I've decided that this is going to be the final chapter of Hold Me Tight, given that the story pretty much climaxed in Chapter Three and I've been having the disturbing feeling that I've been writing the last fifteen minutes of Return of the King ever since then. I want to thank everyone again for all their kind reviews and hope that this last chapter makes for a fine finale.

One more thing, I hope the Niff in this chapter isn't out of place or out of nowhere. I briefly considered deleting it, but there's a cute section later where Blaine and Kurt discuss couple names that I just couldn't part with.

Hold Me Tight

Part Six – Krazy for Kurt

Blaine hurried into the mall, wishing for the umpteenth time that Kurt had a safer hobby. Like traffic controller-slash-bomb squad member. As much as he loved Kurt, he really didn't want to die underneath the boots of someone trying to score seventy per cent off on a blender.

Blaine was late. He hadn't been late when he GOT to the mall, nor when he finally gave up and parked on the street three blocks away. But the parking lot was jammed packed with prospective shoppers, to the point where the vehicles actually parked there would likely be unmovable until long after dark. It was a hellish preview of what was to come once he got inside. If he got inside, because as he weaved his way around shoppers on his way to the south entrance, it occurred to Blaine that he may have no shot at ever reaching Kurt today.

And that was before the sheer force of people slammed him into Jesse St. James.

Jesse irritatingly enough, seemed unphased by the crush of people around him. "Blaine Anderson, right? You didn't go to McKinley last year, but I remember you from your hanging all over Kurt."

Blaine frowned, uncertain as to why this guy was talking to him. "That's right. So what brings you to the mall on the least wonderful day of the year."

"Second least wonderful," Jesse corrected, with maximum patronization. "I'm coaching Vocal Adrenaline this year, and I'm escorting my newest pupil here to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. I think you know him, he used to go to Dalton Academy."

"Sebastian?" Jesse nodded, and Blaine felt a shiver of fear run through him. Followed by a surge of self annoyance that he was still letting that freshman prick get to him. "I don't KNOW Sebastian. And I'm NEVER going to."

Jesse raised his hands, playfully. "I'm not getting involved in this," he insisted. "I told him to leave Kurt alone, and now that he's run into an old trick, I don't doubt he will."

"Thank you," Blaine stated, with automatic courtesy. Blaine was on his way again when Jesse's voice stopped him just short of the door.

"Good thing Kurt's not the cheating type, huh?"

Blaine turned around, completely baffled. "What?"

"Haven't you noticed how much Kurt and Sebastian look alike?" Jesse asked. "In some other universe, a less scrupulous Kurt is probably banging that Cory guy in the bathroom. Not Sebastian."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Thank you for your concern, Jesse," he sighed. "But I have enough to worry about in my own life without worrying about alternate realities."

"True enough. Which reminds me, good luck at Regionals. I'm looking forward to New Directions lasting long enough for me to mop the floor with you at Nationals."

Blaine headed into the mall, fuming and agreeing with Kurt: Jesse St. James really does St. Suck. Where did that guy get off casting suspicion on Kurt like that? And not even to be mean, like Sebastian. This was just polite conversation to him. Blaine had the nagging feeling that there was something else there. Something else that was getting to him, but he ignored the feeling. That's it, he thought. That's the only thing that's bothering him. Blaine certainly wasn't freaked out by the image of Kurt with someone else.

Even if that someone else was currently serenading Kurt in the food court.

Blaine sat next to where Kurt was primly bemused by this impromptu performance of 'Let Me Entertain You'. "Who the hell is that?" Blaine asked, eyes flashing with rage.

Kurt, who hadn't realized yet how jealous Blaine was, leaned in without looking at him. Just the way he would if he was whispering an aside during a competition. "His name's Cory, I think he's a friend of Sebastian's."

"Oh yeah," Blaine grumbled, all the more irritated by the fact that Kurt wasn't at all concerned by the situation at hand. "Jesse mentioned him outside."

