AN: A random snippet from tumblr inspired by a nose on nose piece drawn by Payroo during Nathaniel Howe Week on Tumblr.

Anders always smelled of lyrium and pussy. The lyrium was still there, rippling at the edges, enticing the olfactory nerves with an almost overpowering and spicy scent. But the ammonia… It was gone and replaced instead with something sweet and musty combined.

"Anders," Nathaniel murmured, his hand rising to cup the mage's chin. His thumb trembled, the pad edging upward to trace feather-light against the tip of Anders' nose. The right amount of give - firm yet pliant. It has been far too long.

There had been others in the nine years since they saw each other last. But none could compare. The bridge of their nose either too narrow or their nostrils too wide. The pieces simply did not fit. Not like Anders… Never like Anders.

He drew Anders toward him, fingers moving to nestle within his hair. Nose glided against nose and never had anything felt more right. Never had his pants felt so tight.