This is an open challenge to anyone who likes this particular crossover. I have noticed there is not a lot of Spider-Man and Buffy crossovers. I hope that someone can change that. I have a few ideas on this subject but unfortunately I do not have any ability to write fanfiction myself. Besides one thing on this list everything else is suggestion only. So basically this is how it goes:

Story: Pretty much free reign on this. Preferably second, third, or fourth season in the Buffy time line (second season mainly cause I want Xander as spider man to kick Angelus's ass. I hate that guy). Xander must be the one to be chosen be bit , preferably by a oh-so believable spider demon or some such. (anyone else notice how hard it is to invoke sarcasm by an author on paper?) As far as characters and villains go, it is fair game on who you want in or out. If you plan to bring in some of spidey's villains in the mix, I suggest maybe making alterations or original moves to fit them in the Buffy universe.

Pairings: Buffy/Xander or Faith/Xander. Leaning towards Buffy but either woman is fine. This is the things that is not negotiable.

Rating: Teen or Mature. For intense violence, suggestive/sexual themes, and foul language. All levels of each category to your own specifics of how much you want in your story. Lemons are optional.

Powers and Abilities: The powers that Xander receives must be equivalent or greater than the original Spider-Man. You can add on powers like organic webbing or with the new spider-man apparently being able to camouflage, your choice (being that Xander is not nearly as smart as Peter Parker, and when I mean smart I mean that as in a Peter is in his heart a scientist and has a very high IQ.) You can make Xander smarter if you wish but only along the lines of Xander himself (mystical stuff, street smarts, etc.) Finally, Xander fighting style must similar to Peter's but more discplined (He's got Angel, Spike, and Giles to teach him to fight better so there you go) All the info on the original material can be found on this web address: .com/wiki/Spider-Man.

Costume: Free reign on this one. You can go more traditional or go all out crazy. I hear the colors of red and black are popular this year.

Final Notes: As I said in the beginning of this, I wish I had the know how to create a story with these parameters but truthfully I don't. Hopefully there is an author who can be able to apply this concept. Anyway, hopefully this concept will appeal some of you to write a story based on the information in this challenge.

This is you mission, should you choose to accept (couldn't help myself :)