"This is so much fun. It's like those old 'what would you do for a Klondike bar' commercials." Kurt turned to give his boyfriend a kiss, but froze when he saw how angry Blaine was. He offered up a shy, nervous smile. "Are you jealous? That's kind of sweet."

Blaine's annoyance abated a little at that grateful remark. Not to mention the fact that he hated seeing Kurt insecure. "I don't feel very sweet right now."

"I'm sorry," Kurt told him with embarrassed, downcast eyes. "I was just winding him up. But I guess it's not any more respectful of you, than Sebastian is of me."

Cory moved close to grind up against Kurt. Kurt's eyes widened, and Blaine realized just seconds after Kurt that Cory was fully aroused. Blaine was up on his feet instantly, tearing Cory off of his boyfriend. Cory didn't move from where Blaine had shoved him, clearly seeing the rage in Blaine's eyes.

At the last second, Blaine managed to swallow his rage and send Cory on his way with a "that was great. Well get back to you," rather than a punch to the face.

As soon as a suddenly terrified Cory had fled the food court, Kurt broke out into self-conscious giggles. "Oh my. That was... not what I was looking for today."

"You can admit you enjoyed it," Blaine grumbled. He seriously wasn't angry at Kurt, and he didn't want to make Kurt feel like he was stifled. "I don't mind."

"Oh no. Believe me, I've had better," Kurt teased. Blaine tried to calm himself, knowing it did his relationship with Kurt no good if he was doing a bad job of pretending he was okay. Kurt turned back to the retreating Lothario, with a bemused chuckle. "I wonder what Sebastian promised him to get him to do that? I didn't think you could just MAKE yourself upright like that."

Blaine turned to his boyfriend completely confused. Kurt didn't seriously think that was all an act, did he? "I don't think he was faking wanting to have sex with you, Kurt."

Kurt smiled, shaking his head as he wrapped Blaine in a tight embrace. "I know what this is all about," he declared. "You don't like what it says about you that the only people interested in me are crazies and closet cases. Don't worry about it. You're an aberration, and I love you for it."

It was all over. Kurt loved Blaine, and didn't want anyone else. Blaine should be happy.

But as Kurt lead Blaine back into the Boxing Day fray, Kurt's calm acceptance of his own unattractiveness made Blaine's heart hurt.

"I know I should be grateful," Blaine sighed, as Nick and Jeff watched him, worried. He'd come to Dalton because he needed to talk about what had happened on Boxing Day, and he knew that his and Kurt's friends at McKinley wouldn't take his feelings seriously. Not because they didn't care, but because they knew Kurt well enough to know Kurt wouldn't cheat on Blaine (the Sam-in-a-motel incident not-withstanding), and wouldn't get that that wasn't the issue. "But I don't want Kurt to feel like he's with me because no one else would want him. On top of the fact that it breaks my heart to hear him talk like that, I don't feel all that attractive to hear we're together because Kurt settled."

Nick and Jeff exchanged a thought-filled look. "Kurt didn't exactly settle though," Nick pointed out lightly. "He had to put up with A LOT to get you."

"So, so very much," Jeff agreed. That was just great; they were practically making fun of him. Apparently they didn't get him here, either.

"Thanks guys," Blaine replied with pique. "I knew I could count on you to make me feel a thousand times worse."

"Sorry, it's just-" Nick broke off uncomfortably, unable to decide how to finish his sentence.

"We didn't know Kurt felt like that," Jeff finished, sounding almost shamed now.

There was that look again, volumes going between the two Warblers. "What?" Blaine asked. "What aren't you telling me?"

They looked at each other again, before Jeff finally admitted, "We've been looking over last year's council minutes since the whole Sebastian incident. We hadn't really cared before that, but it turns out David wrote them, and they're hilarious."

"What does that have to do with Kurt?"

Nick bit his lip. "Now don't get pissed off but... You know how everyone knew you and Kurt were inevitable? Well, it turns out that when you didn't get together over the Christmas break, people started to get confused."

Blaine winced. "No doubt they got even worse after the Gap attack incident."

