear it go to voice mail. Even if Blaine wasn't mad at him, he was probably feeling to lousy to pick it up. So he left a message, and a text message that basically said the same thing. "I'm really sorry I got on your case today. Especially now that I know you're sick. Call me, please."

"…I love you." Sebastian's face twisted into a dubious smirk as he listened to Kurt's message. He didn't believe in love, he believed in sex. And his faith had always been proven correct. Everyone Sebastian had gone after had gladly fallen into his bed, no matter what they said their hearts wanted. Up until this point, at least. So it galled him that Blaine, handsome as he was, was so oblivious and fawning over this Kurt guy to get with the program.

He heard a muffled groan and some movement from his bedroom. Blaine had finally woken up apparently. Sebastian crept up to his bed to see Blaine awake, but still out of it. "Thought you were going to wake me up in half an hour," Blaine grumbled.

"It's only been about ten minutes," Sebastian lied.

Blaine looked over at the window, and there clearly wasn't any light coming from behind the curtains. "S'dark," Blaine noted, confused.

"I live on the north side of my building," Sebastian countered. "It's always dark in here. I told you that."

"Right…. right… sorry…." Blaine muttered, even though Sebastian had told him no such thing. Sebastian was a little worried by that at first, but Blaine was soon asleep again. Sebastian thought about it, and decided that he could work with this. 'Sexy nurse' was SUCH a hetero cliché, but things usually became cliché because they worked.

Sebastian was mentally wondering if he had any scrubs to go with those tight white shorts that showed off the bottom of his ass cheeks, when he realized that Kurt had also left a text message. He had to snort quietly at the care and concern in it. This guy wasn't for real, was he? This was clearly just sweet words to keep Blaine hanging off him.

Sebastian got a really mean idea. So mean, that for a moment he thought it might be too much. Blaine would never forgive him for it. Of course, Blaine was likely to be feeling better the next time he woke up, and it would give Sebastian a chance to make a move on him. Blaine wouldn't find out about Sebastian's prank until after they slept together. And by that point, if Blaine wanted to choose his affronted boyfriend over another go around, that was his loss.

Sebastian looked over at Blaine, asleep in Sebastian's bed. Blaine's shirt had gotten untucked, exposing a thin strip of Blaine's firm stomach. Raised abs and obliques trailed tantalizingly down under Blaine's pants.

Sebastian looked back down at Blaine's phone and hit reply.

Kurt had had dinner, done his homework, and just finished his nightly skin care regimen when he finally heard the beep that indicated he had a response to his text. He wasn't surprised that it had taken that long, though that thought had done little to make him feel better.

He picked up his phone and was already planning a romantic evening to make things up to Blaine (next week of course, when Blaine could be a little more… demonstrative in his forgiveness) when he read what the text said.

Kurt's heart stopped.

'Mr. Hummel,' the text stated. 'This is Blaine's father. It seems that what we took for just Blaine having the flu was actually the beginning stages of a ruptured brain aneurysm. I don't know how to say this except to just say it. Blaine is dead. I'm aware of your… friendship with my son and that you must be quite upset. But with everything Blaine's mother and I are going through, you must understand your presence here or at the funeral would not be helpful. It would be best if you mourned with your friends and don't try to contact us again.'

This was a joke. It had to be. But Kurt couldn't imagine who would do something like this. For a brief moment he guessed Sebastian was doing this, but Sebastian didn't have access to Blaine's phone.

-He would if Blaine were-

Kurt pushed that thought away. It didn't matter how unlikely it was, someone had be playing a prank because Blaine was NOT DEAD.

Kurt ran to his computer, revisiting all the sites he'd checked that afternoon for signs of Blaine. Again nothing. As panic set in, Kurt tried to remember if he had Blaine's parents number, intending to call them despite the text warning. But if he had it, he couldn't remember. He'd only met them once, and it hadn't been cordial.

-And Mr. Anderson had talked just like the text sounded.-

"No, no, no!" Kurt whimpered to himself. "This is crazy. He couldn't- I'd-" Except that Kurt didn't believe he could feel Blaine, didn't believe in that kind of superstitious romanticism.

He believed in logic.

Logic said that no one that didn't love Blaine could get a hold of his cell phone.

Logic said that no one that loved Blaine would send him this kind of text.

Unless it was true.

"Oh god," Kurt moan.

His stopped heart shattered.

Someone was bawling "No," over and over again. But it wasn't until Finn came running into Kurt's room, worried as all get-out, that Kurt realized he himself was the one sobbing.

"Kurt?" Finn gasped warily. "Dude, what's wrong."

Kurt screamed, angrily. Blaine was dead, and Kurt couldn't take Finn calling him 'dude' like nothing was wrong. He half threw his phone, half hit Finn in the head with it. Finn proved he wasn't as stupid as people sometimes thought by grabbing the phone and checking it out, correctly assuming that something on the phone had upset Kurt.

Finn just about dropped the phone when he read what was on it. And then Kurt was surrounded by cheap scratchy Acrylic. Finn's arms (in a sweater Rachel had given him), and Finn was shouting now. "Burt! Mom!"

Kurt wasn't listening, just dissolved into tears. Because Blaine was dead, and nothing mattered any more.

(to be continued)