I Wanna Be Noticed!

Note: this is my very second story for Sym-Bionic Titan. This involves characters Ilana and Lance, and a character from my written books named Nathan Yukimura. I hope you will enjoy my second story of Sym-Bionic Titan.


Ilana has never been noticed no matter how hard she tries at trying to be social with the students. Lance is a bad boy who doesn't really care about popularity. But one day, a new student suddenly transferred into school.

Chapter 1: Noticed

Ilana was walking down the halls when she heard a loud commotion.

I wonder what's going on...? she thought then she saw a young teenage boy with light blue hair and icy blue eyes. He was as tall as Lance, his hair was short, had beautiful creamy white skin, and a beauty mark on the left side of his chin.

Who is that...? She thought then a crowd of girls pushed Ilana. Suddenly, someone caught her.

"You okay, Ilana?" Lance asked then the princess nodded.

"Who is that?" Ilana asked pointing at the boy with light blue hair.

"Yeow! What a hairdo... Newton, who's the new kid?"

Newton, aka Octus, stared at the new boy.

"Nathan Yukimura, age 17, height six feet, talents; playing guitar, singing, and modeling. He moved here three days ago all the way from Japan."

"Japan?" Lance repeated. Ilana looked at Nathan then sighed. After school, Ilana was walking home. When she was crossing the street, she saw a cute wounded little kitten trying to cross.

"You poor thing... Let me help you."

Ilana spread her arms and moved them up and down.

"Please stop! This poor injured kitten is struggling to cross the street!" She said as she was following the kitten as it almost reached the end of the cross walk. Suddenly, Ilana heard a loud honk then she quickly shield the wounded kitten. She closed her eyes shut but someone grabbed her and the kitten and made it to the side walk.

"Are you okay... Ilana...?"

Ilana looked and saw light blue hair.

"Na... Nathan?"

"I'm so glad you're all right." Nathan said with a relieved smile on his face. He held the injured kitten close to his chest.

"That kitten really likes you..."

"Yeah. I think I'm gonna keep this little guy. Well, I'll see you at school tomorrow Ilana!" Nathan said as he stood up and left.

"Wait! You know me?" Ilana shouted then Nathan turned his head and smiled.

"Yeah! Your name is Ilana Lunis. I've noticed you on my very first day!" He said happily then he left. Ilana gasped then covered her mouth.

The new transferred student... Noticed me!