"Blaine, a lot of guys wanted to date Kurt," Jeff admitted, his cheeks a surprising pink. "But you know how everyone treats the Warblers. No one wanted to go against you, so they went to the council."

Blaine sat up straighter. He knew that he could be oblivious at times, but he'd never even guessed at that. "I didn't- I mean, it didn't ever occur to me why I wasn't seeing anyone going after Kurt." He felt a burning sensation in the pit of his stomach that he recognized from the mall as being jealousy. At least some of it. The rest he knew all too well as guilt.

"Nobody thought about it," Nick told him unhappily. "I'm sure they wouldn't have kept it a secret if they'd known it would make Kurt feel like this; Wes and Thad are going to feel so bad."

"David thought Kurt had the right to make his own choice," Jeff added, explaining without needing prodding why David wouldn't likewise be feeling bad. "But you know Thad, he didn't want you to feel like Kurt might be abandoning you. I've never seen a straight guy with that big a hard-on for another guy."

"I have." Nick gave Jeff a brief look, then averted his eyes. His own cheeks pink now.

Blaine sighed. "Guys, I'm really glad you're finally thinking about what everyone, including dense me, has known about for ages. But can you at least finish your story before you go bone each other senseless?"

Oh, now they were both blushing outright. "There's not much more to say," Nick told him. "There's a list in the minutes, and a notation saying that unless you outright told everyone you weren't interested in Kurt, that the guys were supposed to leave Kurt alone."

Blaine was stunned. "I can't believe this. How many guys are on this list?"

Nick and Jeff shared another look as they thought about it, but it was Jeff ultimately who answered the question. "Uh- Fifteen? Twenty? I didn't really count after me, and I was number six."

"You?" Nick exclaimed, surprised.

"I put my thumb over my name when we were reading the list," Jeff admitted. "You don't think I would have slept with Sebastian if he hadn't convinced me my Klaine shipping was because I was into Kurt? And that he was like an upgraded version of Kurt?"

Nick nodded as though they'd already discussed that but the conversation came to a full halt, with Jeff and Nick unable to look at each other or Blaine. Honestly, Blaine wasn't surprised. He'd known about the whole Neff, or Niff, or whatever thing for months now. And Sebastian was a master at manipulating people so Blaine couldn't blame Jeff. But no one was saying anything now, and Blaine finally had to prod them back to words. "I didn't know Kurt was even your type."

"Kurt's awesome," Jeff admitted. "You tell him he may not be my type, but that didn't stop me from wanting to go after him. He's that sexy. Way hotter than Sebastian."

"I don't know if that'll help," Nick teased. "He might just put you under the 'crazy' designation he gave that Cory guy." Nick's hand was now on Jeff's. Blaine let out a tense breath, relieved that this thing with Sebastian wasn't going to endanger anyone else he cared about.

"Maybe," Jeff replied with a shy smile.

Blaine stood up, suddenly awkward in his friends' presence. "I've got to get going. Can you send me that list when you get a second?"

"Sure. Sure." Neither of them saw him leave.

At the same time as Blaine was visiting his friends at Dalton, Kurt was winding through the mostly unfamiliar corridors of Carmel High School. Looking for Sebastian.

Kurt wasn't sure if there was anything to be gained by this, but he knew that it was time he had a serious conversation with his boyfriend's stalker. No more cute quips, no more pretending they could stand each other. Sebastian needed to have the fear of god instilled in him. And since Kurt didn't believe in god, fear of Kurt was going to have to do.

It was an indication of just how silly this whole situation was that Kurt found Sebastian in the Vocal Adrenaline choir room, alone except for the boy he was drilling into one of the couches.

"I hope that's scotch guarded," Kurt sighed (so much for no cute quips). The guy Sebastian was having sex with lifted his head, surprised. And of course, it was Cory.

Annoyingly, neither of the boys Kurt had just walked in on felt any embarrassment at all. Cory actually brightened and said, "Hey, great to see you. Sit down, join us."

"Thank you, no," Kurt replied dryly. "I won't be long."

"Neither will I," Sebastian quipped, going back to what he was doing. "So you'd better talk fast."

