Hey so while writing my story 'Saving a Friend' Death Knight of Camelot sent me a message and asked me to write this story, he gave me the basic bones of the story and then told me to go nuts so, here I am.

All rights for the original idea to Death Knight of Camelot and this is dedicated to them. (I dunno if they r a girl or a guy, but i guess guy :P)

Uther was first to hear the sound. They had just captured killed Balinor, finally the last dragon lord was dead. Part of Uther worried that he had killed off the dragon lords, in case the one he had imprisoned ever escaped, but he had been assured by Gaius that the chains would not beak, no matter what the dragon did.

The sound was one Uther had become familiar with over the last year and a half, it was a young child crying. Ever since Arthur had been born Uther had little sleep, the boy was up at all hours, though he had a maid in the chamber near his to deal with the babe Uther refused to be separated from his son. Obviously he would get his own room in a few years time but for now he wanted him close.

the boy was a constant reminder of his mother, his lost love, and every look he gave the king seemed to sadden him to a degree but he knew it was not the child fault, he wouldn't punish Arthur for the way he was born.

His knights had not heard the sound and were too busy packing their things to notice the king walking off to the side of the camp. The crying was coming from a cave, the same cave they had found Balinor in, Uther felt his gut clench. Waving over a few knights they ventured deeper into the cave. Balinor had been found and killed in the front section, Uther had not thought to follow the torches deeper into the cave. He came across a small opening in the rock, words were carved into the wall:


May she Rest In Peace

A woman's name, Balinor's wife perhaps, Uther didn't know if he had one. His eyes fell from the words however to a small bundle of cloth just under them. The cloth was wriggling. The king bent down and uncovered the squirming blankets to find a small, crying child. The boy didn't look much more than a year old, he had Balinor's black hair but his eyes were piercing blue, unlike his fathers.

When the babe saw him it stopped crying, instead the child looked, tilting its head to the side with curiosity, no fear was in its eyes.

Balinor had obviously hidden the child here when he had heard the king and his men approaching, perhaps he hoped the spirit of the boys mother would protect him. There was no doubt in Uther's mind that this was Balinor's son, the rebalance was obvious even when the boy was so young, another dragon lord. The king carefully looked the boy over, he was wearing simple pale blue clothes and had a piece of leather hanging from a string around his neck. The king picked up the leather, it had a single, gold word written on it, Merlin. The boys name.

Uther felt a small amount of guilt for making the boy an orphan and though he knew it was a stupid idea, instead of killing the boy, which would of been an easy task, he picked him up.

"Sire?" One of his knights said questioningly.

"There is only one dragon left and he shall never know of its existence" The king explained "He is too young to learn any magic so he will not be a danger, there is no need to kill him"

The knights looked relieved. Uther quickly made his way out of the cave and back to the camp, which was now packed, the small boy in his arm turning heads. The knights knew better than to question their king, so they stayed silent.

When Uther returned he took the child straight to Gaius's chambers. he found the man resting his head on his hand, looking through a book. His eyes widened when he saw what Uther had in his arms.

"His name is Merlin" The king told the physician, handing him the child "He is Balinor's son, check him over, see that he is healthy"

"Sire, what do you plan to do with the boy?" Gaius asked carefully, looking down at the curious face.

"He will be adopted into my family" Uther said as casually as he would ask Gaius for headache medicine, the physician almost dropped the child in shock. Quickly Uther gave him the same explanation he gave the knights, Gaius smiled. The babe was in perfect health, though they were going to need to find a nurse for him, it would be easy enough.

Soon Prince Merlin was welcomed into the family, the boy had a certain spark that drew people to him. Uther was proud of both his sons, they were as close as brothers should be even though they were only young. For four years everything was fine, until the day Uther entered the room his two sons were to share. Eventually they would need separate chambers but for now they enjoyed sharing the room.

Uther entered to find, to his horror that the fruit from the bowl a maid had bought in a few hours previously, was floating around the room. Arthur was laughing with joy as he watched it all.

"What is happening?" Uther bellowed making both boys jump and all the fruit fall to the floor.

"Merlin's doing tricks" Arthur smiled, "He always does"

"Merlin, did you make the fruit float?" Uther asked, color draining from his face.

"Mhmm" The four year old nodded grinning "Art'er likes it"

"Where did you learn that?" Uther growled grabbing his son by both shoulders and giving him a soft shake.

"He's always done it father, all the time, when we can't sleep" Arthur explained obviously confused as to why his father was angry.

"Where did you learn the words?" Uther questioned a now very scared look boy.

"Words?" Merlin mumbled "I just think it, see"

The boys eyes flashed gold and the fruit began to float and dance above their heads, without so much as a spell. The boy was born with magic...

"Come Merlin" Said the king as he stood briskly "You are going on a trip"

Merlin hurried after his father looking back at his older brother feeling very confused. The four year old followed the king all the way to Gaius's chamber.

"Gaius find the boy a home, take him to a village somewhere" The king ordered, hating what he had to do, he couldn't have a boy with uncontrollable magic live in his castle, he would be caught out. It pained him to send Merlin away, he loved him as his own.

"Why?" cried Merlin, tears began to fall down his cheeks "What'd I do?"

The king whispered to Gaius and the physician gave a sad nod before the king left the chambers and his very confused son behind. Gaius looked down at the crying child feeling sorry for him. Ealdor was where his sister, the child's mother, had lived, he would take Merlin there tomorrow. Somebody would care for him.

Note: Some people find my spelling a little funny, the truth is in Australia we spell some words differently from the US and UK way, for example you say color while we say colour. So that can account for some of the spelling mistakes you ay pick up