22 December 1996 – Zenith

"Wait—wait, wait, I've got one," Harry wheezed, breathless with laughter. Ron tossed him three Chocolate Frogs, and Harry caught them, putting on a misty voice. "Ah, I see grave portents in your future, Mr. Weasley!" he cried dramatically, and Ron burst out laughing, falling backwards on his bed.

Harry got up on his knees on his cot, widening his eyes and raising his volume. "In your future…the not-too-distant future, Mr. Weasley! Alas! When Uranus aligns with the moon—"

Ron snorted.

"—When this ominous portal reaches its zenith!'" Harry cried, his tone rising. "'You will be devoured by—by—'" he gave a gasp. "'By the dreaded Face-Eating Lavender Blossom! No! Say it isn't so!'"

Ron gaped at him, still laughing. "I'll get you for that one," he said. Harry collapsed backward, hysterical from laughing, and ate the head of one of his Chocolate Frogs.

He looked over at Ron, feeling exceptionally giddy. It was a few days before Christmas, and even though Hermione wasn't with them, he was still happy to be on holiday at the Burrow.

"Your turn," said Harry, grinning.

Ron laughed. "Okay," he said, clearing his throat. "Harry," he cried in his best Professor Trelawney impression, looking horrified. "Harry! Oh, Harry!"

"D'you two mind?" Ginny stood in the bedroom doorway.

Harry leapt backwards, yanked his blankets up and tumbled off his bed. Ron roared with laughter.

"You idiots are so loud we can hear you two floors down, Phlegm's having a cow," Ginny informed them over the din. "Mum's about to come up here and kill you both because she won't stop grouching about the noise."

Harry, now wrapped securely in his blanket and blushing bright red, climbed back up onto his bed. "Right, Ginny," he said soberly, nodding. "Sorry."

Ginny shook her head and rolled her eyes, reaching onto Ron's bed for a Chocolate Frog.

"Oi!" Ron cried, pelting her with a twisted-up wrapper, but she ignored him.

"You're both so much quieter when Hermione's here," Ginny said longingly. She grinned at Harry, but Ron scowled. Ginny reached for the doorknob, starting to leave, when she looked back at them both, her eyes wide. "And you'd best be careful, gentlemen," she said in a misty voice. "I see in your future a very angry veela—who's had no beauty sleep!"

She snapped the door shut as Harry and Ron dissolved into helpless laughter for a very long time.

"Ah, Trelawney," said Ron fondly. "I miss that old bat."

Harry laughed.

"She was right a couple of times though, eh?" Ron said, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes and sitting up. "Every now and then—oh."

Harry caught his breath, leaning against the wall where his camp bed sat. "Yeah," he said, his smile fading slightly. "She was." He and Ron locked eyes. "Er—Ron—"

"Bung us a Frog," Ron said, lying back on his bright orange bedspread again.

Harry grinned and tossed him one, tearing open his own with his teeth.

See? Ron hates Divination because of what it means for his best friend...aww...*snuffle*

This was fun, guys! Thanks for reading! XD

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