Kurt considered coming back another time. But he wanted this over, and there was no guarantee he wouldn't walk in on something even more awkward next time. So he decided to hold his ground. "Does it even register that Blaine likes you even less than I do?"

"He's just playing hard to get," Sebastian assured him.

"No, he actually has a twitch now when your name is mentioned," Kurt stated. "And not a good twitch. Believe me, I've seen all his good twitches and this isn't one of them."

"Well that's too bad," Cory noted, far too conversational given what he was doing. "Maybe we should all go out – the four of us – and work things out."

"I think things would be sufficiently worked out if Sebastian limited his attentions to the other hundred million gays in the world and left Blaine alone," Kurt replied. He found he had to look away then, but the sound didn't abate so it didn't really help. "Can you stop that for a minute?"

Sebastian just grinned, and started thrusting harder. "I think my giving up on Blaine should be his choice, not yours," Sebastian reminded.

And now Cory was making this irritating, happy whimper. Kurt looked Sebastian square in the eyes, hoping to minimize what else he was seeing. "He's made his choice," Kurt told him. "And he's made it abundantly clear. You just aren't listening."

"Fine," Sebastian unexpectedly capitulated. "His loss."

"Not from where I'm standing."

"I'm still going to crush you at Nationals," Sebastian growled, starting to lose his temper but still screwing Cory. The contrast was appalling, and Kurt was entranced by it.

"Vocal Adrenaline is an old horse," Kurt insisted. "You don't have a chance."

"You don't have a chance at holding onto Blaine once he gets a little more experience. And decides he wants more."

Kurt's eyes narrowed. "At this point, I'd let my ex-bully tutor us before you could."

"Frigid bitch."

"You smell like Craigslist."

"You don't smell like anything."

"Am I supposed to be ashamed of that?"

Without warning, Sebastian snatched a hold on Kurt's scarf and pulled him a lot closer that Kurt was comfortable with. Sebastian's eyes were blasted out with lust, and Kurt readied himself for a repeat of the Karofsky locker debacle. But Sebastian just purred in Kurt's face, "Fuck, are you as turned on as I am?"

Kurt's jaw dropped and he abandoned his scarf in Sebastian's hands. "NO. Dear GOD, no."

"You don't have to be a bitch about it," Sebastian sniffed, indignantly.

"For the record, I am," Cory announced. "Turned on by you two, I mean."

"SHUT UP!" the other two boys snapped.

Kurt pulled himself up to his full height (which was rather impressive when Finn wasn't around), and decided to extricate himself from the situation. "We're done now. You come near me and mine again and I will end you." He strolled out of room, out of the school, with only one look back: "You can keep the scarf. It loses some of it's appeal now that I've seen it on a whore."

Kurt was shaking. He wasn't sure if he was ever going to stop. "Kurt, are you okay?" Blaine sounded like he was on the edge of starting to worry.

Kurt nodded, although he wasn't sure if okay was what he was. He pushed his sweaty hair out of his eyes and tried to breathe normally again. "I'm going to have to be, aren't I? Neither one of us wants the conversation where you tell my dad you killed me with sex."

"Well, I didn't break your quick wit, that's a good sign." Blaine pulled Kurt into his arms (after a few adjustments) and inhaled the sweet scent of his glowing boyfriend. "I wouldn't be alive to have that conversation, though. For many different reasons, if I kill you I'll be committing ritual suicide right afterwards. Besides, we both know the embarrassing phone call we're going to eventually be making is the one where you have to admit you literally split me in half with your huge-"

Kurt found the energy to smack his lover in the face with a pillow. "My god," he laughed. "You are so uncouth in bed."

"Maybe. But you almost had a seizure just now. So I must be doing something right."

"Point taken." Kurt leaned over Blaine to check out his boyfriend's cell phone, which had once again beeped. "Jeff and Nick are both texting you now. I wonder what's up."

Blaine was midway through shrugging it off when his eyes lit up in concern. "Maybe I'd better call them. They were going to be sending me something, but with their luck they probably need gay sex advice and I'm just ignoring them."

Kurt leaned back onto the bed, allowing his boyfriend the mobility to reach the phone. "As long as they don't need a demonstration. I don't do requests." Then the full meaning of what Blaine had said impacted him, and Kurt sat up sharply. "Wait. Since when do Jeff and Nick together require a single piece of gay sex advice?" He knew, as all the Warblers had, that eventually Niff was going to happen. But he was unaware that it was this imminent.

"This afternoon," Blaine stated as he checked his phone. "I would have said something sooner, but even Neff finally happening isn't as high a priority as getting to be intimate with you."

"Niff," Kurt countered firmly. Despite the fact that he knew full well that Blaine wouldn't let it go.

Blaine grinned back at him. "Neff."

Kurt shook his head, bemused but refusing to back down. "I lost out on Klaine, I'm not giving in on this."

Blaine laughed. "No one's trying to suppress you with that. Kurt co-Blaine is just too dated a reference."

"You're too dated a reference," Kurt snarked. He blushed as soon as he'd said it. "Well, I'm certainly mature today." Kurt decided to blame it on the brain cells that had died today rather than watch Sebastian's live porn channel.

"Well, it's just the list they sent me," Blaine told him. "How about we have some ridiculously immature sex before we get into it?"

"You managed to get me interested once after the unpleasantness at Carmel, I wouldn't count on any more persuasiveness," Kurt insisted. "What list?"

"It's nothing." But then Blaine realized what he said and winced. "No, I shouldn't have said that. This is important, and I think we need to talk about it."

Kurt sighed, not liking where this was going. "Are we going to be talking about my supposed emotional problems again?"

"No. This is about this crazy idea you seem to have that you're not desirable."

"I don't get this," Kurt replied shortly. "Why is it so important to you that other people hit on me? Are you-" Kurt broke off, a thought coming to mind. "You aren't embarrassed to be with me, are you?" Although it made sense. Having a boyfriend that no one else wanted was bound to feel shameful.

"No!" Blaine yelped, startled. "Okay, yes. I hate the fact that you're only with me because you don't think anyone else would want you. But this isn't about that. I'm trying to be the bigger person here."

"What?" Kurt was less shocked when he walked in on Sebastian and Cory. "Blaine, I love you. Don't you dare think that I'd want to be anywhere else. Even if I had a million men chasing after me."

Blaine calmed again at that. "Well, it's not a million. But this is a list of guys the Warbler council said to back off until I pulled my head out of my butt." He handed over his phone and sat down, looking nervous despite himself. "See? It's not just me and the local nutcases."

Kurt couldn't help but be surprised as he scrolled through the list. Some of them were far too dull for his tastes, but the rest... "Well, if there hadn't ever been a you, I suppose some of these might have worked. But look here." Blaine leaned over and watched as Kurt deleted half the men on the list, either for the aforementioned dullness or because they'd tried and failed to make it onto the Warblers. "I could never date a guy I couldn't sing with." Kurt blushed hard as he came to the next name on the list. "And if I ever saw Jeff naked, I'd never be able to look him in the eye." Jeff Warbler's name went in the delete list, too.

"Trust me, you wouldn't want to," Blaine teased. "I was in the same gym class with him, remember? God, I hope Nick's a top."

"You're so considerate."

Blaine looked at Kurt, suddenly serious again. "I'm damn lucky. I see all the guys on that list, and I realize I could have lost you before I ever had you."

"No you wouldn't have," Kurt told him. "I won't deny this is very flattering. But I knew the second I saw you that you were the one. I might have considered dating one of these guys if in a moment of weakness I thought it might make you jealous. But I'd have never gone through with it."

Blaine kissed Kurt gently on the lips. It felt good, like a corner had been turned. "Well then, how about we strike a deal. You aren't too good for me. And I'm not too good for you. We're just us."

"That sounds just perfect," Kurt told him.

And after a line like that, was it any wonder Kurt couldn't say no to the idea of some ridiculously immature sex?

The End.